Project Mobile Screen on the Wall Without a Projector?

One needs a good projector to project a larger image on the wall. However, every now and then, this thought crosses the mind that whether it is possible to project an image on the wall without a projector.

Projectors are handy tools but no need to fret if you can not get one as it is possible to project an image or mobile screen without a projector.

Projecting contents from a mobile phone onto a wall is possible with readily available materials.

It seems a bit strange but possible to project a larger image through the cheapest method without having the need for a projector.

Here’s how you can project a mobile screen on the wall without a projector.

How to Project Mobile Screen On the Wall Without Projector?

Though it may seem unbelievable, it is possible and quite easy to project a larger image without a projector.

You will be needing a total of nine things easily available at home or at a local shop. The material required is

  • Smartphone
  • Magnifying lens
  • X-acto lens
  • Glue Stick
  • Pencil
  • Box
  • Tape
  • Mirror
  • Black paper
  • Small and big binder clips

No mobile phone has a built-in projector configuration, however, with a little modification, you can create an affordable DIY projector. When you have gathered the required material, it takes little time to build a projector at home. These easy steps will help you make a DIY projector

Using the Right Box and Mirror

Place the magnifying lens and the mirror in a shoebox or something similar. This setting will help the light rays from the phone create a larger image onto the wall. More light has to hit the magnifying glass to get a better and brighter final image.

Make sure that the box is spacious and long enough to easily adjust the distance between the phone and the projecting lens.

Get a box that fits your phone screen. The mirror has to be the same size as the phone and plain and rectangular in shape.

Cover The Interior of the Box With Black Paper

With a knife or scissors, cut out the box’s lid and one narrow side of the box.

Light reflection from the box wall leads to image noise, projecting low-quality images. Therefore, cover the inside of the box with dark or black matte paper.

Make sure every corner of the box is covered with black paper and apply glue for it to stick together well.

If you do not have the dark matte paper, paint the box black, and let it dry.

Install Magnifying Lens into the DIY Projector

Remove the handle and trace its outline using a pencil on the center of the narrow side that was cut out.

To make the magnifying glass fit into the opening, cut out the outline with a precision knife.

Designing the Manual, Adjustable Focus For the Phone Projector

Adjustable focus means that the lens can be moved according to the phone to improve the focus.

Create a second box to fit it into the outer box. Put four sheets of black paper folds and place them at the box’s edges.

Using precise measurements, make some shallow cuts at one edge and fold the flaps. For a more solid and rigid structure, attach the adjacent sides of the flaps using glue.

Or You can use this manual easy cardboard stand

Install Mirror in the DIY Phone Projectors

Now you have a cardboard projector that is positioned left to right and also flips upside down.

After disabling the phone’s auto-rotate feature, place it upside down in the box. Use the mirror to adjust the left to right positioning of the image.

Place the mirror at a 45-degree angle against the edge opposite to the lens.

Build a Window For The Phone

Use a ruler to precisely measure the phone’s screen, trace a rectangle on the projector’s lid above the mirror and remove it using the precision knife.

Similar to step 3, fit the magnifying glass into the opening.

Now, you have built a cardboard DIY projector for projecting images on the wall. There is no need for a real projector now, this phone projector is enough to do the job.

How Does a DIY Phone Projector Work?

DIY projector works by letting the rays of light coming from the phone pass through the magnifying lens to project a larger image onto the wall or a screen. Learn Do Projectors Work on Black Walls? You can not expect similar quality from this homemade projector.

Invest in a real projector if you want a better image and sound quality. Nowadays, projectors for varying budget ranges are available, you can get a projector at an affordable price.


The Projector is becoming an indispensable tool in large corporations, offices, the educational sector, and even homes. People who can not afford it yet can project an image onto the wall in a fun, creative way without having to use the real projector. You will merely need a few things and a smartphone.


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