Are 500 Lumens Bright Enough for a Projector?

The projector’s brightness is measured in lumens. Lumen is defined as an SI-derived unit of luminous flux. The said unit of luminous flux measures the total quantity of light emitted from an object per unit of time.

Therefore, it is said the more lumens the better the brightness of the projector. That’s the major reason why we get asked about lumen requirements at the time of purchase.

A projector can be 500 to 5000 lumens. It’s quite understandable, a 5000 lumens projector would surely be good for the job, however, the 500-lumen case is a bit different.

Are 500 Lumens Bright Enough for a Projector?

To be honest, 500 lumens is bright enough for a projector. It might light up a screen, however, the video and the text would be fairly dark and disappointing.

Since projectors are hired to get a bright and clear picture on a big screen. Therefore, if a projector fails to serve you with a brighter picture, what’s the use?

500 lumens is not even bright enough

Investing in a 500 lumens projector would be nothing but a waste of money.

It would never be able to serve you in a way a projector should be serving.

Even in the smallest, 100% light-controlled room, the 500 lumens projector would not be able to deliver a better picture.

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light up the screen a bit in a pitch-black room

If you install a 500 lumens projector in a small pitch-black room, it might light up the screen a bit.

However, for 500 lumens to light up a screen, there should not be light aluminum on the window.

Even though it might light up the screen, the result still would be the same as the projectors with 2000+ lumens.

light up a standard-sized projector screen

A 100 to 120 inches screen is considered a standard-sized projector screen.

No matter what you do, the 500 lumens would never be enough for a 100 to 120 inches projector screen.

There needs to be smaller than the small screen for a 500 lumens projector to produce results.

1200 lumens would be a fine option if you can not afford a 2000+ lumens projector;
The 1200 lumens projector is perfect for a person looking for an economical option.

The 1200 lumens projector would serve better in a 100% light-controlled room. However, in a room with sufficient ambient light, even 1200 lumens would fail to light up a screen.

Therefore, if the 1200 lumens projector can not produce satisfactory results in a not-so-favorable environment, how would 500 lumens light up a screen?


500 lumens is not bright enough for a projector. It can not even handle small unprofessional needs. Even in a 100% light-controlled room, the 500 lumens projector would not be able to light up the screen. If your need and budget are small, 1200 lumens would be a better option.


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