Things to Do in a Movie Theater With Your Boyfriend

Whether it is a first date or a long-term relationship, having fun with your boyfriend at the movies is never going to get old.

Traditional dinner and movie dates may seem boring and overrated to some couples.

However, you can make it fun for both of you by taking a creative approach to the movie night. Dress nicely, make memories, and turn an ordinary movie theater date into an extraordinary evening.

In this age of streaming services, you will be missing out on serious romance potential, if you are not taking your partner to the movies.

Use your imagination and plan different things to do while watching movies, all the fun stuff.

Things To Do in a Movie Theater With Your Boyfriend

Spark a little romance into your relationship by taking your boyfriend to the movies. However, movie night is not recommended for first dates as you do not get to communicate much in places like movie theaters.

If there is a bit of chemistry going, take your boyfriend to the theater and do much fun, romantic activities.

Choosing the Right Movie Genre

Consider your boyfriend’s taste in movies or choose one that appeals to both of you.

There are more opportunities for romance during romantic movies, chick flicks, and rom-com’s.

Everyone likes different movies but not a lot of couples make out during sad, artsy movies. So, choose an appropriate movie that puts you in a romantic mood.

Pick Back Seats

Choose appropriate seats to distance yourself from movie-goers and get some privacy.

You can also have pre-movie chit-chat without any added pressure. It is not possible to get some love in the theater when sitting in the front row.

Laugh audibly, snuggle, make out, and whisper in your boyfriend’s ear while sitting at the back. Enjoy Popcorn at the theater with your beloved one.

Hold Hands

No need to get naughty just yet, start with holding hands, it is a great way of getting close to each other and letting your boyfriend feel special.

If you are nervous or it’s your first date, just “accidentally” bump hands to ease the awkwardness.

If his hand is on the arm-rest, shuffle your hand closer, and you will end up holding hands for the rest of the time.

Lean in Closer

If holding hands is not enough, lean in closer, break touch barriers by sitting shoulder to shoulder or resting your head on his shoulder.

He may take a hint and place his arms around you. Once you get the vibes going, let your legs touch.

If it can be too intimate for your partner, you can start by resting your hands on his knees.


Drop several hints that you want a bit less personal space. Casually inch closer to hold hands, cuddle, make out, etc.

Movie theater settings can be quite intimidating, sitting in the dark and being close. Initiate touching with a touch on the shoulder or a cheeky nudge.

As you become comfortable, share small touches, hold hands, lean in closer, and you will be cuddling in no time.

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Play Games

Show up on time and, if possible, a bit early. If you arrive a few minutes early, play games with your boyfriend at the theater.

Many cinemas let you play games and engage in many fun activities before the movie starts.

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Scavenger Hunt

If you and your boyfriend are into scavenger hunts, you can turn movie night into this cool game.

Prepare a list of multiple items and ask your boyfriend to find the list of items in the film.

Avoid giving any hints and keep the list as specific as possible. If he loses, ask him to take you to a romantic dinner.

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Extra Movie Date Night Tips

You are not just there to romance or kiss and make your partner annoyed by missing most of the movie.

Do not eat anything that gives you bad breath like onions before getting close.
Take the hint and only approach if she is comfortable.

Follow the lead, get closer gradually, and only move forward when it’s okay.

In brief, going to the movies is one of the classic date ideas, it is fun, cozy, and less expensive. With several ways, you can make your date feel special and ensure that the movie date night is one to remember.

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