How to Cuddle in a Movie Theater?

Are you and your girlfriend tired of Netflix and chilling? Well, how about going to a movie theater for a change. The dark, highly suitable environment and salty butter-flavored popcorn make the movies so much fun.

Netflix and Chill are overrated, watching movies in the theater is more fun. Most couples prefer watching Netflix at home because they find it hard to cuddle in a movie theater.

Cuddling is not hard even at movie theatres, it’s just that most couples do not know how to do it. Want to know how it can be done?

How Can You Cuddle in a Movie Theater?

Before attempting to cuddle, you first have to figure out whether the armrest goes up or not. If the armrest goes up, you can simply put it back, move closer, and cuddle like you normally do.

However, if the armrest does not go up(in most movie theaters it doesn’t), what you have to do is put your head on your boyfriend/girlfriend’s shoulder, hold his/her hand, and try attempting to reach and grab the other hand.

It can be uncomfortable for some couples in theater in the beginning. However, if they keep trying and adjusting positions, the couple would learn to cuddle to perfection.

I would like to suggest that you book the seats in the last row if you are planning to try cuddling on the not-so-cuddle-friendly seats. It might take a few tries to get comfortable. Therefore, you should not be disturbing people around you. Otherwise, It would be embarrassing to get called out for attempting to cuddle.

Things to do with Your Boyfriend in Theater

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How to Make Cuddling more Fun at the Movie Theater?

Even if the movie theater has the most comfortable cuddle-friendly seats, cuddling would not be as fun as it is at home. However, it can be made more comfortable and fun by taking the blanket and a pillow with you.

If it’s too much to handle, you can skip the pillow. Cuddling would still be fun in such a public place and best with your boyfriend in the theater.

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Not comfortable cuddling like this? Here is one more solution

Most average movie theatres do not have cuddle-friendly seats. Therefore, cuddling and learning to cuddle is no less than a hassle. However, there are luxurious movie theaters that have special seats for couples.

These seats have no armrest in the middle and have a little room to stretch out legs as well. If you are not okay cuddling with the armrest in the middle, try visiting movie theaters with cuddle-friendly seats. You might have to pay a few more bucks. However, it will be worth it.

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Lastly, is it okay to cuddle at a movie theater?

Yes, it’s “totally” okay and normal to cuddle at the movie theatre. However, you should do it without disturbing others. As long as you are not disturbing others, cuddling at movie theaters is not an issue at all.



In brief, before trying to reach your partner to cuddle, figure out whether the armrest goes up or not? If the armrest goes up, you can cuddle as you normally do. However, if the armrest does not go up, put your head on your partner’s shoulder while holding your hand. Now reach out and try attempting to reach and grab the other hand.

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