4DX Vs. IMAX: Differences & What’s Better?

Do you know probably the next time you would visit the movie theater, you would be asked to choose between three options? You were choosing between IMAX and the regular movie theater.

A new technology 4DX has recently been introduced and it has already come to the most luxurious movie theaters.

Before the introduction of 4DX, whenever you had to watch a movie of better quality you would choose IMAX, otherwise the regular movie theater. However now decision-making would be tough as the staff might not share much information because of lack of time. Therefore, you have to step in knowing the major differences between 4DX and IMAX.


Before finding the major differences I would like to inform you that 4DX and IMAX are both the latest technologies. Therefore, watching a movie in 4DX and IMAX would be a lasting experience.


The environment of 4DX and IMAX movie theaters would “totally” be different. In 4DX, you would have motion seats combined with scents and elemental effects such as snow, rain, fog, and wind. While sitting on the motion seat, you will feel every inch of motion seen on the screen.

The scents, seat motion, and elemental effects would not be the same but according to the movie being played. For example, if Frozen is being played, the 4DX movie theaters would be icy cold and have artificial snowfall.

In short words, the 4DX would give you all the feels that you might not have otherwise.

IMAX, on the other hand, is a completely different world. It has giant (yes giant) screens and amped-up sound systems.

IMAX has no motion seats, scents, or elemental effects. It rather has good picture quality and powerful sound.

The best thing about IMAX is that it has fewer distractions as compared to the 4DX. All you would have to focus on would be the giant vibrant screen. Whereas in the 4DX environment, there would be signs, fire extinguishers, environmental elements, scents, moving seats and a lot more things to get distracted.

Screen size


The IMAX, as you know, is known for its giant screen size. Therefore, expect the IMAX screen to be bigger than the 4DX.

According to research 4DX has the same size screens as in traditional movie theaters. Whereas, the IMAX screens are stretching the whole wall.

Image quality

IMAX’s focus is to play movies on a screen equal to the whole wall without compromising the image quality.

Therefore, you would find IMAX’s image quality to be a very accurate, 3D display with dual 4K resolution.

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The 4DX’s is focusing on building a similar environment with scents, motion seats, and elemental effects. Since there is not much focus on image quality, image quality is not as good as IMAX‘s but it’s not that bad either.


4dx vs max seats

As stated above, IMAX’s only focus is the giant screen and the image quality, the rest is the same as regular movie theaters.

Seating is also no exception. The IMAX’s seats are fairly padded but tiny, most people complain about their seats being uncomfortable.

The seats at IMAX theaters are so tiny that a plus-sized human might not fit in and watch his/her favorite 1 to 3 hours long favorite movie.

The 4DX’s settings are a bit better than IMAX. They are bigger and more comfortable however, they move to give you the feeling that you are in the movie.

If the hero gets punched, the seats would prod you in the back as well. Some movie lovers have found the seats comfortable but they have issues with the motion element.

You have to sit very firmly the whole time, therefore you would go home tired and sore.


4DX features 4D films whereas, IMAX 3D films. As you know 4D is the latest technology therefore, 4DX takes the lead here.

IMAX isn’t that disappointing as well. However, it is a bit behind compared to 4DX.


IMAX has been around for many many years. So, you can expect to be available in more movie theaters than the latest technology 4DX.

The 4DX is available in more countries than theaters, and IMAX is in more theaters than countries. However, both are making their way to more countries and theaters slowly.

As per the rough estimate, IMAX is available in more than 1500 movie theaters worldwide. Whereas, the latest technology(4DX) has hardly hit 700 movie theaters across the globe. IMAX is available in 80 countries on the hand 4DX has so far been able to capture over 65 countries.


Both IMAX and 4DX have strengths and weaknesses. IMAX serves the best people who prefer better image quality and sound.

It does not suit people sensitive to astonishing light and sound. The 4DX suits people with interactive movie-watching needs.

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It’s obvious but as we are comparing these two options, the comparison would be incomplete without this heading.

The 4DX is more luxurious whether it suits everyone or not, it is more expensive than the IMAX.

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IMAX or 4DX, What’s Better?

Well, it’s pretty hard to conclude for all of you what’s better as everyone’s preferences are different. I’m more into better quality and sound, IMAX suits me more. There might be movie lovers that find IMAX quite old school, but that’s okay too.



IMAX and 4DX are two formats that we have to choose from at theaters. IMAX has better screens, and sound quality but a bit of tiny uncomfortable chairs. However, it’s a cheaper option.

On the other hand, 4DX has regular screens but moving chairs, scents, and elemental effects like rain, fog, snow, etc.

It is expensive and is considered an interactive movie experience. IMAX is available are most theaters but in fewer countries, the 4DX’s case is a bit opposite. To be more specific, IMAX is in about 1500 theaters whereas 4DX has now only made it to about 700 theaters so far.

It’s pretty hard to call one better as everyone’s preferences are different. People who like watching movies with better picture quality would find IMAX better whereas, for interactive movie experience 4DX is best.

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