5 Best Projectors For Nintendo Switch (2022)

Ever since the launch of the Nintendo Switch, many hardcore gamers buy additional devices along with it to optimize the gaming experience, projector is one of them.

If you intend to purchase the best projector for Nintendo Switch, all you need to do is look at things in a different light.

Prioritize features that you otherwise would not find useful when buying a home theater projector.

We have brought some best Nintendo Switch projectors to make shopping easier for you.

Best Projectors For Nintendo Switch

1. Bloomidea Movie Projector

Starting off our list with a projector that Amazon has chosen for Nintendo Switch Projector.

This projector by Bloomidea supports multimedia connection and can efficiently project games, video content, and sports.

The long-lasting projector is quite affordable and incredibly easy to connect to Switch and the latest gaming consoles.

Resolution – It has a native resolution of 1280*720P and full HD 1080P support, also, there is a 20% upgrade on brightness for a clear and brighter picture.

The diffuse reflection technology reduces strain on the eyes when watching the screen for long hours.

Speaker – Built-in 3W speaker provides clear, detailed high-fidelity audio. Moreover, additional audio input devices can be connected to the projector.

Connectivity – The projector is compatible with Switch, TV Box, USB, Headset, Speaker, TV Stick, SLR camera, laptop, and others.

Projection Size – This portable projector can project between 35″ to 130″ with an excellent visual and audio experience.


  • 24-bit true-color support
  • Simple, easy to operate menu
  • ±15° Keystone correction
  • dual-fan cooling system
  • Five-layer LCD lens


  • The image is blurry on the edges

2. Optoma Affordable Movie Projector

Optoma is a reliable projector brand that has a wide range of home theater and gaming projectors.

This projector is compatible with Nintendo Switch and other gaming consoles to bring a top-quality gaming experience.

It is a visual treat for gamers who want to experience large, vibrant content on the big screen.

Resolution – The projector is 720p HD ready with 1080p input support for better projection. The Rec.709 color gamut reproduces accurate cinematic color.

Focus – ±40° vertical keystone correction and a 1.1X zoom simplify installation by adjusting the image focus without moving the projector.

3D – It supports true 3D content from nearly any source, smooth, flicker-free images are projected with ultra-quick 120Hz rapid-refresh rate.

Compatibility – The projector is compatible with laptops, Blu-ray players, Roku, Amazon Fire Stick streaming devices, and the latest generation gaming console.


  • Integrated 10-watt speaker
  • 3600 lumens brightness and 28,000:1 contrast ratio.
  • Projection image up to 300″
  • 15000 hours lamp life


  • May need an additional speaker

3. Artlii Full HD 1080P Support Projector

This high-definition home LED projector can be utilized for gaming and supports Nintendo Switch.

The 2021 upgraded projector displays clear and crisp gaming content ensuring an immersive experience like never before.

Certified by FCC, RoHS, and CE, this model can be relied on for entertainment.

Resolution – The native HD 1280x720P resolution with 1080p and 4K support makes it a pretty decent projector in terms of picture quality.

300 ANSI lumens and 4000:1 contrast ratio with a 50% brighter LED bulb deliver a clear image.

Sound – Integrated dual HiFi Stereo delivers powerful sound without the need for external amplifiers and speakers.

Compatibility – It features HDMI Port, VGA and USB, AV and Micro SD Port to connect a variety of multimedia devices and gaming consoles.

Focus – +/-15° keystone correction and focus rings adjust the focus and align the images. The stand under the projector adjusts the height to make the image rectangular.


  • Updated fan cooling design
  • Double signal remote control
  • Projection screen size as large as 250″
  • Simple settings


  • No zoom function

4. AZEUS Ture 7600 Lux Mini Projector

It is one of the best video projectors launched by AZEUS. This is affordable, portable, and compatible with most gaming devices.

In short, the projector packs all the features that a gamer wants in a small size. The lifelike gaming experience on a 200″ display screen is unrivaled.

Resolution – With native 1280X720P resolution and 3000:1 contrast ratio, it supports 1080p input as well.

It projects an 80% sharper image than ordinary projectors for graphically detailed images.

Sound – Built-in powerful 5w speaker delivers HiFi sound quality by restoring details and clarity.

Multimedia Versatility – It has multiple 2HDMI, 2USB, VGA, AV, and audio output to connect Nintendo Switch, camera, laptop, TV box, USB drive, speakers, and smartphones.

Low Noise – Dual-fan cooling system dissipates heat without causing much noise.


  • 5000 lumens brightness
  • 40″ to 200″ projection size
  • 50000 hours lamp life
  • Versatile input interface


  • No horizontal adjustment

5. BenQ TH671ST Short Throw Gaming Projector

This BenQ projector is listed among the best gaming projector for a variety of reasons.

With low input lag, high resolution, and gaming modes, the console gaming projector lets you play games on whatever gaming console you like.

Project games on the big screen from just a few inches away.

Resolution – It has native 1080p resolution for projecting crystal clear and satisfactory images.

With 92% Rec. 709 Color Accuracy, 3000 lumens, and high contrast ratio deliver unmatched picture quality.

Engineered for gaming needs, ultra-fast low input lag, and a refresh rate that supports the maximum output of Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and Nintendo Switch.

Connectivity – With USB, HDMI, and other inputs, it is compatible with game consoles, handheld game consoles, Blu-ray players, and streaming devices.

Input Lag – It ensures a smooth, flicker-free gaming experience without blur or lag with 16ms low input lag and microsecond DMD response time.


  • 3000 lumens brightness
  • 1.2x zoom function
  • Supports up to 300″ projection image
  • Short throw


  • Loud fan noise

Things to Consider When Buying a Projector For Nintendo Switch

Besides compatibility with Nintendo Switch, a lot goes into buying a projector. A buyer needs to consider the resolution, brightness, contrast, connectivity, price, and others.

Look for the following features to improve your gaming experience.


Your focus should be on the native resolution instead of the supported resolution. Native resolution is what would be displayed on the screen.

Nintendo Switch is in 720p, so get yourself a projector that would match this resolution.

480p or less would result in poor picture quality, 1080p and 4K are quite expensive for most gamers, therefore, 720p is a better option.


Whether buying a projector for gaming, home, or office use, brightness is one of the major aspects that should not be overlooked.

If the lighting of the room is controllable, nearly any projector would do.

Brightness should be decided as per the lighting conditions of the area, however, settle for no less than 2500 lumens.


Though for Nintendo Switch games, high native contrast is not an absolute necessity.

These cartoonish-style games can be played well without the high contrast ratio.

However, if the budget allows, invest in a projector with better contrast to not lose tiny details and get a clear picture.

The farther the distance between the projector and screen, the larger the image would be.

This usually is a concern for users with limited or small space, fortunately, short-throw projectors can solve this issue efficiently.

These advanced projectors are capable of projecting a large image from just a few inches or feet away.


A projector should have multiple connectivity options including VGA, HDMI, and USB ports to connect laptops, consoles, and switch.

Projectors with several input options are available today, however, make sure that it has an HDMI port to connect most multimedia devices.

Input lag or delay period is the time when the projector receives signals from the input device and displays it on the screen.

The lag should not be beyond 40ms, about 20ms input lag is ideal. Some projectors have an input lag of 16ms for an ultra-smooth, flicker-free gaming experience.

It depends on the features and resolution you are going for, some Nintendo Switch projectors are expensive whereas a good projection unit with adequate features can be purchased for much less.

Shop wisely, make sure that you get the device with maximum features within the budget.


Buy a projector from the aforementioned list depending on the most important features required for the Nintendo Switch. The projector does not have to be high-end when there are plenty of affordable options available.

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