How Can You Watch a TV on a Projector without a Cable Box?

Football matches, nature documentaries, and movies get better when we have got a big screen to watch in HD. That’s the one major reason why people choose to watch TV on a projector.

However, most of us try to settle on a TV because watching football matches, nature documentaries, and movies require a huge investment.

You would be required to invest in a projector, a cable box, and a screen. Investing in a projector and a screen sounds fair, however, a cable box just sounds unnecessary.

If you have been holding yourself from spending lavishly, we have got good news for you. You can watch a TV on a projector without a cable box.

How Can You Watch a TV on a Projector without a Cable Box?

To watch a TV on a projector without a cable box you are going to need;

  • A stable WIFI connection
  • A smartphone or laptop
  • Streaming device( It can be a Google Chromecast, Roku Stick, on any other streaming device of your choice)

1. Confirm if the projector supports HDMI or not

It must be kept in mind that TV can not be watched on a projector if it does not support HDMI.

Fortunately, most recent models support HDMI connections. However, still, there is a need to confirm whether the projector supports HDMI or not. If it does, you are good to go.

2. Order all the relevant supplies

Since you are planning to watch movies, sports, and nature documentaries on a big screen, chances are you already have a stable WIFI connection and some relevant supplies. A streaming device is the only invention that you might have to invest in.

Several kinds of streaming devices can be used to watch TV on a projector. As mentioned above, you have to choose one from Google Chromecast and a Roku Stick.

A Google Chromecast is a small streaming device that can be plugged into a TV or monitor with an HDMI port to stream content onto a big screen.

There is no subscription required to use Chromecast, you would only be required to pay for services like Netflix or Hulu.

Roku Stick is a Streaming Stick that appears somewhat like a flash drive. It is also required to be plugged into the TV’s HDMI port to stream content on the big screen.

Now you have to decide which streaming device suits you more. Whatever you find suitable, order it right away.

3. Gather all the relevant supplies to a place and turn on WIFI

No, that you have got all the supplies. It’s good to gather all the relevant supplies in the room you are planning to install the screen. Turn on WIFI to move ahead.

4. Subscribe to any of your favorite streaming services

There are hundreds of streaming services; Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, Apple TV+, Peacock, Paramount, HBO Max, Sling TV, Pluto TV, YouTube TV, Tubi, SHOWTIME, Starz, and a hundred more.

Select your favorite streaming service from the above-mentioned options and subscribe.

5. Connect the streaming device to the projector

Whatever streaming device you use, the procedure would always be the same.

All streaming devices would have male and the projectors would have female ports. You simply have to plug in the streaming device to the projector’s relevant HDMI port.

6. Download the relevant app and select the TV option

Take your phone, laptop, or tablet and open the relevant app; for example Sling App.

Find a square TV icon. It would be somewhere on the top corner of the phone, laptop, or tablet.

7. Pick the streaming device

You would now be served with the options. If you are using Google Chrome Cast, select Google Chrome Cast or if you are using any other streaming device, you have to find and select that.

Soon after selecting the streaming device, you would get the “Play” option. Hit the “Play” button and begin watching TV on a big screen without a cable box.


To watch TV on a projector, you first have to confirm if the projector supports HDMI or not. If it supports you, you have got a streaming device, plug it into the projector’s HDMI port, select streaming service, and hit play.

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