LED Projectors Vs LCD Projectors

There are several kinds of projectors available out there. When we head out to purchase or hire one it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available. When this is the case, we have to compare and reach a conclusion to get or hire one.

In my opinion, none of the most widely used projectors is inferior or superior. All of these options have their unique strengths and weaknesses that make them suitable for one kind of job.

Though there are several types of projectors serving us in unbelievable ways yet the two get compared the most.

These two are the LCD and the LED projectors. It is generally believed that LED projectors are a modern energy-efficient solution whereas, LCD has been around for several decades.

So, it’s quite fair to compare and find out what’s more worth trying.

It appears that the modern LED version would be better, how true is that is yet to find out.

To be able to compare these two widely considered solutions, the LED and the LCD projectors must be introduced first.

LED projectors


LED stands for Light Emitting Diode Projectors.

It’s the same projectors that are known for rich colors, exceptionally low power consumption, compact size, impressive lifespan, less heat generation, and virtually low maintenance cost.

What’s worth mentioning is that LED projectors use electroluminescence to produce light.

In this process, electricity passes through a wire in the bulb, it heats it to the point that the bulb begins glowing.

In short, if we go on finding reasons why LED projectors are so popular we will end up needing more space to write them all down.

LCD Projectors


LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display. The LCD projectors, a modern equivalent of the slide or overhead projector, are designed to display video, images, and all other kinds of computer data on a screen.

These Liquid Crystal Display projectors get admired for their small size, constant color, brighter, more saturated, and sharper images.

As you can judge from the image quality, these projectors are preferred when a more crisp and sharp look is required.

Comparison Between LCD and LED

Since worth-mentioning information is served, it’s the right time to compare these two widely used projectors to conclude.

Image quality

We consider and reconsider a projector mainly for its image quality. Though, both LCD and LED projectors produce high-quality images, if they have not been how would they be so demanded.

However, still, there must be something that makes the LCD projector and LED projectors worth comparing.

The image quality of the projector can be determined by judging the sharpness, brightness, and color.


When it comes to the sharpness of the images, the LCD projectors take the point. These projectors are light efficient so they produce sharper, and more focused images.

The LED projectors are also not that behind, they offer better colors and a little less sharp, smoother images.


Well, LED can not compete with LCD projectors when we compare the image’s brightness.

The LCD projectors produce more brighter and vibrant images with the best lumen than the LED projectors.

However, the experts have been working to improve the brightness we are hopeful the brightness of the LED projectors would be fixed soon.


LED deserves an oscar for its huge amount of more saturated color. Neither LCD nor DLP can compete when it comes to colors.

So, it can be said none of the two options delivers inferior picture quality.

We need smoother images when a video is being displayed and sharper images when a spreadsheet or something similar is being shown.


LED projectors are the latest technology, it is a little expensive. It has all the fair reasons to be expensive; one is not demanding constant repairs.

Whereas, the LCD users have to pay less at the time of purchase. They would have to save and pay for the cleaning and repairs every other day.

The LCD projectors require constant repairs, so they appear cost-effective but are expensive to maintain.

The experts call LED projectors more expensive, in my opinion, LCD projectors are more costly because of their addition of repair cost. However, you can rent LED projectors.


The size of the projectors matters as it makes the device easy to store and transport.

The LED and LCD both come in compact handy sizes. However, LED projectors are the smallest and handiest one of all.


Repairs and maintenance are required for the smooth functioning of electronic devices and projectors are just no exception.

The LCD and LED projectors might also require repairs and maintenance at some point.

However, one of the two options requires constant repairs and maintenance and that’s LCD projectors.

The LCD projectors demand so because their filters get dirty easily.

To keep getting a clearer and brighter image, LCD projectors are required to clean every other day.

The LED projectors are a bit handy. They usually get admired for two legitimate reasons; being energy efficient and requiring zero maintenance.


LCD and LED projectors are both equally good for the job. If we try to judge the projector by its lifespan, the LED projector remains unbeatable.

According to recent studies, To be more specific, LED projectors have a lifespan of over 20,000 hours however the LCD projectors might not last up to 20,000 hours.

Even if LCD projectors do not last up to 20,000 hours yet they are not that short-lasting either.

It’s just that the LCD projectors are a little less durable than LED projectors.


Both LCD and LED projectors are versatile in all senses. They can be bought or hired for all typical projector purposes.

If we get more specific, the LCD projectors are good for PowerPoint presentations, videos, movie theater, Roku, detailed infographics, connecting two projectors, and photographs.

The LED projectors, on the other hand, are quite useful for the little bedroom, basement, or home theater.

They are affordable and use less electricity, so LED projectors would be a fine investment for the said purpose.


To be honest, comparing these two options is fine but calling one inferior and taking one as superior would not be fair. It’s is being said so because both have been serving their purposes quite well.

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