Safely Putting Projector Screen Above Fireplace!

In a smaller room putting the projector screen above the fireplace can seem like a good idea. But there are safety concerns and other things you need to keep in mind. 

So what do you have to know about putting a projector screen above fireplace?

Consider risks and safety measures when placing a projector screen above a fireplace. Choose the right screen size and consider an ambient light rejecting screen for well-lit rooms. Securely mount the screen at a safe distance from the fireplace. Position the projector correctly. Avoid using the fireplace with the screen down to prevent heat damage. Add a shelf or mantle for added protection and airflow.

This is just a brief overview of what you need to know. All the details can be found right here in this article. 

Can You Put A Projector Screen Above A Fireplace?

It is possible to put a projector screen above a fireplace. But there are indeed risks associated with this setup. So the stup should be done if you take attention and safety measures.

A special drop mechanism can be used to mount a projection screen above a fireplace. This makes it possible to modify the height and location of the screen. So it is possible to lower it to a level that is comfortable for viewing.

projector screen over fireplace

The LG HU85LA is an excellent example of an Ultra Short Throw Projector. These are suitable for mounting on top of a fireplace mantel. These projectors are a great alternative to big screen TVs and provide a space-saving solution. 

These projectors may be placed near to the screen thanks to the Ultra Short Throw design. This produces a big, high-quality image without the need for elaborate room setup. Such projectors can be mounted on top of a fireplace to create a sleek and contemporary home theater setup.

But it’s crucial to remember that heat rises from fireplaces. So putting a projector screen above a fireplace puts it at danger of becoming damaged. 

The heat from the fireplace may have a negative impact on the screen’s functionality. Possibly resulting in screen damage or warping of the cloth. This can make the screen useless and provide a distorted image.

What are The Risks Of Putting a Projector Screen Above a Fireplace:

The associated risks of having a projector screen above a fireplace are: 

  1. Heat damage: The screen may sustain heat damage if it is placed too close to a fireplace, which produces heat. Long-term heat exposure can harm the screen material and cause warping, discolouration, or even melting. This can make the screen useless and have a detrimental impact on the image quality.
  2. Image distortion: The fireplace’s heat may cause air currents or hotspots to form in the space. The image projected onto the screen may become hazy or distorted due to these changes in air temperature. 

The projector’s performance may be impacted by the heat, which could result in decreased color accuracy and image clarity. There may even be projector light bleeding

  1. Reduced projector lifespan: The projector itself may experience increased stress due to high temperatures. Thermal degradation of the internal parts over time may result in decreased performance or possibly premature failure. It is best to keep projectors within their suggested operating temperature ranges to prolong their life.
  2. Safety hazards: Placing a projector screen above a fireplace to avoid any safety issues. The risk of fire may rise due to the fireplace’s heat. Particularly if the projector or its cables come into touch with hot objects.

To protect both the screen and the projector, it is essential to make sure there is adequate airflow. And employ suitable safety equipment, such as heat shields or mantel-mounted deflectors.

  1. Accumulation of smoke and soot: Fireplaces can emit smoke and soot particles into the air. If the projector screen is close by, may collect these particles. This may lead to a cloudy or dirty screen surface. Hence lowering the clarity of the image and necessitating frequent cleaning.
  2. Warping: The screen material may warp or deform as a result of the fireplace’s heat. An uneven surface caused by this warping may damage the projection’s quality and produce a distorted image. Additionally, warping may make it challenging to create a flat, smooth projection surface. This lessens the quality of the entire viewing experience.
  3. Limited viewing angle: The audience’s viewing angle may be impacted by placing a projector screen over a fireplace. To ensure that everyone has a comfortable and unimpeded view, the screen’s height and placement needs to be changed.
  4. Interference with fireplace use: Display screens over fireplaces may prevent their intended use. The fireplace may be difficult to maintain or use because the screen can prevent access to it. The screen might need to be changed or adjusted every time the fireplace is in use. So it can also make it more difficult to enjoy the warmth and ambiance of a fire.
Interference with fireplace use

How To Put A Projector Screen Above A Fireplace?

Here is how to put up a projector screen above fireplace mantel:

  • Pick the correct screen: Take into account the room’s size and the fireplace’s distance when choosing a projector screen. To ensure an immersive viewing experience, this will aid in determining the right screen size. You should also think about the kind of projector you’ll be utilizing. 

It is advised to use an ambient light rejecting (ALR) screen in rooms with windows or other light sources. ALR screens are made to lessen the effects of ambient light, enhancing the clarity and contrast of the images. You may also consider a tupplur projector screen.

  • Securely mount the screen: It’s essential to mount the screen firmly to the wall studs or ceiling joists using heavy-duty brackets or mounts. This guarantees stability and security. For effective installation, make sure you adhere to the manufacturer’s instructions. 

You should also ensure that the screen is safely installed away from the fireplace. This will lessen the possibility of fire threats and assist avoid heat damage to the screen.

  • Position the projector: A crisp and bright image on the screen will be produced by the projector when it is suitably positioned. Take into account the throw distance and angle that your particular projector type requires. 

Set the projector where the manufacturer recommends and adjust the projector as necessary to obtain the desired image quality. The top of the screen should be between 15-35 degrees from the horizontal plane of your eye level. 

This means a flat panel mounted above a fireplace isn’t just an eyesore, but sore muscle inducing. Hanging the projector on a ceiling fan is a bad idea for having the screen above a fireplace. 

  • Avoid running the fireplace while the screen is down: It is normally advised to retract or raise the projection screen when the fireplace is in use. It is in order to prevent using the fireplace while the screen is down. 

When the fireplace is being used with the screen down, the screen may be exposed to too much heat. This raises the possibility of heat damage and fire risks. Put safety first by making sure the screen is securely tucked away or retractable when the fireplace is in use.

  • Consider adding a shelf or mantle: Think about putting a shelf or mantle between the fireplace and the screen. This is to further shield the projector screen and other electronics from the heat of the fire. 

By doing so, you can lessen the direct effect of heat on the screen and assist form a barrier. For safety reasons, make sure there is enough space between the shelf or mantle and the screen. The increased separation can reduce the possibility of heat damage and assure the durability of your equipment.

This is how you can safely mount your projector screen above your fireplace. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

How close can a TV be to an electric fireplace?

Typically, you should leave an 8-inch distance between the top of the fireplace and the mantel, TV, or ceiling. Similarly, a 6-inch gap should be maintained between the bottom of the fireplace and the floor.

Can a projector over heat?

Yes, projectors can overheat if not properly ventilated. It is important to ensure adequate airflow around the projector and follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for operating temperature ranges. This is to prevent damage and maintain optimal performance.

Is it OK to put TV over fireplace?

Mounting a TV above a fireplace is not advised due to the heat and electronics not mixing. The area above the fireplace can be significantly warmer, with gas fireplaces generating 20,000 to 35,000 BTUs per hour.


And that concludes our discussion on putting a projector screen above fireplace. It can be done but safety measures must be maintained. Because it can be hazardous if done improperly. 

Follow our guidelines and you should be good. 

Best of luck!

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