Does AMC Theater Take Apple Pay?

One question that AMC staff is tired of hearing is “Does AMC take Apple Pay?” It is because Apple Pay has been recognized as the most advanced and safest way of making payments. Since AMC accepts the most advanced payment method, therefore they get to hear that question a lot.

Fortunately, we have opened our eyes to a world where cash and credit/debit cards are not the only payment methods.

We carried cash and made payments through credit/debit cards as well. However, now hundreds of the safest and the easiest ways of making payments have not been introduced.

Apple Pay was introduced back in 2014, however, people took years to switch to it.

Now that it has become the most preferred way of making payments, whether AMC accepts Apple Pay or not is a valid question. So, here is the answer;

Does AMC Theater Accept Apple Pay?

Yes, the world’s largest theater chain accepts Apple pay. All AMC branches across the globe accept Apple Pay. So, if you want to adopt the most safest way to book your seats, AMC is one of the few theaters that allow Apple Pay.

AMC has recently allowed Apple Pay

Apple Pay is not at all a new way of making payments. It was introduced back in 2014, it took AMC a lot of time to accept Apple Pay.

As per reliable sources, AMC started accepting Apple Pay in the second quarter of 2021. So, it has roughly been a year or so since AMC started allowing its loyal customers to make payments via Apple Pay.

AMC allows some other safe payment ways as well

Since AMC is tirelessly working on improving the customer service, to facilitate the customers it has started allowing several payment ways.

At the moment besides Apple Pay, AMC has a bunch of reliable options; Google Pay, Bit Pay, PayPal, cash, Credit/Debit Card, Debit Order, and EFT. Moreover, the world’s largest theater chain network is working on improving contactless payment.AMC allows refunds too.

It was announced on the AMC’s official Twitter account that the theater would accept Apple Pay from now on

Back in November 2021, the AMC theater surprised its regular customers on its official Twitter account.

The tweet gave the good news that AMC theaters across the globe have started accepting Google Pay, PayPal, and Apple Pay.

The customers were also encouraged to check the new payment options on the AMC’s Website or app. The tweet is still there, you can go check that out as well.

Pay for a bunch of things at AMC

Almost everything that you are required to pay for at a theater can be bought via Apple Pay at AMC.

To be more specific, tickets, food, and drinks all can be bought safely via both Apple and Google pay.

AMC accepts Apple Pay but should you use Apple Pay at AMC?

You should pay via Apple Pay at AMC and everywhere you can use it. It is being recommended because it is safer and more reliable than physical credit, debit, prepaid cards or any other mode of payment. Therefore, there is no harm in paying via Apple Pay.

There are about a hundred valid reasons to use Apple Pay at AMC and all other places.

It’s safe and convenient because Apple Pay does not share your card information, requires extra information, discourages information skimming, and allows you to suspend the service whenever you want. Isn’t it amazing?


In brief, Yes you can now finally use Apple Pay at the AMC theater. Google Pay, Apple Pay, and PayPal have been available since November 2021. You can go check it out in the payment options on the website and app.


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