Epson 4050 Vs 5050: Which One is the Better Projector?

Projectors have become a need in every office, institution, and so on. While choosing the right projector can be tricky, Epson makes it easier.

Epson 4050 and 5050 are two projectors that are well-balanced, high-quality home cinema projectors. However, people often have a hard time picking between these two!

So, which one should you pick between epson 4050 vs 5050?

Both Epson 4050 and 5050 provide 4K resolution and the same color space and operating distance. Yet, the Epson 5050 is able to project brighter images than the Epson 4050. It also has a better contrast ratio in comparison. However, the 4050 is the cheaper and lighter option between the two. Furthermore, Epson 4050 comes with fundamental box contents, which the 5050 misses out on.

That’s not all the information. Read till the end to know all the important information and make the best decision.

Epson 4050 Vs 5050: a Quick Overview

Before diving into the main details, a quick overview will help you differentiate better. The chart below contains all the differentiating factors of the Epson 4050 and 5050. 

FactorsEpson 4050Epson 5050
Color & White Brightness2,400 lumens2,600 lumens
Contrast Ratio200,000:11,000,000:1
Dimension20.5″ x 17.7″ x 7.6″ 20.5″ x 17.7″ x 7.6″ 
Weight24.3 lb24.7 lb
Color Space100% of 3D DCI-P3100% of 3D DCI-P3
Driving MethodPoly-silicon TFT Active Matrix, 0.74”-wide panelPoly-silicon TFT Active Matrix, 0.74″-wide panel
Projection MethodFront / Rear / Ceiling mountFront / Rear / Ceiling mount
Operating Distance 10 Meters10 Meters
Keystone CorrectionVertical: ±30 degrees (Manual)Vertical: ±30 degrees (Manual)
Throw Ratio Range1.35 – 2.841.35 – 2.84
CostCheck Price!Check Price!

Now that you’ve taken a good look at the quick overview, you’re now ready for more information. Keep reading for the critical details!

Epson 4050 Vs 5050: In-depth Comparison

Each differentiating factor has been elaborated on below. Give it a read for a good understanding of the differences and to solidify your decision.


The brightness of a projector determines the maximum amount of light it can emit.

The brightness of the Epson 4050 peaks at 2400 lumens. This provides a very clear image and is a good brightness overall. However, it’s still the lower brightness in comparison.

On the contrary, the Epson 5050 will deliver brightness up to 2600 lumens. A higher brightness equals a better viewing experience and provides a clearer projection.

higher brightness

Verdict: In terms of brightness, the Epson 5050 has a higher brightness capacity than the Epson 4050.

Contrast Ratio:

Projectors have a ratio of the contrast of images; the higher the ratio, the better the visual tones!

The Epson 4050 has a contrast ratio of 200,000: 1. Although this might be able to carry out good contrast, it’s still quite low. 

The images and videos may look a bit bland and white due to this. If the contrast is too low, it can even result in the bleeding of light in the projector.

But for the Epson 5050, that’s not the case. Epson 5050 has a contrast ratio of 1,000,000:1. This is almost 5 times the contrast ratio of the Epson 4050! Due to the high ratio, the 5050 is able to push out much better visual tones.

Verdict: When it comes to contrast ratio, Epson 5050 easily wins for having the higher ratio.

Dimension and Weight:

The dimension of a projector is the size of the projector in terms of Width, Height, and depth.

The dimension of both Epson 5050 and 4050 are the same. They have a width of 20 inches, a depth of 17.7 inches, and a height of 7.6 inches. Eventually, they’ll require the same projector mounts for the setup.

Unlike the dimensions, when it comes to the weight, there is a difference. The Epson 4050 weighs 24.3 lbs. On the contrary, Epson 5050 weighs around 24.7 lbs.

Verdict: While both Epson 4050 and 5050 have the same dimensions, Epson 5050 is the heavier option.

Color Space and Distance:

The color space of a projector dictates the range of colors it can produce. Additionally, the operating distance of a projector is the max distance it can project good-quality images from.

Both Epson 4050 and 5050 have the same color space and distance. The projectors have a 100% of 3D DCI-P3 color space. This color space is graded for digital cinema initiatives and is a great option for picture quality.

If you want to understand color spaces better, here’s a video for you-

Moreover, the projectors have a projection distance of 10 meters. Although you can project from far than 10 meters, the details won’t be as sharp.

Good quality projector screens are also necessary to maximize the colors. The Tuppler projector screen is an excellent choice for these two projectors.

Color Space and Distance

Verdict: The Epson 4050 and 5050 have the same color space and projection distance.

Cost Range:

The pricing of a projector will determine if it’s in your budget or not!

The price of the Epson 4050 is 2399 dollars. It is a tremendous deal at this price and is quite cheap. On the other hand, the Epson 5050 costs around 2999 dollars. While it does compensate for the high price with the performance, it is the expensive option.

Verdict: Between the Epson 4050 and 5050, the 4050 is the cheaper option.

Epson 4050 Vs 5050: Final Verdict

If you’re looking for a cheap and lightweight projector, go with the Epson 4050. It is a good deal at a lower price. Still, it has a lower brightness and contrast ratio when compared to the 5050.

Meanwhile choosing the Epson 5050 will provide you with better performance, but it is an expensive option. Also, it is heavier than the 4050. But it still has a high contrast ratio and projects much brighter output than the Epson 4050.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Does Epson 5050UB have Dolby Vision?

No, the Epson 5050UB does not have Dolby vision. However, it does support HDR10 ad HLG HDR formats. Other models of Epson like the LS12000 have Dolby vision support built-in.

Can projectors do 4K 120Hz?

Yes, projectors can reach 4K at 120Hz. In this age, gaming is growing like never before. To stream top-of-the-line games that feature intense game tactics, these high-specification projectors are perfect.

Does Dolby Vision support HDR?

Yes, Dolby Vision supports HDR. Dolby Vision itself is a dynamic format of HDR that was developed by Dolby Labs. The HDR feature allows more contrast ratio, and color, and increases overall picture detail.


This is the end of this article. Hopefully, now you know your preferred choice between epson 4050 vs 5050.

Whichever projector you’re planning to buy, remember to go through to setup process properly. A good setup will maximize the output of the projector and enhance your viewing experience.

Have a great day.

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