Can the Projector Screen be Washed?

The projector screens are pretty sensitive and they remain exposed to dirt, dust, and grime all the time. Having a 4k projector is not enough, a clean screen plays a key role in determining the picture quality as well.

Therefore, you have to keep the projector screen clean. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy movies and games.

Now the issue at the hand is, how to clean the projector screen. Should you wash it?

Can the Projector Screen be Washed?

No, the projector screen can not be washed. So, you should not wash it as well. If it can be washed, the manufacturers would have listed them as “washable”.

Why Can You Not Wash the Projector Screen?

You can not wash the projector because it is not recommended by experts. The screen is an electronic device and such devices should not be washed. If you choose to do the opposite, they would not serve you as expected and might expire early as well.

If you can not wash the projector screen then what can you do instead?

The projector screen can not be washed but you can clean it in a specific way. There are a variety of ways to clean the projector screen and we are going to list down the most recommended ones.

  • Clean projector screen with compressed air
  • Clean projector screen with DIY cleaning solution
  • Clean projector screen with dry Microfiber cloth
  • Clean the projector screen with rubbing alcohol

Clean projector screen with compressed air

compressed air is the most recommended and safest way. The majority of high-end projectors can be cleaned with compressed air.

To clean the projector screen this way all you have to do is hold the compressor no closer than one inch from the screen, the rest will be the compressor’s job. White screens easy to clean as compared to silver.

Clean the projector screen with a DIY cleaning solution

Make the perfect DIY solution for this job, and put 95% distilled water with 5% mild dish soap.

Use a clean microfiber rag to dip in the solution and wipe the screen side by side with negligible pressure. This solution will perfectly remove all the stains from the screen. If the projector screen hanging from the ceiling takes care of the process.


Avoid using the piece of cloth in a circular motion as it leaves marks on the screen.

Clean the projector with a dry microfiber cloth

If the projector screen is not that dirty, you can get rid of the dust by wiping off the screen using a microfiber cloth. However, even when the microfiber cloth is dry, avoid moving it in a circular motion.

Clean the projector screen with rubbing alcohol

You can use rubbing alcohol when there are marks on the projector screen. To clean the projector screen this way, dip a cotton bud in rubbing alcohol and gently rub on the mark until it vanishes.

Use another cotton bud to soak alcohol from the screen surface properly. Remember, apply alcohol only on spots, not on the whole surface.

No, the projector screens can not be washed. They can only be cleaned in a few specific ways.

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