Cinemark Vs AMC: Which One Better?

Cinemark Vs AMC… We all need a break from our overly hectic routines to stay sane. If you have about a week and enough money you can go on a vacation. However, if you can not afford a week-long vacation go watch movies in a theater to refresh yourself.

It’s pretty hard for everyone with an 8 hours job to go on a vacation every other day. Therefore, most of us go to watch movies quite often.

Watching movies in a movie theater can be as refreshing as a vacation if you choose the right theater.

If you are exhausted from your routine, take a short break and go watch movies with your friends or family.

The two most positively reviewed and popular theaters are Cinemark and AMC. You can pick any of the two options to have a lasting experience. Here’s a brief comparison of Cinemark and AMC that would help you in picking the right option.

Cinemark Vs AMC
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Cinemark is a chain of American movie theaters that has been working around since 1984.

These movie theaters are operating in almost all big cities of the United States and Brazil.

If you are living in the United States or Brazil, you can easily find a Cinemark near you and watch movies in a luxurious environment.


AMC is a chain of movie theaters as well. The branches of these most luxurious movie theaters are located in the USA and Canada.AMC theaters offer refunds for multiple reasons.

As per the rough estimate, more than 200 million people visit AMC theaters every day. That’s enough to tell how popular the AMC theaters are.

Cinemark Vs. AMC Comparison

Cinemark and AMC are doing a remarkable job in entertaining us. Here are a few major differences;

Theater formats

The AMC and Cinemark both have multiple theater formats. Cinemark has RealD 3D, DBOX, XD 3D, Imax, and digital. AMC is also not behind in the race. It has Imax, digital, ETX, and RealD 3D.

Undoubtedly, Cinemark has a lot of theater formats to choose from. However, that does not mean AMC is behind in the race. Imax is the best movie theater format at the moment, fortunately, both AMC has it as well.

Screen size

Though like all movie theaters, AMC and Cinemark have big screens to entertain the viewers.

AMC theaters across the globe have 40 to 50 feet tall screens whereas Cinemark’s screen is comparatively bigger.

The said movie theater has a magnificent 70 feet wall-to-wall screen. Besides the gigantic size, the screens used to entertain people at Cinemark are much better in quality as compared to AMC as well.


AMC and Cinemark do not have the same seats as well. Cinemark might have the biggest screen, however, it does not have very impressive or comfortable seats. They are typical and not as comfortable as the movie theater seats have to be.

AMC also does not have recliners but the seats are pretty much as comfortable as they are. Therefore, if we compare Cinemark and AMC by the comfortability of their seats, AMC takes the lead.

Foods and drinks

Cinemark does not offer very fancy foods and drinks. Moreover, there are not a lot of options to choose from either.

The menu at the Cinemark theater contains vitamin water, ice cream, coffee, popcorn, candy, ICE, Soda, hotdogs, etc. Whereas, AMC has countless food items and beverages to choose from.


Cinemark and AMC are both highly-ranked movie theaters. To be more specific, Cinemark is ranked as the USA’s #971, and Cinemark’s biggest competitor AMC is #683 in the list of Global Top 1000 Brands.

Therefore if you go by the customer’s rating and ranking, it can be said AMC’s service is superior.

Number of branches and screens

Both AMC and Cinemark have multiple branches operating in almost all big cities. The AMC has about 1,004 branches having 11,041 screens.

The Cinemark is the third largest movie theater in the United States having 533 movie theaters and 5,974 screens across the US.

By judging the two movie theaters by the number of branches and screens, AMC has the largest chain of theaters as compared to Cinemark.


Cinemark and AMC offer quality service. However, I found the AMC’s service noticeably better than the Cinemark.

The Cinemark only offers candy, ICEE, soda, popcorn, hotdogs, ice cream, vitamin water, and coffee beverages. Whereas, the AMC serves you with a thousand more options.

The seats of the AMC theaters are also comparatively more comfortable than the Cinemark.

AMC theaters accept apple pay and other options which not available in many cinemas.

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AMC and Cinemark are both quite expensive. It is not cheap to get seats reserved at both theaters. For children, and adults Cinemark charges $6.25-$10.50 and $12.00-$1350.

AMC charges $10.69 for children and adults and seniors $13.69. Therefore, if judging the AMC and Cinemark movie theater tickets by the price, AMC is a slightly more expensive option.

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FAQs: Cinemark Vs AMC

How big is Cinemark vs AMC?

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. was generally larger than Cinemark Holdings, Inc. in terms of the number of movie screens and revenue. AMC is one of the largest movie theater chains in the world, while Cinemark is also a significant player but with fewer screens and revenue compared to AMC.

Are Cinemark and AMC the same company?

No, Cinemark and AMC are not the same company. They are two separate and competing movie theater chains in the United States and other countries. While both companies operate movie theaters, they have different ownership, management, and locations.

Is Cinemark more profitable than AMC?

AMC Entertainment Holdings, Inc. had reported higher revenue and profitability compared to Cinemark Holdings, Inc. However, profitability can vary from year to year and is influenced by various factors, including the performance of specific movie releases and economic conditions.

What makes Cinemark different?

Cinemark differentiates itself from other movie theater chains by offering diverse cinema experiences, including premium large-format screens like XD and innovative amenities such as heated luxury recliners and in-seat dining options in some locations. They also have a focus on community engagement through programs like “Community Day” and various discount and loyalty programs for their customers.

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Conclusion: Cinemark vs AMC?

Cinemark and AMC are both the best in one way or another. Cinemark has the largest screens, and AMC has better seats, and more food items and beverages to entertain the visitors.

If you are fond of larger screens, you would find Cinemark the better. However, if you prefer watching movies in the most comfortable environment, AMC would be the best option for you.

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