Can You Get a Refund on Movie Tickets?

Ever seen someone planning to beg for a refund just minutes after getting a movie ticket? Well, in that scenario the person sounds stupid and tickets seem nonrefundable.

However, you can have genuine reasons not to watch or even enter the hall even minutes before screening.

Theatre tickets are expensive, so if you are planning to change the plan. You will “definitely” try to opt for a refund.

Since you are not going to watch the movie anyway, there is no point in keeping the ticket.

However, before requesting a refund, you need to know whether theatres refund the movie tickets or not.

Who can be a better guide than a person, who owns this habit of visiting the theatre every other day as an “expensive hobby”.

Can You Get a Refund on Movie Tickets?

Yes, you can request and get a refund on the movie tickets. Since you are not going to enjoy the movie, there is no harm in requesting a refund. You have got a fair reason.

Whether the reason for the refund is legitimate or not and whether the refund request should be fulfilled or not, it would be the management’s decision.

However, you can get a refund if the reason is legitimate enough.

The request would also be accepted as long as you are not requesting the management to go against the rules.

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Most theatres entertain refund requests but there are some conditions

The theatres are not enforced by law to entertain refund requests. Theatres can choose to entertain it by choice but there are some conditions.

There would also be some well-reputed and struggling theatres out there that might not be accepting refund requests.

However, most theatres receive refund requests with an open heart but you have to fulfill the conditions.

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When can you get a refund on the movie ticket?

The ticket that has been bought can only be refunded if there is enough time for the seat to be taken.

If you come up with an excuse just four or five minutes before the screening, there are some solid chances you would not get a refund.

However, if someone arrives just at that time and begs for the ticket the ticket can be refunded.

For a ticket to be refunded you must have not entered the hall at the time of screening.

When can you not get a refund on the movie ticket?

The theatre management does not mind refunding movie tickets if you come upon the right time and a genuine reason.

However, if you change the decision right before entering the hall your refund request would not be entertained.

Refund will also not be granted when you have entered the hall and have watched a movie for a good ten to twenty minutes.

Moreover, the management can refuse for any other reason as well and they are not obliged by the law to state it.

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What do you have to do to get a full refund?

Fortunately, the procedure is kept simple and easier. All you have to do is decide earlier whether you want a refund or not? To be more specific at least 20 to 30 minutes before screening.

Once you have decided not to go with the plan, head to the customer care department, explain why you need a refund (the customer care department may or may not demand a legitimate reason if you reach there on time).

The relevant authority will do some paperwork and refund you the money.


In brief, movie tickets can be refunded easily and most theatres entertain refund requests. To get a full refund, you have to reach the customer care department at least 30 minutes prior to the screening with a legitimate reason.

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