Why Can’t We say Macbeth in a Theater?

If you go to theaters frequently, you might know the theater rules. One of those rules is not to yell fire and say Macbeth in a theatre.

It’s quite understandable, that yelling fire in a theater would cause panic. However, why saying Macbeth is not allowed does not make any sense. Since rules are rules, you can’t say Macbeth anyway.

Rules are usually made for our safety. Therefore there must be a reason why saying Macbeth is not allowed in the movie theater. Let’s find out what prohibits saying Macbeth in a movie theater.

Why Can’t we Say Macbeth in a Movie Theater?

We can not say Macbeth in a movie theatre because it is believed that saying Macbeth would invite bad luck.

Even though the world has evolved, however, people still firmly believe that saying Macbeth in a movie theatre would bring bad luck.

Therefore, the movie theater authorities have banned using this word in the theatre.

Why is it Believed that Macbeth Would Bring Bad Luck?

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy. In the past, this Shakespeare’s most popular tragedy has not proven to be any good for the movie theater.

Macbeth features three witches and it is believed that Shakespeare has given these witches a “real” spell incarnation for lines.

In retaliation, these Macbeth witches cursed the play for eternity. Therefore, not only playing this Shakespeare tragedy is avoided but saying Macbeth is prohibited as well.

Some unfortunate events in the past have also tricked people into believing that this Scottish Play is cursed.

According to history, It has only brought bad luck and will continue doing so. If I talk about those unfortunate events, back in 1606 the actress who was playing Lady Macbeth died tragically and the Astor place riot left 20+ people dead and some injured.

Other than these two unfortunate events, the other productions are also plagued with mysterious deaths, narrow misses, and several other major and minor accidents.

A Series of unfortunate events have led people to believe that saying Macbeth tempts witches. Learn Things to Do in a Movie Theater With Your Boyfriend

To not invite bad luck by tempting witches, the theaters have banned saying “Macbeth” inside the theater.

If Macbeth can’t be said, what to say instead?

As stated above, it is believed that saying Macbeth tempts witches. If you still have to mention this famous tragedy inside the theater, it is advised to say “The Scottish Play”, “The Bard’s Play”, or ” Mac B”.

In brief, it is banned to say “Macbeth” in the movie theater. It is because people believe saying “Macbeth” brings bad luck.

Macbeth is Shakespeare’s most famous tragedy in which he was believed to give the three witches real spells.

Some unfortunate events have convinced them that the witches have cursed it for eternity. Saying Macbeth tempts the witches. Therefore, It should be avoided inside the movie theater.

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