RPX vs IMAX Comparison: Which is Better?

Now, moviegoers have more options for an exceptional theater experience. The two popular, newer, high-definition film formats include RPX and IMAX. People often compare RPX vs IMAX, however, it is quite difficult to determine the superior one.

Both formats share many commonalities like a bigger screen, better sound, and comfortable seating.

If you go to the movies often, you need to know the difference between the two and which one is better than the other.

A suitable venue and quality of theatre are critical for the best movie viewing experience. Before you upgrade tickets, you need to have a good understanding of both IMAX and RPX.


The main differences between IMAX and RPX include screen sizes, technology, audio, ticket prices, and the overall auditorium environment. Both formats offer top-notch movie theater experiences for moviegoers.

Before we delve deep and provide a detailed comparison, understand each movie format first.


RPX (Regal Premium Experience) is a new projection or cinema technology that delivers eye-popping images with vibrant colors and uncompressed sound for an ultra-high-definition experience.

Further, this state-of-the-art technology utilizes laser light is significantly better than the conventional projection system. Better suited for watching action films and documentaries.


IMAX or ‘Image Maximum’ is a cinema technology that delivers impressive visuals and the highest quality imagery.

The strong proponent of IMAX is the popular movie director Christopher Nolan. He shot many of his films with IMAX and started screening his movies in IMAX theaters which stays long.

The IMAX company has its own range of cameras, film formats, projectors, and theaters.

Moreover, it adopts DMR (digital image remastering) to project the clearest and sharpest image.

Comparison Between IMAX and RPX

In the ultimate IMAX vs. RPX showdown, the two premium movie formats will be compared in terms of comfort, technology, screens, sound, and overall movie experience.

Screen Size

The most common way to differentiate these two movie formats is through screen size. However, the screen size may vary slightly depending on the certain IMAX or RPX movie houses you are visiting.

  • IMAX – IMAX screens are bigger, reaching 70-100 feet long and 53 feet wide. These gigantic, curved wall-to-wall screens are vibrant and about six times larger than conventional screens.
  • RPX – Although the build quality is the same, RPX screens are smaller than IMAX and are typically 40 by 60 inches. Depending on the available screens, the size may range from 45-70.


Both movie formats have different infrastructure and technology.

  • IMAX – IMAX theaters have one-of-a-kind displays and infrastructure. To top it all off, IMAX has more in-depth technology as the movies are shot with high-resolution cameras. The massive dome-shaped theaters are curved in the middle to give a 3D effect.
  • RPX – RPX constantly rolls out new, cutting-edge technologies to allow audiences to watch movies in the finest possible format. They use digital and laser 4K-compliant projectors at 33,000 lumens and a contrast ratio of 1,850:1.


Comfortable seating and atmosphere are critical for the prestige cinema experience.

  • IMAX – IMAX theaters have comfortable chairs with higher backs and a lot of cushioning. Although they have comfy, exquisite seats, IMAX can not match the comfort provided by RPX.
  • RPX – Premium Experience is included in the name of the RPX format, therefore, prioritizes luxury. These theaters have expensive, soft, and recliner-like leather seats with comfy headrests.

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From the earlier category, RPX has emerged as a winner. As far as sound quality is concerned, can you hear the difference?

  • IMAX – IMAX stands out with better sound quality. It features a 12-channel audio system for an immersive experience. Also, some IMAX theaters use Dolby Atmos.
  • RPX – In contrast, RPX uses a 7.1-channel audio system. Plus, RPX provides in-seat audio by installing low-frequency transducers inside every seat. Although it comes down to personal preferences, some moviegoers find it distracting and unpleasant.

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RPX vs IMAX – Which is Better?

In terms of the overall movie experience, IMAX offers an immersive experience where everything feels like happening in reality. On the other hand, RPX boosts all movie effects through quality projection.

Overall, IMAX makes you feel like the center of attention with optimized screens, seats, and sound. RPX offers a premium experience with enhanced visuals, surround sound, and bigger screens.

Lastly, it is not easy to choose the ultimate winner, in short, it depends on the theater experience you are looking for.

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