Are Movie Theatres Open on Thanksgiving?

Whichever country we live in, whatever ethnicity we belong to, we all have a habit of celebrating our festivals together. Hindus gather on Holi and Diwali, Muslims make sure they spend their Eids together, and Christians try to make time for families on Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We arrange feasts, watch movies, and go out with our families to have a fun-filled time.

Most of the families have a tradition of visiting theatres during the festive holidays. Thanksgiving is one of the most beloved festivals that all Americans celebrate with great zeal.

There are a million ways to have fun on Thanksgiving, however, watching movies at theatres remains our favorite way of having a fulfilling Thanksgiving.

It’s one of the reasons why we keep asking if the theatre would be open on Thanksgiving or not?

Do All Theatres Remain Open on Thanksgiving?

Yes, most of the theatres remain open on Thanksgiving. Just like all the places of entertainment, the employees and management have to work on public holidays as well. Special movies are screened on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Theatres are not bound to stay open

It’s up to the management whether the theatre should remain open or not. The theatres are neither bound by law nor any other authority to remain open like usual.

If the management decides to shut the operations for a day or two, no one can question the decision. However, the management hardly takes this decision for various legitimate reasons.

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Why Do Theatres Remain Open on Thanksgiving?

Theatres is a place of entertainment that remains open 365 days of the year. Theatre employees work all year tirelessly, they deserve holidays as well.

Since they do get holidays, the theatre management makes sure they get compensated for having to work on festivals.

The theatres can not be closed on Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other public holidays for the following reasons;

  • To screen special movies
  • To entertain
  • To make more profit

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To screen special movies

To have fun on Thanksgiving and Christmas, you have to get into the spirit first. The theatres screen special movies on Thanksgiving and Christmas to allow you to have a fun-filled, fulfilling festive holiday.

To entertain

We do not mind living alone and working all year long. However, at these festivals, we try not to spend these holidays alone.

The public parks and all the places of entertainment remain open to entertaining people on holidays.

Since the theatre also happens to be a place of entertainment, they can not say to their job. So, to entertain people on these most awaited festive holidays, theatres remain open.

To make more profit

Owning and running a theatre above the breakeven point is one hell of a job. The theatre tickets, drinks, and popcorn are all expensive for one major reason; high running cost. However, if the theater does not open, you can get a refund for tickets.

Ever since projectors were introduced, the theatres’ revenue has significantly reduced. We usually go to theatres only on special occasions because;

  • Movies can be projected on a bigger screen at home
  • Tickets are not cheap at all

For the two above-mentioned reasons, theatres hardly make enough money on working days.

Most revenue is generated on weekends and public holidays. So, the theatres are not closed on Thanksgiving and Christmas to make a profit.


In brief, yes like Christmas theatres remain open on Thanksgiving as well. They are not bound to remain open. Theatres are not closed because they make more profit on public holidays and festivals.

Not all theatres remain open however, it can be said that most theatres do not disappoint us with their “closed” tag on Christmas and Thanksgiving. Special movies are screened and the management tries its best to entertain the viewers. Moreover, people visit theatres on holiday and expect them to be open so how can the theatres be closed.

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