Can You Go to Movie Theatre Just to Buy Popcorn?

Whether you are a popcorn person or not, you would agree that movie theatre popcorn is irresistible. Even though we all know the recipe for movie theatre popcorn, the popcorn that gets sold at the movie theatre has no match.

When I was a teenager, I used to get a movie ticket every weekend just to enjoy the yellow-colored salty popcorn in peace.

Despite being crazy busy, I still eat movie theatre popcorn not once but twice or thrice a week.

What else has changed in these years is that I do not buy a movie tickets anymore. It’s because I have found a smart way to enjoy movie theatre popcorn.

Wondering how am I eating movie theatre popcorn without seeing a movie. Well, you have to ask yourself first;

Can We Buy Popcorn at the Movie Theatre without Seeing a Movie?

Yes, you can go to a movie theatre just to buy popcorn. It’s not mandatory for us to get a movie ticket or to “actually” see a movie to enjoy the movie theatre popcorn. So if you are a popcorn lover, you can go grab your favorite yellow-colored popcorn now.

Are there any restrictions?

Fortunately, there aren’t any restrictions. You do not have to be a manager’s favorite or do something like buy a movie ticket to grab your favorite movie theatre popcorn.

You simply have to request and pay for the popcorn just like you normally do somewhere else.

Do movie theatres “really” allow you to get popcorn alone, not a movie ticket?
Yes, movie theatre management does not “really” bother what you are here for; to get popcorn or watch a movie.

Even if you get a movie ticket and choose not to get popcorn, the management would still be fine.

Movie theatres earn money in several ways. A huge amount of revenue is generated from selling popcorn as well.

So, the movie theatre can become expensive yet your favorite popcorn store if you want to.

Movie theatres have a high running cost. High running costs are probably the reason why popcorn is sold at such a high price.

When you buy popcorn from a movie theatre you are helping the management in meeting the day-to-day expenses. Why would the theatre management have an issue with that?

People have been buying popcorn from movie theatres for ages

Surprisingly, how you never went with your friends or family to get a tub of fresh popcorn from a movie theatre.

Getting popcorn from movie theatres is not a new trend, people have been doing this for ages. Getting popcorn from theatres is not only the cheapest but convenient at times as well.

Some movie theatres sell popcorn in plastic tubs

The popcorns sold at movie theatres are much cheaper than the microwave popcorn we eat otherwise.

Most movie theatres sell popcorn in plastic tubs. If you come with that same tub again, you can get a refill for under $2.

If you follow that policy the popcorn would only be expensive once. So, popcorn from a movie theatre would be a good idea.

You would not only be having the cheapest snack but helping the theatre grow at the same time.

The idea of getting popcorn from movie theatres is encouraged

You have not been to the cinema to get popcorn alone. You have no clue how happy the management would be in obliging you even if you are here just for the popcorn.

The idea of buying popcorn from the theatres is encouraged so the theatres can have a stronger foundation.

Even if you have a get a movie ticket to buy a popcorn tub, you can leave with the popcorn tub without seeing a movie

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There are some movie theatres in the world where you can not have access to the popcorn vendor until you get a movie ticket. Even in that case, you can still leave without seeing a movie. In this case, you have to get a movie ticket and a tub of popcorn and leave without entering the main hall. However, it would not be a rational decision.

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