6 Best 3D Glasses for Optoma Projectors [Tested & Reviewed]

Cinematography and technology have come a long way, today, you can view engaging content that pulls you right into the screen.

Projectors and 3D glasses often go hand in hand for projecting superior 3D visuals. Optoma projectors support 3D viewing, so, many users are always on the lookout for quality 3D glasses to pair up with these projectors.

Since you will find little help online in this regard, we have reviewed some of the best 3D glasses for Optoma projectors to save you the trouble of going through hundreds of options.

Read on to know more about the 3D glasses compatible with Optoma projector models.

Best 3D Glasses For Optoma Projectors

  • Best Overall: Rechargeable DLP 3D Glasses
  • Runnerup: BOBLOV 144Hz DLP Link 3D Glasses
  • Affordable: RetroDepth LT Rechargeable DLP Link 3D Glasses
FeaturesRechargeable DLP 3D GlassesBOBLOV 144Hz DLP Link 3D GlassesRetroDepth LT Rechargeable DLP Link 3D GlassesCocar Active Shutter 3D GlassesELEPHAS 144Hz Rechargeable Active Shutter EyewearBRILLE 3D DLP-LINK ZD301
Battery Life30 hours45±5 hours40 hours45 hours30 hours4 hours
Refresh Rate144Hz144Hz144hz144hz144Hz144Hz
Viewing Angle178°150°178°

1. Rechargeable DLP 3D Glasses

The name might be quite generic but the features are sure premium of these Rechargeable 3D glasses.

These 3D glasses are available in a pack of four, even if you have friends over, there is plenty to share with your friends.

These active shutter 3D glasses can be used with a variety of 3D DLP projectors such as Optoma, Samsung, BenQ, Dell, Mitsubishi, Acer, Vivitek, NEC, and Sharp. It uses the “DLP Link” sync method to work with all DLP link projectors.

Shutter Technology – The projector is equipped with the newest shutter technology for better 3D visuals.

The super-fast 144Hz refresh rate prevents ghosting images from delivering flicker-free content without any lag.

Left/Right Eye Rotation – Put on these 3D glasses, if you do not see the effect, press the power button once to view the 3D effect.

Press it again for switching the left and right eye views for synchronization.

Battery – The embedded powerful, high-capacity rechargeable battery that continuously works for 45 hours letting you watch hours of 3D content uninterrupted after fully charging it with the USB.

Auto 5 seconds Stand by along with 5 minutes Shut Off saves power by extending the battery runtime.

Lightweight – These 3D glasses are designed to be worn comfortably for a long time. It is lightweight and portable and can be worn over other glasses as well.


  • 180 days standby time
  • Comes with a glasses case
  • Takes 2 to 3 hours to charge
  • Easy to operate


  • Lacks a nosepiece, the plastic edges dig into the nose

2. BOBLOV 144Hz DLP Link 3D Glasses

Boblov 3D glasses are perfect for at-home 3D supporting most projector brands among the likes of BenQ, Optoma, Acer, Vivitek, Panasonic, Dell, Viewsonic, LG, Samsung, and Mitsubishi.

These high-performance glasses are moderately priced with a good price-to-performance ratio.

The Boblov glasses are easier to work with and show quick compatibility with “DLP Link” as their sync method. It does not support Bluetooth projectors like Epson and Sony.

Shutter Technology – It adopts the latest shutter technology for smoother 3D visuals.

The blisteringly-fast 144Hz refresh rate alleviates ghosting and flickering for a buttery-smooth, astonishing 3D experience.

Rechargeable Battery – The long-lasting, powerful battery has 180 days of standby time and works for 45 hours without any break in a single charge.

The battery can be easily recharged via USB, also, it features an auto 5-second standby with a 5-minute shut-off timer.

Left/Right Switching – The Left/right eye rotation allows switching between the right and left eyes for synchronizing with a single click.

Change the left and right eye view conveniently without adjusting it through the projector.

Comfortable to Use – These glasses are very easy to use, short press the button to activate the 3D effect and press it again to flip the left and right eye views.


  • Includes zippered cases, pouches, and cleaning cloths
  • Left/right one-button switching for easy synching
  • Long battery runtime
  • Active 3D


  • Hard to wear it over regular glasses

3. RetroDepth LT Rechargeable DLP Link 3D Glasses

Another quality 3D glass for Optoma projectors. The uniquely designed DLP-Link 3D shutter glasses provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution for viewing 3D images, movies, and games on all DLP 3D Projectors.

These 3D glasses work for Optoma, LG, Mitsubishi, Acer, ViewSonic, BenQ, Dell, Vivitek, NEC, and Sharp. It supports nearly 40 Optoma projectors to facilitate 3D viewing.

Functionality – Unlike many other 3D glasses in the market, the RetroDepth LT glasses operate at 96Hz, 120Hz, and 144Hz which makes them fit for all 3D DLP systems.

Battery – Thanks to the powerful battery, it gives more or less 40 hours of viewing time with a single charge. The package includes a USB cable for charging the battery.

Technology – The glasses adopt the latest and improved technology to eliminate sync issues and other such technical problems.

Compatibility – 3D shutter glasses are compatible with 3D DLP projectors as well as legacy DLP 3D-ready TVs. It supports many Optoma projector models like EW531, EW536, GT360, Pro350W, TX762, 3DW1, HD33, IS500, XE151, and many more.


  • Compatible with many Optoma models
  • USB rechargeable
  • Steady sync technology for smooth visuals
  • Lightweight with a retro design


  • Hard to fit over vision-corrective glasses

4. Cocar Active Shutter 3D Glasses

This rechargeable 3D eyewear offers compatibility with 3D DLP-Link projectors. It supports 2D to 3D functions as well.

Rest easy, it is compatible with Optoma and many other DLP projectors from brands like BenQ, Acer, Vivitek, Panasonic, Dell, Viewsonic, LG, Samsung, and TOUMEI.

The Cocar 3D glasses can be easily adjusted to get a better 3D visual experience.

Working – Quite ahead of other 120Hz or 96Hz similar products, these glasses have a 144Hz refresh rate to provide high-definition 3D visuals without ghosting or flickering.

2D to 3D Function – With 2D to 3D function, you can easily enable the 3D effect.

As you pair up the glasses and do not see the 3D effect, press the volume up and down switch on the remote control, then, hit the button present in the middle of the glasses to switch the left and right eye views.

Easy to Use – It is very convenient to use, without needing to go through complicated adjustment settings.

It just requires pressing the middle button of the glasses for adjustment and syncing.

Battery – The powerful, in-built battery takes 2 to 3 hours to recharge and works for 40 to 50 hours.

The LED indicator light shows red when the battery is being charged and turns off when fully recharged.


  • 12-month warranty and after-sales services
  • Money-back policy
  • The smooth 3D viewing experience
  • Auto 5 seconds Stand by and 5 minutes Shut Off
  • 180 days standby time
  • Easy to use, one-button switching


  • Not for the Samsung TVs

5. ELEPHAS 144Hz Rechargeable Active Shutter Eyewear

It is one of the commonly used 3D eyewear often bought together with Optoma projectors. Furthermore, it’s also compatible with the best passive 3D projectors out there.

The rechargeable active shutter 3D glasser perfectly matches many 3D DLP-Link projector models from popular brands such as Samsung, Acer, Benq, Viewsonic, Optoma, Sharp, Mitsubishi, Nvidia, Sony, LG, TCL, Panasonic, Vivitek, Dell, NEC, and others.

Upgraded Design – Elephas glasses have a next-generation, upgraded design with a super-fast 144Hz refresh rate instead of the 120Hz or 96Hz rate used in older models.

Beautiful design with black color and is incredibly lightweight and portable to take anywhere.

Charging – Built-in, high-capacity rechargeable batteries give it enough runtime to watch many movies or content without interruption.

Each charge lasts 30 hours, keep checking the battery status with indicator light. The glasses can be conveniently recharged with a micro USB cable port, power bank, or laptop.

Operation – It works with a simple one-button operation for turning On/Off. The glasses automatically shut off within 5 minutes of switching off the projector to save power.

Viewing Angle – 178° wide viewing angle allows users to watch movies without any problem or distortion for a better 3D viewing experience.


  • Comes with a USB charging cable
  • Feature Auto 5 seconds Stand by and 5 minutes Shut Off
  • Comprehensive user manual
  • Easy charging


  • Not quality material is used in the construction


If you want 3D glasses exclusively designed for Optoma projectors, then add this to the cart.

Optoma ZD301 glasses combined with Optoma 3D Ready/Full 3D projector allow content to be viewed in stereoscopic 3D.

These glasses synchronize well with the image being projected on the screen.

Design – These stylish Optoma projector glasses are lightweight, portable, and foldable for convenient storage. It fits most adults and can be worn over other eyewear.

Battery – The battery is powerful and rechargeable giving you multiple hours of runtime with each charge.

Working – It uses the DLP technology and the fast refresh rate of 120Hz making the wearer see full screen, full color, and stereoscopic 3D effect. The 3D effect splits the signal into two standard video streams, one for each eye.

Lightweight – These Optoma glasses are extremely lightweight that the wearer would not even feel any extra weight or burden.


  • Crafted specifically for Optoma projectors
  • Allows easy syncing
  • Stylish design
  • One size fits all


  • The lens is extremely sensitive to scratches
  • Expensive

How to Choose the Right 3D glasses For Optoma Projectors?

A buyer can easily get overwhelmed with all the options available online and in stores and ends up with the wrong pair of glasses.

With the development in 3D technology, there are multiple types of glasses available to facilitate 3D Active and 3D Passive glasses. Well, fret not, here are some essential features that you should look for in quality 3D glasses.


It can not be ignored at any cost, there is no point in buying a particular 3D glasses if they are not compatible with the Optoma projector models. If you get a 3D glass with Epson projectors rather than Optoma, then there’s no point at all.

Some glasses are specifically designed for certain TVs, therefore, do not work for projectors.

So, check out the user manual to see which brands of projectors and models are supported by the glasses.

Response Time

Response time or refresh rate is one of the most important factors to consider when buying 3D glasses.

A faster refresh rate gives you a better viewing experience without lag or flickering. Most 3D glasses have a 96Hz, 120Hz, or 144Hz refresh rate, it is ideal to go with the 144Hz glasses, however, 120Hz is not bad either.

Battery Power

Check the capacity of the battery and how long it lasts. You would not want any interruption while watching 3D content, so, make sure that the glasses have a runtime of about 40 hours.


Having a stylish design is a major plus but it should not be at the cost of comfort. The glasses should be comfortable to wear over other eyewear and come with a nosepiece so that the edges do not dig into your nose.


Last but not least, weight and level of comfort also matter a lot when wearing 3D glasses for a long time. As you will be likely wearing them for a longer period, pick glasses that are lightweight and not heavy causing headaches and discomfort.


How great the movie or gaming experience is going to be, depends a lot on the 3D glasses you use. The 3D shutter glasses mentioned above can enhance the 3D content viewing experience, so, pick one, connect it with an Optoma projector, and start right away.


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