Laser Projectors vs. Lamp Projectors

Ever since the laser projector is introduced, the lamp projector’s demand has been significantly declined.

The laser projector is the latest technology so it would “definitely be” better, how exactly is laser projector better can only be found out by comparing the traditional and modern versions.

Before comparing the lamp and laser projectors, allows us to introduce both of them to readers that are new to the projectors world.

Laser Projectors

Laser projectors are the newest most advanced addition to the projectors world. It is the recently invented electronic device that we see in offices and homes.

Better color, brightness, and better service life are the few qualities that have got laser projectors recognized as the best invention.

The laser projectors have two types; Industrial laser projector, home entertainment laser projector.

The industrial is the type of laser projectors that get used as an optical guidance system.

These projectors offer the highest accuracy of projections, wide optical angle, and multi-projection options. Moreover, the laser projectors can be optimized for 2D and 3D objects.

The home entertainment adult laser projectors have recently hit the projector market.

Home entertainment laser projectors are known for translating deeper and richer colors as we usually expect from laser projectors. Moreover, they are fast and have an impressive service life.

Lamp Projectors

Ever since laser projectors are introduced, lamp projectors are referred to as traditional projectors.

The lamp projectors work almost in a similar way as other projectors however still they can not project better and brighter images than the modern ones.

Now that the options are introduced, we are in right place to compare the two widely used projectors; lamp and laser projectors.

Laser Projectors vs. Lamp Projectors

Laser ProjectorsLamp Projectors
Better in Color and ContrastSatisfactory Color and Contrast
Can Offer Upto 20000 LumensCan Offer Upto 500 Lumens
Project Instant DisplayProjection time can be a few seconds
Can Work Upto 20000 Hours without RepairCan Work Upto 400 Hours without Repair
Up to 4 and 5 Years GuaranteeUp to 1 Year of Guarantee
More ReliableLess Reliable as Compared to Laser

Colour and contrast

The projectors are hired mainly for two purposes; bigger and better images. Since the laser projector is the latest technology, it “definitely” offers a better and wider range of color and contrast than the lamp projectors.

However, the lamp projectors are also not that behind in the race but they can not compete with the laser projectors either.

The laser projectors project the video content in better colors and contrast whereas, the lamp has satisfactory colors and contrast for more practical needs.


Projectors can also be compared on the ground of brightness. The latest technology that is known as laser projector is far brighter than the lamp projectors.

To be more specific, the laser projectors can offer up to 20,000 lumens or more whereas, the other option hardly goes up to 5000 lumens.

If we see the laser and the lamp projectors differently, both projectors are perfect for different projection purposes.

For example, when you have to project an image in a room or small hall, 5000 lumens offers a pretty bright image.

However, when you are required to project something in an auditorium or big lecture theatre, laser projectors can come to the rescue. As in that case, you would need 10,000+ lumens to project readable images.


The one thing that has got the laser projector the most fame is the optimal performance.

The laser projector does not take time to projector images. They get turned on immediately whereas, the lamp projector can take a few seconds or even minutes to perform up to your expectations.

The lamp projectors are slow because they have to heat the lamp to light up the screen. Since the laser projector does not have to heat a lamp so they get turned on instantly.


Have you ever taken your projector for maintenance and been advised to keep it as clean as possible? Well if this has happened, you might be using the lamp projector.

The lamp projectors get dirty quite often and in serious cases, you have to take them to a professional.

Whereas the laser projectors are more forgiving they usually demand fewer repairs and maintenance than the other options.


Now when it comes to lifespan, as expected the laser projectors win. The laser projectors can work up to 20,000 hours without demanding any repairs or replacements.

The lamp projectors that are more economical, usually have a lamp life of up to 2500 hours. Once 2500 hours are passed, the projector begins projecting poor images and eventually demanding lamp replacement.

Well, the lamp projectors are the cheapest what else can we expect from them? The laser projectors are costly so it’s pretty clear why do they have such an impressive lifespan.


Even if we mention laser projectors are far better than lamp projectors in each heading, it would still be fair.

The laser projectors deserve that. Advanced technology is used in laser projectors.

The manufacturers are usually confident that they have invented something that can run years without demanding repairs.

So, most of the laser projectors come with a 4 to 5 years guarantee. Whereas, the high-quality lamp projectors are usually backed by one year guarantee.


Calling lamp projectors would be so unfair even though they can not compete with the laser projectors.

If the lamp projectors were not reliable how would they have been surviving the high-demanding market? If we compare the two options, the laser projectors are breathtakingly more reliable.

It’s because this latest version requires a little maintenance, has a better service life, and comes with a four or five years guarantee.


As you know that laser projectors are far more superior than lamp projectors, it’s quite obvious that laser projectors would be costly.

The lamp projectors are economical because they are neither that advanced nor that long-lasting.

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