Does Imax have Recliners?

Have you noticed theaters and cinemas recently have started putting recliners? Well, if not you probably might not have been to a theater recently. Surprisingly, a few popular movie theaters already have recliners.

If I’m the first one to break this news to you, you probably have been wondering if Imax has recliners as well.

This was my first question as well when I heard about this. Most theaters now have recliners however whether Imax has or has no recliners, here is the answer;

Does Imax Have Recliners?

No, for the record Imax theaters do not have recliners, they never had as well. So, if you prefer watching movies in “exceptionally” comfortable seats, Imax is not the right choice.

That’s pretty disappointing but we can not do anything about it. More surprising is that Imax is not even planning to include recliners anytime in the future as well.

Why Don’t Imax Have Recliners?

It has been circulating that Imax does not have recliners because they don’t work for their viewing design criteria.

Honestly, I have been to Imax many many times and I found this reason to be 100% valid as well. If they include recliners, the Imax theater’s entire viewing design criteria have to be changed.

Imax might not have recliners but these theaters do have an alternative seats;
Recliners is a fancy name given to an ultra-comfortable leather chair with a reclining back and integral footrest.

The Imax theaters do not have recliners however, they do have an alternative. The alternative Imax-approved seat has a little flair but lacks a footrest.

These alternative seats are not as comfortable as the recliners are. However, they are better than not regular Imax seats. So, if you have to watch movies in Imax theaters comfortably, you can book these seats.

Are IMAX Seats Comfortable?

These alternative seats are not as comfortable as the recliners are. However, they have a few better seats than the regular Imax seats. You can book these seats to watch movies in a comfortable environment.

The regular Imax does not have “very” comfortable seats. It is quite funny to expect the Imax-approved alternative to be as or more comfortable than the recliners.

The depth and the backspace make the Imax’s seats a bit uncomfortable. The seats only have an inch of depth and the backspace is adequate as well. Therefore, there is no chance these seats would be more comfortable than recliners. DBOX seats compared to IMAX are more comfortable.

Every movie theater has a specialty. Some have better seats and others might have bigger screens. Imax has bigger screens(40% bigger than the regular theaters). The seats are fine but they can be a bit uncomfortable for the elderly or people with health issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do they have reclining seats at Imax?

No, Imax does not have reclining seats. They rather have an upgraded version of the regular theater seats with no footrest.

Do all Imax have recliners?

Imax does not have any recliners at all. There are rather Imax-approved seats and a few more comfortable ones that can only be booked in advance.



In brief, no Imax does not have recliners, they have an Imax-approved alternative that has no footrest. These seats are not as comfortable as the recliners but they are more luxurious than the regular Imax chairs.


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