ScreenX Vs. IMAX: Differences & What’s Better?

Here for the ScreenX vs IMAX showdown? Innovation and advancement in the entertainment industry are happening at a faster pace. RPX, IMAX, and ScreenX are some of the advanced technologies in the cinema world.

It makes many cinema-goers wonder if there is a connection between all these new movie-going ‘experiences’ and whether or not they are worth the price hike.

All these viewing options offer different theatrical experiences, so, it gets tricky to choose between ScreenX and IMAX.

ScreenX vs IMAX

The main difference between ScreenX and IMAX is the unique theater experience. Moreover, both technologies are also different from each other in terms of format, the field of view, sound quality, and others.

To understand the difference between the IMAX and ScreenX, first, learn about these technologies individually.


ScreenX is sort of a new lateral version of the IMAX offering a complete re-imaging of the experience. It features 3 screens, one in the middle and the other two tilted to a 270-degree angle.


IMAX is an advanced technology that allows an immersive experience with supreme-quality projection, hair-raising sound, and a single gigantic screen.

Difference Between ScreenX and IMAX

Before going ahead with the differences between the two, one thing should be made clear both are better options for watching movies than a regular movie theater.


IMAX theaters feature only a single gigantic screen, often 72 feet long. These theaters use a special 1.9:1 aspect ratio which makes the image twice as long as it is tall.

ScreenX has three separate screens using a standard widescreen ratio. These screens add details, information, and an extra layer of immersion.

Field of View

An IMAX setup comes with a 70-degree field of view, whereas, ScreenX has a 270-degree field of view.

It may make one think of ScreenX as a better option, however, a greater field of view does not guarantee a desirable movie-watching experience.

Sound Quality

IMAX theaters are renowned for their specialized sound system that enhances the theatrical experience.

ScreenX does not have a specialized sound design that offers high-quality surround sound.


IMAX theaters have large, curved screens paired with jaw-droppingly amazing sound and projection for an immersive experience.

ScreenX is also built for the purpose of providing an immersive feel. It is a multi-screen projection technology and one of its kind with three screens.

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Movie Experience

With IMAX, the movie experience is more lifelike and the video quality is fluid. Most moviegoers prefer it to ScreenX for a fantastic experience. IMAX has recliners.

Watching movies on ScreenX can be a bit unusual with screens on the left and right.

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IMAX theaters are available in many countries and cities. Whereas, ScreenX has been operating for ten years and only managed to introduce its services in 34 countries only.



Out of the two, the better movie-going option is IMAX providing a more fluid, immersive movie-watching experience. In contrast, ScreenX is relatively new and has a lot of room for improvement. As per the opinion of a larger mass, IMAX is the perfect option.

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