The 5 Best Passive 3D Projectors! [2024 Update]

Home projection seems like a logical step since the outbreak of Coronavirus. What better way to project than with the 3D passive projectors?

After the popularity of 3D cinema, this new 3D display technology was introduced called passive 3D.

3D Passive Projectors create an in-depth image for real-time action for a true cinematic experience.

Since these projectors are not quite common, so, not many people know about them.

We have reviewed some of the best 3D passive projectors to watch content in glorious 3D. Next, the buying guide will help you look for essential features in a 3D passive projector.

Best Passive 3D Projectors Reviews

  • Best Overall: Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector
  • Runner Up: ViewSonic PX703HD 1080p Projector
  • Affordable: VIEWSONIC LS700-4K UHD Laser Projector

Here’s a quick sneak peek at what these projectors on the list offer you summed up in a comparison table-

FeaturesOptoma HD146X High-Performance ProjectorViewSonic PX703HD 1080p ProjectorVIEWSONIC LS700-4K UHD Laser ProjectorSony VPLVW350ES 4K 3D SXRD Home TheaterOptoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Movie Projector
Display Resolution1080P1080P4K4K1080P
Brightness3600 ANSI lumens3500 ANSI Lumens3300 ANSI Lumens1500 ANSI Lumens3600 ANSI lumens
Max. Screen Size301″300″300″150″301″
Speakers10W speaker10W speaker2W speakerNo built-in speaker16W speaker
Lamp LifeUp to 15000 hoursUp to 20000 hoursUp to 20000 hoursUp to 15000 hours

1. Optoma HD146X High-Performance Projector

First on the list is Optoma HD146X, it is one of the best mid-price 3D projectors available for under $1000 today.

Optoma HD146X can project 3D content from almost any source. This projector features advanced technology and a 6-segment color wheel (RYGCWB) for quality projection.

It is portable, compact, and has incredible contrast and HD resolution. It offers innovative and advanced home entertainment with vibrant colors and crystal-clear sound quality.

Resolution – The 1920 x 1080 pixels allow sharper, more detailed projection. Combined with the RYGCWB color wheel, the projector is designed to display bright, vivid, colorful, and detailed images.

3D – It displays true 3D content from almost all 3D sources such as 3D Blu-ray players, 3D broadcasting, and the latest generation games consoles. However, you will hugely benefit from getting the best 3D glasses for Optama projectors if you pick this one.

Dynamic Black – With a home entertainment industry-leading 25,000:1 contrast ratio, the image is adjusted to lamp output, as per the brightness information of each frame.

Vibrant Colors – 3,600 ANSI lumens with sharp contrast ratio allows ensuring perfect reproduction of color and better picture in ambient lighting.


  • 15000 hours of lamp life in Eco Mode
  • 10-watt integrated speaker
  • 16ms input response time
  • HDMI-Link technology
  • 3D support
  • Multiple connectivity ports
  • DLP DMD single-chip design for image alignment
  • Enable the 3D option from Optoma Menu


  • 1.1x zoom and ±40° vertical keystone features need to be improved

2. ViewSonic PX703HD 1080p Projector

If you want one of the most affordable 3D projectors right now, then there are very few options that can compete with VeiwSonic 3D projectors. This projector features a heavy punch in its compact body with a vibrant display, long battery life and so much more.

It saves energy without adding much to the electricity bill and extends the life of the lamp.

Resolution – It projects images in Full HD (1920x1080p) for an immersive cinema-like experience.

Features exclusive SuperColor™ technology with a wide color gamut for beautiful projection of colors in any environment.

Reduced Input Latency – Reduced input latency and game mode project smooth images without any lag or delay.

It is fit for action-packed games and sports due to the smoother and quicker image transitions.

Compatibility – It features extensive connectivity options like 2x HDMI, USB, Mini USB, and more to connect to several media players, gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

Short Throw – The short-throw projector displays different screen sizes extending up to 300″. The distance between the projector and the screen has to be just a few inches or feet.


  • The package includes the remote control
  • Eco Mode extends lamp life up to 15000 hours
  • 3500 lumens brightness
  • Full HD 3D support
  • 1.3x optical zoom
  • 10-watt speaker for better audio
  • Faster frame-by-frame action with low input lag


  • Heavily processed colors

3. VIEWSONIC LS700-4K UHD Laser Projector

While adding this makes two Viewsonic projectors in a compact list but it’s hard not to add this. The premium price tag might seem a bit over the top at first but Its awesome 4K projection with excellent laser technology definitely makes up for it.

The user will get to watch 4K 3D content, and the picture quality is multiple folds higher than the 1080p resolution. It would be a treat to watch 3D movies with 4K resolution.

Buy 3D or active shutters glasses for viewing 3D content. The big developments in projection in the last decade are 3D, 4K, and HDR, this projector checks all the boxes.

Resolution – The Full HD 1080p Resolution combined with high 3500 lumens brightness delivers a stunning picture quality in different lighting conditions.

SuperColor technology produces authentic colors on the screen in both bright and dark environments.

3D – The projector supports 3D content and is equipped with the latest HDMI port to connect HDMI devices. It can display 3D images directly from 3D Blu-ray players with the 3D Blu-Ray-ready HDMI input.

Keystone Correction – Horizontal and vertical keystone correction combined with corner adjustment to eliminate crooked and distorted images to get a proportioned picture.

Phosphor Technology – Integrated phosphor light source delivers color uniformity and ultra-high brightness. The exclusive SuperColor Technology provides reliable color performance.


  • 3500 lumens brightness
  • Advanced laser light source
  • Up to 20000 hours of lamp life
  • Compatible with Roku, Fire TV stick, and Chromecast
  • Ultra-low 16ms input latency
  • Features 360° mounting orientation
  • Versatile input options such as HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, USB, and more


  • Loud fan noise

4. Sony VPLVW350ES 4K 3D SXRD Home Theater

If the budget allows, invest in a prestige 3D projector like this one. It has all the features of ViewSonic LS700 and a whole lot more.

This Sony projector has truly amazing picture quality that’s why it gets away with the hefty price tag.

It is somewhat more expensive than other HD models but the astonishing features make up for it.

Picture Quality – It has a native 4K resolution or 4096 x 2160 pixels which is 4 times higher than 1080p. Sony’s 4K with Super Resolution upscaling reproduces movies to match the 4K images.

3D – The unique 2D to 3D upconversion algorithm of Sony allows the high-definition 2D content connected through HDMI to be viewed in 3D in 4K.

Also, there is no need to connect an external 3D emitter as it features a built-in RF 3D sync transmitter. View 3D content in Sony TDG-BT500A or compatible third-party 3D glasses.

Screen Size – With such high resolution and brightness, a user can get a clear picture on 150 inches screen.

This screen size is fit for getting bright and crisp pictures in 2D, however, stick to 120 inches screen for 3D content. Get 42-85 inches from 8 feet and 62-126 inches from 12 feet projection distance.

Brightness – Sony’s lumen count is a bit different, the projector has 3000 lumens of brightness made up of 1500 lumens of white brightness and 1500 lumens of color brightness.


  • Enjoy a 3-year limited warranty with a special tech support hotline
  • Equipped with Motionflow technology with Dark Frame Insertion and 24p True Cinema technologies for smoother motion
  • Quiet fan with advanced air discharge system
  • +85%/- 80% vertical and +/- 31% horizontal keystone correction
  • 2D content can be viewed in 3D
  • Anamorphic 3D
  • HD to 4K upscaling


  • Hefty price tag

5. Optoma GT5600 Ultra Short Throw Movie Projector

This short-throw projector projects clear, highly-detailed visuals from just a few inches away. Yes, it supports 3D content from different sources as well as 3D DLP Link Glasses.

Besides 1080p 3D content, it optimizes images with auto-keystone and focus-corner correction. It also allows wireless screen mirroring for easy setup without the hassle of cords.

Picture Quality – The ultra-short throw projector projects crisp and bright images in 1080p resolution.

With advanced optical lens and 20,000:1 contrast ratio produces highly detailed graphics, deep shadows, and astonishing textures on the big screen.

3D – Project 3D content from 3D Blu-ray Disc players, 3D broadcasting, the latest-generation game consoles, or nearly any other 3D source. It supports 1080p 3D content in Top/Bottom, Side by Side, Sequential (PC), and Frame Pack (Blu-ray).

Image Set-up – The auto keystone sensors and four-corner correction ensure a perfectly proportioned picture every time.

Even when the projector is placed on a bumped surface, the image will refocus automatically. You will get a perfectly square image with a quick, trouble-free set-up

Lamp Life – The lamp has a long-lasting life of 15000 hours ensuring 4 hours of viewing time every day for more than 10 years.


  • 144Hz rapid refresh rate for flicker-free images
  • Ultra-short throw design allows you to project on a big 100″ screen from just a few inches away
  • 3600 lumens brightness
  • Stream and share with Optional HDCast Pro (sold separately)
  • 16-watt speaker for crisp audio
  • 49ms input lag


  • Only projects even pictures when placed on a flat surface

Factors to Consider When Buying 3D Passive Projectors

Buying a 3D projector is trickier than shopping for a regular projector. Some projectors claim to support 3D content, however, it does not work as promised. So, you need to make sure that the projector has the following features before buying

3D Passive Technology

Active and Passive are the two different types of 3D display technologies being used today.

If you are buying a 3D passive projector, make sure the projector has this newer type of 3D technology that uses polarization in both the display and the active shutter glasses to display the 3D effect.

These projectors are hard to find as they require dual projector setups and expensive silver screens.


4K resolution to project 3D content is a huge selling point but not a necessity. If the budget is tight, settle for a 1080p resolution also known as Full HD.

1920x1080p projector with full HD capabilities will display clear, crisp, and well-defined images.


It is important to consider the brightness of the lamp and where it will be installed. Buy a projector with specific ANSI lumens as per the lighting of the area.

For dark rooms, there is no need for a high lumen rating whereas for bright rooms you would need a passive 3D projector with high brightness.

For better 3D projection, buy a projector with 2,500 to 3,000 lumens of brightness.


Along with resolution, sound quality is equally important, especially when viewing movies or videos.

Some of the best 4K 3D projectors come with better, more powerful, crisp audio that blends well with the astonishing video quality.


3D projectors require the use of particular glasses, so, you might want to invest in a projector that has all the right accessories instead of purchasing them separately.

It sounds nice to have all the accessories packaged with the projector, but it is not a common occurrence.

If the projector is not accompanied by the accessories, buy the glasses recommended by the manufacturer.

Lamp Life

You might not want to invest in a projector that stops working after a short time. Go for models with a meaningful lamp life, warranty, and lifetime technical support. Depending on the usage time, select the model with suitable service hours.


Hopefully, you have enough information now to make a great buying decision for a 3D projector. All the aforementioned projectors are from reliable industry heavyweights, so, you can buy one with confidence keeping in mind the personal requirements.


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