How to Connect Top Vision Projector to an Android Phone?

Top Vision projectors are most known for having multiple ports and their portability. Therefore, if you are searching for an economical option that has all the qualities of being a home theater projector, Top Vision is a fine option.

Being portable, these projectors do not require much to serve up to the user’s expectations.

As soon as it gets home, you can connect it to the phone and start watching your favorite movies. Want to know how you can connect your Android phone to the Top Vision projector?

Connect the Top Vision Projector to an Android Phone

Fortunately, most Top Vision projectors support HDMI. Therefore, almost all mini Top Vision projectors do not require an HDMI adapter or anything to get done with the job.

To connect the Top Vision projector to the Android phone you need;

  • A Top Vision projector
  • An Android phone
  • USB cable

1. Gather all the supplies in a room

Since you are planning to watch movies on the big screen, chances are you might already have a Top Vision projector and an Android phone.

All you need now is to get a USB cable. Once you have all the supplies, gather them in a room to move forward.

2. Turn on Projector and an Android phone

Plugin your projector’s power cord into a reliable power source and wait for it to come to the operating state. Turn on your Android phone as well.

3. Find the relevant port

Since most Top Vision projectors can not be connected without a USB, therefore find the port where you can insert the USB.

4. Connect the USB to the phone and a projector

Now that you have found a port on the projector, connect one end of the USB cable to the projector and the other end to the Android phone.

5. Wait for the projector to detect the phone

The projector would take a few seconds to detect the phone. Wait until it detects the phone.

6. Play with the settings, select your favorite movie

The projector might require playing with the settings, go to the folder where your favorite movie is placed. Select your favorite movie.

7. Turn off the light, bring your favorite snack

You are just one click away. Therefore, it’s time to turn your room into a little home theater. Turn off the light and bring your favorite snack.

Since you have turned off the light, got a comfortable place to sit, do not wait any longer, hit the play button, and enjoy.

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In brief, the Top Vision projector can be connected to the Android phone via USB cable. All you have to do is plug in one end to the projector and the other to the Android phone. There your job is done.

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