The 5 Best 5000 Lumens Projector in 2022

The best 5000 lumens projector might be a bit expensive for home use, however, it is fit for a large gathering, launch, large conference rooms, exhibition halls, auditoriums, marriage halls, and all the likes.

To clarify, 5000 lumens does not make the projector the finest product there is, many other factors need to be considered as well to get a complete package for a better viewing experience.

If you plan to use it in strong ambient lighting or outdoors, these 5000 lumens projectors are powerful enough to project a clear image even in well-lit spaces.

This projector is also fit for large rooms with a huge projection screen.

To help you out with this crucial purchase, we have compiled a list of the best 5000 lumens projector available in the market today.

These projectors offer better services in many ways, now, it is up to you to choose the one as per your personal preferences.

Best 5000 Lumens Projector Reviews

1. BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector

MH760 is customarily designed for ultra-bright projection and immense installation flexibility.

It is one of the best 5000 lumens projectors manufactured by a reliable brand. The ultra-high brightness delivers outstanding performance in well-lit rooms.

Brightness – The projector supports 5000 lumens brightness and a 3000:1 contrast ratio. This ultimate combination enhances the image clarity and brightness.

Resolution – With native 1080p resolution, the projector offers better projection performance. All glass lenses ensure high image quality and brilliant clarity.

Modes – It is designed for office use, the Exclusive Infographic Mode displays the text and graphics in detail. One other mode is Eco mode that extends the lamp life as well as saves energy.

Wireless Projection – It offers a wireless presentation feature which does not require any software to project wirelessly.


  • Faster data transmission
  • Dual HDMI connectivity
  • Automatically turns on when the HDMI signal is detected
  • Vertical Keystone and Kensington Lock
  • Includes remote control


  • Inconvenient button controls
  • Expensive

2. ViewSonic PG800HD 5000 Lumens 1080p Projector

ViewSonic PG800HD with 1080p resolution and 5000 lumens brightness are fit for professional installations, large venues, business, and educational environments.

Having 5000 lumens brightness is not the only best feature of this projector, as it is loaded with many advanced options like easy setup, wireless connectivity, and dual-speakers, to name a few.

Brightness – The projector has native 1080P resolution and is supported by 5000 lumens with a 50,000:1 contrast ratio. With high brightness and contrast ratio, the projector can project clear images with high ambient light.

PortAll – The ViewSonic’s exclusive PortAll features offer a hidden compartment with an MHL/HDMI port to stream content from the wireless dongle or connect to other devices via HDMI cable.

SonicExpert Technology – This technology integrates the enlarged speaker chamber with a powerful amplifier to deliver a sound range of 20Hz – 20Khz.

Controls – Admin or operator can control and manage the projector remotely and get status notifications as well with integrated Crestron e-Control system and RoomView Express management software.


  • Exclusive 6-segment color wheel for wide color range
  • 3x optical zoom, centered lens, vertical lens shift, and vertical keystone for easier installation
  • Allows big screen projection up to 300″
  • Dual embedded speakers


  • Color Quality

3. Epson PowerLite 2250U Full HD 3LCD Projector

This bright, feature-packed projector brings high-definition entertainment to nearly any room. It delivers seamless, vivid quality images even in ambient lighting.

Besides projecting true-to-life images, the projector has many advanced features like wireless networking and split-screen.

Resolution – The projector has native WUXGA Full HD widescreen 1920 x 1200 resolution, it also supports Full HD 1080P. With 3-chip technology and 5000 lumens of color and white brightness, it projects vivid images in a variety of lighting conditions.

Split Screen – This useful function allows you to project two images, static or video, from two different sources at a time. It comes in handy for side-by-side comparisons.

Remote Management Control – Monitor, schedule, and operate projector remotely with the integrated software. It also supports Crestron RoomView.

Connectivity – Epson PowerLite 2250U allows a wide range of connectivity options like HDMI, MHL, VGA, RJ-45, and more. It gives instant access to MHL-enabled devices.


  • 3x Wider Color Gamut than competitive projectors
  • Widescreen projection up to 300″
  • 15000:1 contrast ratio
  • Travel-friendly
  • Built-in speakers


  • Not a long lamp life (10000 hours in Eco Mode)

4. LG GRU510N 300” 4K UHD Projector

LG delivers impeccable precision and ultra-high brightness in a small package. Besides enjoying 4K resolution and up to 5000 ANSI lumens, it allows smart wireless connection, long-lasting laser light source, and flexible installation.

Resolution – A user can expect high performance with 4K resolution and 5000 lumens rating. The 5,000 ANSI Lumens brightness allows daytime visibility with brilliant clarity for up to 300 inches.

Wireless Connection – The projector supports wireless mirroring (Miracast) and Bluetooth pairing to conveniently share the screen. Connect it to the Internet using a Wi-Fi network with webOS.

Lamp Life – It is equipped with a powerful, laser light source for displaying images. Laser light displays brighter images and has a long-lasting life of 20000 hours.

Easy Setup – The projector ensures easier installation with Lens Shift and Zoom x1.6 functionality. It facilitates even the challenging installations with some in-built features.


  • 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) Resolution and up to 5000 lumens brightness
  • 8.3 million pixels and XPR technology
  • Horiz ± 24%, Vert ± 60% lens shift
  • Equipped with Advanced Edge Adjustment


  • Hefty price tag

5. TVY Native 1080P Home Theater Projector

With the upgraded LED source technology and 5000 lumens brightness, the 1080P projector delivers impeccable image quality with higher brightness and clarity.

Moreover, this projector offers compatibility with multiple devices. It can be connected to a PC, laptop, DVD, PS3, PS4, Xbox, headphones, outer speaker, U-disk, hard disk via HDMI, Audio, and USB port.

Resolution – The projector has a native resolution of 1920×1080 with 5000 lumens brightness for a better image quality and viewing experience. With this projector, you will get high brightness and clarity at a reasonable price.

Temperature Control System – It is equipped with the latest heat dissipation system that encourages effective air volume in the air duct by isolating the high and low-temperature areas.

Speakers – The powerful, integrated dual speaker offers loud and better audio quality by restoring every detail sound effect.

Controls – The projector is easier to operate with the Interactive touch panel control. Adjust settings with just a touch.


  • Multi-layer coated all-optical glass lenses
  • Connect PC, Game Host, DVD, KTV, USB, and Hard Drive
  • Projects up to 200 inches
  • The smart three-stage heat dissipation system


  • Keystone feature needs improvement

Things to Consider When Buying 5000 Lumens Projector

The 5000 lumens projectors are better suited for offices, lecture halls, and classrooms as well as other well-lit spaces.

Besides brightness, a buyer has to look for many other features to ensure a smooth working experience.

The following features need to be considered when buying a 5000 lumens projector.


It is a no-brainer that you need to check the brightness of the projector. Since the buyer is looking for a particular lumen rating, therefore, do not settle for anything less than 5000 lumens brightness.

The ultra-high brightness is meant to deliver a brighter picture in big rooms.

Contrast Ratio

Such high brightness should be complemented by the higher contrast ratio for projecting in-depth images.

A projector with a contrast ratio of 3000:1 or more will produce a vivid image without losing any details.


Projector resolution matters a lot along with brightness and contrast ratio. A 1080p projector will do a better job than a 480p or 720p.

If the budget allows, the buyer can invest in a 4K projector that has impeccable picture quality.


What’s the use of good video quality when you can not hear the sound properly.

Both the picture and the sound needs to be in sync and of high quality for better entertainment or work experience.

Many new models come with dual integrated built-in stereo speakers for better, room-filling audio.

Look for a projector that also has audio to plug in external speakers, if the need be.

Projection Screen

Most of the aforementioned projectors support screen sizes up to 300 inches.

It depends on the personal requirements that how much screen size you want, however, with larger projection, image quality is often lost.

Use a white wall or screen to get a higher level of brightness.


If you wish to buy an ultra-bright projector, the aforementioned best 5000 lumens projector list will help you get the best options. With such high brightness, expect an expensive price tag, that’s why these projectors are mostly restricted to commercial use.

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