Are Theatres Open on Christmas?

We wait for Christmas a whole year and it is believed to be the magical time of the year, you have got all the right reasons to have fun.

There are a million ways to have fun on Christmas. You can cook a Christmas day feast, go caroling, on a stroll to see the Christmas lights, or plan a game or movie night.

However, nothing is that refreshing than watching movies with your friends, family, or girlfriend/boyfriend.

You can get a projector and screen a movie at home. If you want to double the fun, we would suggest you watch a movie while munching on popcorn at the theatre.

Yes, movie theatres are always open on Christmas to give you the pure joy of the holidays. Wherever you live, whether your country celebrates Christmas or not, theatres would be open.

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Three Reasons that Theaters Are Open on Christmas

Even though the theatre management and employees have families home, they deserve to have holidays as well.

Yet the theatres remain open, the employees and management keep working for three major reasons;

  • To play the Christmas movies
  • To earn more
  • To entertain

To play the Christmas movies

Every single year around Christmas hundreds of Christmas movies are made.

Frankly, we need to watch some romantic Christmas movies to be able to believe again and get into the true Christmas spirit.

The Christmas movies are played in the theatres and even homes on bigger screens.

The theatres remain open on Christmas to play all the recent Christmas movies back to back.

To earn more

Theatres are super hard to run as their running cost is hard to manage.

The theatre management tries all means to earn enough money to keep it above the breakeven point.

To sprinkle salt to the wounds, we have been living in the age of “time affluence”, no one ” really” has time to be booked for a good two to three hours every other day.

On working days, theatres are hardly crowded. Theatres are usually full on either weekends or public holidays.

Since Christmas is the only time when we try to have movie and game nights.

To get those seats filled and earn enough money to operate the theatre, theatres remain open even on Christmas.

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To entertain

Christmas is the most magical time of the year. we get to meet and spend time with our loved ones.

Moreover, we get to enjoy the Christmas feast with our friends, family, and acquaintances.

If unfortunately, we can not make it home, have lost a loved one recently, or broken up with the person we have loved the most, we feel alone and depressed.

And then there is something about Christmas, if nothing goes as planned we begin feeling lonely and isolated.

To not let you feel alone or isolated in this holiday season, theatres are kept open.

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The theatres remain open by choice

It must also be known that the decision of keeping the theatre open or not is up to the management.

The management is not forced by law to keep the theatre open. Keeping the theatre open on Christmas is the management’s decision.


In brief, yes most of the theatres remain open even on Christmas. Since they have a high running cost, the management usually tries to keep it open on all public holidays. Besides generating revenue, theatres remain open to entertain and play Christmas movies.

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