Can You Get Lice from a Movie Theatre Seat?

If you have gotten lice several times from school, you must have been aware of how annoying and serious this issue gets. Frankly, school is not the only place lice can be gotten from.

Every crowded public place gym, bus, office, pet, and hairstylist can all be the carrier of lice.

The movie theatre is another place that usually gets the blame. It is impossible to prevent that from happening and even tell where exactly you got lice from.

However, knowing all the possible causes can save you from discomfort.

If movie theatre can “really” be a cause of this discomfort? Let’s discuss;

Can You Get Lice from a Movie Theatre Seat?

Yes, you can get lice while munching on buttery yet salty popcorn at the movie theatre seat. When an infected person leaves a louse on the seat, the next person gets infected.

How Do People Get Lice from Movie Theatre Seats?

If an infected person leaves a louse to the seat, the louse crawls and makes a way to the person who gets to sit next.

That’s how lice are transferred through seats. Moreover, hugging, kissing, and sitting close to each other with heads being in contact is how you get lice from the infected person.

The possibility of getting lice from movie theatre seats is not remote at all;
Theatre and school are the two most crowded places where you can get lice unknowingly.

Unfortunately, theatre and school cases are even more serious than public transportation, office, hairstylists, and even pets.

As in theatres over 800 people are sitting close to each other on infected and uninfected seats, the chances of getting lice from each other are quite high.

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In those three hours, several people can get lice

It might not be known to most of you that lice can not jump or fly. They need direct contact or to be on the movie theatre seat to move from one person’s scalp to another.

Sometimes they even have to travel great distances to reach the destination. Since we spend hours at theatres, lice get enough time to pass on to another person sitting close by.

In these three hours, they can even move on from seats to multiple human scalps.

If for any reason they could not make it to the target, they would wait for the next shift to arrive.

As soon as the other person sits on that chair, the lice begin their journey to his/her scalp.

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Movie theatre acts as a breeding ground

A movie theatre is a place where an infected person can pass on lice to another or even multiple persons unknowingly and easily.

If not multiple persons, the two persons sitting on the right and left side of the infected person or seat can easily get infected.

For this reason, movie theatres act as a breeding ground for lice.

If your scalp is itchy or crawly while returning from the movie theatre, the chances are you have gotten lice from a movie theatre

To be honest, it can not be told how and where you got lice from or whether you have gotten lice from theatre or not.

However, if your scalp gets itchy and you have only been to the theatre in the last 24 hours, you might have gotten lice from there.

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Yes, you can get lice from all crowded places, including movie theater seats. Both infected and uninfected people sit closer to each other, so yes you can get lice from a movie theatre. When the louse crawls to a seat the person sitting on it gets infected.

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