Top 8 Projector Brands in the World

When shopping for projectors, people prefer trusted brands that emphasize customer satisfaction. Luckily, there is no shortage of reliable, trustworthy projector brands offering a wide range of projection units.

Noobs looking to have a dedicated projector for theater setting or office use may get overwhelmed by the dozens of options available.

Novices may find themselves asking the question of what are the best projector brands?

Common Projector Brands

  • BenQ
  • Epson
  • Optoma
  • Sony
  • ViewSonic
  • LG
  • GVC
  • Hitachi

To that end, there are plenty of brands that deserve the top-tier position based on their success, quality, customer service, and after-sales service. Many tech analysts have ranked leading vendors in the global projector market, read on to know more about them.

The best of the best

There are some big names, BenQ, Epson, and Optoma that are go-to brands for many customers and home theater enthusiasts.

Again, there are many leading projector brands with an extensive range of projectors. Hence, do a quick internet search before shopping to make the best decision.

Users often judge brands on the basis of durability, price, versatility, company rapport, and customer service.

To end all the speculation, we present you with some common projector brands that have been the favorite of many for all the good reasons.

1. BenQ

BenQ is committed to efficiency, quality, longevity, and a better user experience. As claimed by the manufacturer, it is the No. 1 selling DLP brand globally and strives to do more to enhance the user experience.

BenQ Corporation is a Taiwan-based projector vendor operating successfully in USA, India, and others. They are widely prevalent in the US market for their wide range of projectors.

Mostly, BenQ adopts DLP projection technology and was one of the first vendors to provide DLP projection with a lens shift at an inexpensive price range.

Moreover, their extensive range has multiple models for personal, professional, and commercial use.

Are BenQ Projectors Good?

BenQ has earned a good reputation and customers’ trust by providing top-notch models.

The secret to their superior quality lies in the hardware amalgamation of DLP projection with correct levels of brightness and outstanding color accuracy.

Furthermore, it offers projection units for every budget range, from about $200 to over $5000.

  • User Satisfaction – BenQ has earned multiple awards over the years which serves as enough evidence of its excellence. It guarantees customer satisfaction by providing a minimum one-year warranty along with 24X7 customer support.

2. Epson

Epson is the leading home entertainment projector brand that’s worth your consideration.

If you have thought of building a home theater, Epson’s whole line of home cinema projectors will bring the cinematic experience home.

Undoubtedly, it is one of the largest projector manufacturers in the US market that have retained its top position.

Epson is not only dominant in the home theater sector but also a reliable and largest supplier of business and education projectors.

Moreover, Epson projectors are known for having several unique attributes like smooth motion, built-in media player, color filter, etc. The projector lamp and other components work efficiently for years.

Are Epson Projectors Good?

Currently, there are 100s of models offered by Epson at affordable prices. Excellent craftsmanship, 3LCD projection technology, and high brightness and contrast ratio produce praiseworthy, high-definition images.

As for budget, it offers a model for every range, around $300 to over $10000, Epson 4010 and 4050 are some top models.

  • User Satisfaction – Epson values its customers and provides exceptional customer service, superior sales support, and a quick replacement process. It has also won several awards for best performance and reliability.

3. Optoma

This multinational electronic device manufacturer is renowned for producing quality DLP and LED projectors. Like the aforementioned bands, it also provides premium models for home theater, business, education, and professional AV.

Its special home theater projector range is quite popular and features SVGA outdoor movie projectors as well as top-of-the-line 4K 3D models.

Currently, Optoma is providing many DLP models at an inexpensive price point.

Are Optoma Projector brands Good?

This Taiwanese giant offers extensive variations when it comes to projector models.

It utilizes DLP technology with advanced features, decent lumens rating, high contrast ratio, adequate color accuracy, and more.

Moreover, Optoma offers best-selling, affordable, 4K-compliant models. Most of their models are built to last many years due to the built superiority.

  • User Satisfaction – Many customers blindly trust Optoma for its premium projection units. However, the brand does not rely solely on quality hardware but on efficient customer service as well which values the response of a customer.

4. Sony

Sony is one of the most reliable projector manufacturers, however, it captures the higher-end of the market.

This Japanese multinational company is dominating the worldwide market for several electronic devices besides the projector.

Sony is definitely not the cheapest projector brand out there. Owing to the incorporation of premium-quality hardware, most of their units cost above $1000.

These projection units aim to serve professional, consumer, and industrial markets.

Additionally, Sony does not incorporate common, average projectors just to notch down the price point. It focuses on top-end hardware and image optimization technologies to deliver the best visual output.

Are Sony Projectors Good?

Sony is renowned for its high-end 4K models, however, they also produce Full HD 1080p units.

Producers use a patented SXRD projection system for the lifelike image quality at par with cinema theater visuals.

Similarly, professional-grade lenses are used in projectors. Sony projectors are popular in the business and education sector for black depth, clarity, color accuracy, vividness, and mind-boggling visual output.

  • User Satisfaction – These projectors get good ratings and a massive amount of positive responses from customers. Likewise, Sony is best known for its valuable products and customer services.

5. ViewSonic

This is a US electronics manufacturing corporation that excels in making a variety of projector models, from ultra-portable to advanced models with top-notch attributes.

Although the brand was launched in 2000, it started gaining popularity in the last few years. They offer projectors for nearly all purposes including home theater, business, education, or ultra-portable.

Are ViewSonic Projectors good?

Although the brand has some potent high-end projectors, it is renowned for producing mid-level models at affordable prices.

The brand integrates DLP technology, high lumens, and incredible color depth for lifelike visuals. In addition, some gaming projectors have ultra-fast response times and low input lag for a smooth gaming experience.

These models are further improved with long lamp life and premium quality hardware. The prices of most ViewSonic models range between $500 and $1500.

  • User Satisfaction – ViewSonic offers a minimum three-year warranty on all its projection units. It also provides after-sales services and is honored with many awards.

6. LG

This South Korean electronics giant is widely prevalent in the US projector market. To gain more control in the market and widen their customer base, LG is coming up with new models and lineups targeting every projector segment, be it home theater or business.

LG has to compete with top-tier brands like Sony, Epson, Optoma, and BenQ. Despite the fierce competition, it has gained and maintained a respectable position in the market.

Are LG Projectors Good?

LG may not have a huge number of models as other top brands, they are garnering praise for their efficient performance.

Nearly all the models use DLP projection technology, low lumens, high contrast ratio, decent color accuracy, and unique hardware calibration for better visuals.

As per the manufacturer’s claim, the projector lamp lasts over eight years. Also, LG projector models have sleek, stylish designs paired with a fantastic visual performance.

  • User Satisfaction – LG has won a couple of awards for its innovative products. Additionally, LG has gathered a vast number of happy customers in a short time, showering them with positive reviews.

7. JVC

Similar to Sony, JVC is a high-end projector brand that does not rely on affordable models to generate revenue.

JVC has a wide variety of projector brands that will, most likely, fit your aspirations and exceed your expectations.

Whether you want a gaming projector or a home theater projector to stream the latest Hollywood 4K HDR movies, JVC is not going to disappoint.

Are JVC projectors good?

JVC makes native 4K and 8K projectors using top-end hardware and advanced technologies.

These projectors deliver the best contrast, black levels, stunning detail, vivid color, and a sense of three-dimensional depth.

For such high-end projectors, the brand has not, understandably, kept the prices minimal. The prices of these models often go as high as $10000.

  • User Satisfaction – Users are raving about how good the JVC projectors are on all the eCommerce platforms. These projectors come with a warranty and technical support.

8. Hitachi

Hitachi is involved in making a lot of electronic devices, one of them is the projector.

They have not stepped foot in the home theater market yet, however, making their mark in the education and business segment of the projector market. Furthermore, it is considered a top supplier of education projectors in the US.

Are Hitachi Projectors Good?

Hitachi utilizes 3LCD technology in some models and DLP technology in others.

These units usually have XGA and WUXGA resolution with exceptional detailing, high brightness levels, and solid black contrast.

  • User Satisfaction – Hitachi prioritizes customer satisfaction and nearly all the users are satisfied with their warranty and customer services.

In conclusion, there are many projector brands on the market, but the above-listed brands stand out from the rest. These brands are known for their high-quality projectors that offer excellent image quality, brightness, and color accuracy. They are also known for their sleek and stylish designs, easy setup, and low maintenance.


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