Silver Projector Screen Vs. White Screen

Once you are done with getting the best projector for your home theater, your next goal should be to find a screen. Having a good projector screen is as important as finding a bright vivid projector.

There are three types of projector screens; White, Silver, and gray. The Gray screens are not that Popular.

The Projector users often choose between White and Silver screen. The White and Silver screens are both pretty good. However, to pick the best for your little home theater you need to know the major differences.

Silver Projector Screen Vs. White Screen

silver projector screen
Silver Projector Screen
white projector screen
White Projector Screen

Before comparing the Silver and White screens, it’s important to know that Silver and gray screens are not the same. So what differences you would find below will not be relevant to gray projector screens.


The most noticeable difference between the Silver and White Projector Screen would be the “Color”.

The difference is so noticeable that if both screens are placed in front of you, you will easily figure out which projector is white and which one is silver.

The White Projector screen is bright white whereas the Silver one is slightly grayish. It is slightly less gray than the gray projector screen (that is dark gray).

Picture Quality

When it comes to picture quality, the content looks good on the White screens. The Silver Screen’s picture quality is not that bad either. However, it is usually not as bright as the White projector screen.

If the projector matches the screen well, the Silver Screen produces as good results as the other case.

What must not be forgotten here is that the picture quality of the Silver projector screen has better contrast than White Screen.


Both White and Silver projector screens normally get out of stock pretty quickly than the Gray screen.

White is the most preferred screen of all types. It is because the White Screens are versatile, they suit each projection needs well. It comes in curved and flat-screen both.

The Silver Screens were a thing of the past. However, they are now making a comeback and becoming popular with every passing day.

Trust factor

The Silver Screens were introduced back in 1918. The White Screens are slightly less old than the Silver Ones.

People usually consider this color to be more advanced than the Silver one. Therefore, they are believed to be more trustworthy in these two options.


As stated above, the White Screen is versatile. It can be used for almost all needs; home theater, office, and educational purposes. The white projector screen is easy to clean.

The Silver Screens are, however, not that versatile. They are only suitable for commercial and home theaters.


In brief, The major difference between the White and Silver projector screen is the ” screen color”. The White Screen has the brightest white color whereas, the Silver one is slightly grayish but not dark gray.

The White Screens are useful for all projection needs from home theater, educational, and professional purposes. Whereas, the Silver Screen is only suitable for commercial and home theater needs.

The White projector Screens are more popular, the Silver ones are just making a comeback. They do not usually get preferred as much as the White Screens.

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