How Much Do Projectors Cost?

Planning to buy a projector and not sure how much it costs? Well, projectors can be costly depending on the type and the features you want.

However, the market has seen a shift where more affordable options are available for consumers.

In the future, you can expect the prices to go down further, as the price of widely adopted technologies drops gradually with time.

Today, projectors are just not restricted to cinemas, they are being used in offices and homes on a regular basis.

It is just not a fancy piece of equipment anymore which can only be bought by the rich.

You will see many homeowners having a projector who like to set up a home theater occasionally.

Projectors are readily available at different price ranges, from top-end premium units to surprisingly low-priced options.

Modern projector variants can be accessed by anyone willing to buy as some options are under $100.

Projectors are being used widely for office presentations, large-screen home theater setups, or other purposes.

So, what market rate can you expect for a projector? Or How much do projectors cost? The following cost analysis will help you understand better.

How Much Do Projectors Cost?

Projectors are now available in several sizes and for different purposes, so, the price fluctuates depending on the quality and resolution of the product.

The market has varying rates for different projectors, furthermore, it also depends on the projector manufacturer.

Some popular brands like Epson, Sony, and others charge more money than the rest. Besides all, the average cost for different projectors would be

  • Firstly, the projector resolution affects the price greatly, most projectors have 720p or 1080p resolution. Some even have lower resolution, however, there is no point in getting a projector that projects blurry images. So, get a projector with 720p or 1080p resolution, the “P” denotes the number of lines unified to form an image.
  • Low-end or cheaper like roku projectors can cost as low as $100 to $1000. To get a reasonable lower-range projector with adequate features, the average price range would be between $500 to $1000. Typically, you can get 720p projectors within this price range.
  • Moving on to the mid-range options, the average cost for these projectors would be anywhere between $1000 to $2000. The 1080p projector with good performance and better image quality can be purchased for approximately $1500.They work in bedroom mostly.
  • High-end projectors can be expensive costing as high as $10000. The average price range for these advanced options is from $2000 to $10000. However, you can get a better option within the $4000-$5000 price range.
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Additional Costs Related to Projectors

Bear in mind that buying a projector is not the only expense. There are many relevant costs associated with it that the owner has to incur besides the purchase price. 

Projector Screen

Investment in a  projector screen is crucial for better projection quality and clarity.

Screen costs vary depending on the size and design; whether it is manual pull-down, electrically powered, or retractable.

The manual pull-down screen cost will be $100 for about 80″ to 100″ screens.

According to research, Electrically powered screens are about $500-$600, whereas, black theater screens can be as much as $2500.

Paint-On Projector Screen

Turn an empty wall to the projector screen with the special paint.

The complete kit with the materials and necessary supplies will cost between $200 to $250 depending on the coverage area.


Ceiling mounts are necessary for the safe installation of the projector.

These mounts for different types of projectors can cost more or less $100 to $200. When installed by a professional, the fees range from $200 to $350.


You will be needing cables and adapters to connect the projector to the laptop. Though cables are not so expensive they do add a few extra bucks to the overall cost.

Projector Bulb

Projector bulbs need to be replaced periodically as the brightness and performance are reduced with time.

Depending on the lamp’s life and usage, the bulb can last more or less than 1 to 5 years.

Even if it can last long, it is better to replace it to get better projection quality.

The replacement cost can be approximately $100 to $350. Projector bulb prices are different for different models and brands.

It is possible to negotiate a discounted price for the complete package including all the required accessories.

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Factors Influencing The Projector Price

Prices differ from projector to projector and it is dependent on different factors. These elements heavily influence the price of a projector


As the lumens of brightness go up, so does the price. Projectors with 1500-2000 lumens brightness are available at a reasonable price.

A projector having 3000-5000 lumens of brightness is sold at a higher price.


Nothing beats the resolution in determining and influencing the price of a projector.

This is an important feature for most people and nobody wants to get a headache watching blurry images.

A 1080p projector is expensive and easily costs above $1000. Projectors with lower resolution can cost a few hundred dollars.

Besides resolution, better contrast and aspect ratio also make a difference in determining the price.

Lamp Life

, The longer the lamp life, the more expensive the projector would be. Projectors having close to 30,000 hours of lamp life are priced higher.

Whereas, options with 10000-15000 hours can be fetched at an affordable price.


Some projectors come with different accessories like ceiling mounts, TV sticks, cables, and projector screens.

The projector itself would cost less than the one packaged with several accessories.


Popular projector manufacturing brands charge a higher price for the projectors.

The lesser-known brands may offer the projectors at a reasonable cost, however, the quality can not be guaranteed.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Worth Investing in a High-End Projector?

There is no yes or no answer to this question as it depends on the requirements and budget of the user. Investing in a higher-end projector is vital for commercial use, however, a mid-range, 1080p projector is adequate for a home theater setup. If image quality and brightness are not your main requirements, then invest in a low-end model with basic functions.

What is the Lowest Price of a Projector?

Currently, there are many portable projectors available for as low as $49. For this price point, you can not expect higher quality, optimal brightness, deep contrast, and multiple connectivity options.

Are Projectors Worth it?

If you want a cinematic experience at home, projectors are definitely worth the expense. Projectors display good quality content and extra screen size for less money. Moreover, you can save the cost of going to the movies and enjoying your favorite content comfortably at home.


There is no fixed price for projectors, each one has a different cost depending on the features offered. Though high-performance projectors can be purchased for $1000-$2000.

However, the advanced projectors can cost over $10000. Some reasonable options provide better services without compromising on quality and resolution. Now that you know the average purchase price, hopefully, this will help you set aside the required budget for the projector.

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