5 Best 3D Glasses for Epson Projectors to Get in 2024

Bought and installed your Epson projector? Having a screen is not mandatory. However, if you want to have a more immersive viewing experience, time to invest in 3D glasses.

My recent research made me realize that the market has an overwhelming number of options, therefore, finding quality 3D glasses seems almost impossible.

The 3D glasses are not cheap either so you can not afford to try several options.

After researching for about a month, trying a bunch of options, and learning from my mistakes, I have found these below-mentioned options compatible with Epson projectors.

Best 3D Glasses for Epson Projector

Best Overall: Elikliv KX-60 Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses
Adult-sized: Sony TDG-BR 100 Adult Size Black 3D Active Glasses
Stylish: Samsung SSG- 5100 GB 3D Active Glasses
Comfortable: Sony TDG-BR250/B Rechargeable 3D Adult Glasses
Affordable: SJY DLP Link Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses

1. Elikliv KX-60 Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses

Elikliv holds the first position on my recommendation list for being versatile, durable, and super affordable.

Since it has all the qualities the 3D glasses should have, there was no option but to include Elikliv in the list. These glasses are great for any passive 3D projectors out there.

Impressive usage time

Several qualities made these 3D glasses worthy, impressive usage time is one of them.

As per the company’s claim, these 3D active shutter glasses come with more than 30 hours of extra usage time.

Requires 2 to 3 hours to recharge and standby time is recorded to be 6 months. Isn’t it amazing?


These 3D glasses are made to work with Bluetooth projectors. The glasses are highly compatible with Epson, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung Projectors.

However, they perform best with Epson projectors, especially Epson TW5810 / Epson TW651 / Epson TW6515 / Epson TW8100 / Epson TW8515 / Epson TW9100 / Epson TW9515.

Wide and clear view

The Elikliv 3D glasses are designed and crafted to give users a wider and breathtakingly clear view. Just so you experience the real world while sitting in your living room or bedroom.


  • Features 150 FOV
  • Highly compatible with Epson, Sony, Panasonic, and Samsung projectors
  • Liquid crystal shutter
  • Comes with a USB cable, user manual, glasses cloth, and glasses bag


  • Can not be used with DLP projectors

2. Sony TDG-BR 100 Adult Size Black 3D Active Glasses

Whether it’s televisions, cameras, mobiles, 3D glasses, or any electronic accessory, Sony has got us covered.

Sony is a well-known reliable brand, therefore anything introduced under this brand name can be trusted.


Sony’s 3D glasses are full-sized. The perfectly adult-sized glasses serve men and women equally.

If you are looking for 3D glasses for yourself, you can hit the place button without having any second thoughts.


These 3D glasses are made to serve with Sony projectors. However, the thoughtful construction and versatile design allow it to go well with the Epson projector as well.

Clear, precise image

3D glasses are invented to restrict the light entering your eyes. Therefore, the glasses should restrict light, and not affect the image quality.

These Sony glasses are designed to work up to perfection by restricting the light and showing a clear and precise image.


  • Made for a high-quality 3D entertainment experience
  • Supports side and rear view
  • Comfortable and adjustable
  • Wide viewing angle
  • Delivers clear image, color accuracy, and high contrast


  • A bit pricey

3. Samsung SSG- 5100GB 3D Active Glasses

Samsung holds a special place in our hearts because it brings us the most durable and budget-friendly options.

These SSG-5100 GB glasses also happen to be no different from the rest of the Samsung products.


Unlike the other glasses on this list, these Samsung SSG-5100 GB 3D active glasses are pretty stylish. So your fashion-conscious self can enjoy movies to the fullest.


Since this is a recent invention, therefore it can not be used with old projectors. It can only be used with all 2011 to present projector models.

The manufacturer claims it is perfect for Samsung devices however I found it highly compatible with the Epson projector as well.


Since these 3D glasses have been introduced by a brand that is known for manufacturing durable products.

The 3D glasses are just as durable as the other Samsung products are. Therefore, investing in these glasses would be a wise decision.


  • Delivers stunning full HD 3D image
  • Impressive battery life
  • Suitable for both men and women
  • Compatible with all recent projectors
  • Durable, affordable, and comfortable

4. Sony TDG-BR250/B Rechargeable 3D Adult Glasses

If you want to protect your eyes from bright light and not compromise on the picture quality, these Sony adult glasses are a worth-considering, worth-buying option. Want to know what else brought Sony rechargeable 3D adult glasses to our list?


Like most 3D glasses, these Sony adult glasses are rechargeable. When it begins failing to do the job, you can recharge it to perfection. The 3D glasses would start serving again.

Superior color and high contrast

Superior colors and brightness alone are not enough to make the content more appealing.

High contrast is also needed to display a perfect image. Fortunately, these 3D glasses offer better color and high contrast to make the picture as superior as you see in movie theatres.


The best part of this deal is that the glasses are super comfortable. The glasses are also not heavy either. Therefore, it can be said that Sony’s creation is perfect for prolonged wearing.


  • Do not require you to compromise on the picture
  • Features wide viewing angle for flexible sitting
  • Comes with a USB cable
  • Does not require recharge for up to 3 hours
  • Adjustable frame


  • Limited compatibility

5. SJY DLP Link Rechargeable 3D Active Shutter Glasses

SJY is the least-known brand that has brought us a specific solution to our problem; finding 3D glasses for the Epson projector.

That’s not all, the glasses have all qualities that we normally look for. So, we couldn’t help but include it in our list.

Highly elastic

Unlike regular 3D glasses, these SJY glasses are highly elastic. The elastic nature does not make it a one-size fit all kind of thing but is nearly unbreakable and easier to store as well.


Fortunately, the SJY glasses are wireless. When the glasses are fully recharged you can sit and enjoy your favorite movies in HD on the big screen. No worries about handling wires and finding a place near a power source.

High contrast ratio

The contrast ratio plays an important role in improving the image and video quality. These 3D glasses happen to have a high contrast ratio; 1000:1. 1000:1 is believed to be a mind-blowing contrasting ratio for a little home theatre.


Constructed using ABS+PC
Simple, comfortable, and handy
Comes with a charging USB cable
Can be used for 3 hours continuously
Highly elastic


  • Can not be used at the cinema

How to find the Right 3D Glasses for the Epson Projector?

If you want to find the right 3D glasses for the Epson projector, there are various factors that you are supposed to consider. The factors that should be considered are;


Since you are looking for 3D glasses to work well with an Epson projector, the first thing that should be checked is compatibility. You don’t want to make a mistake and buy 3D glasses that are best for Optoma or any other projectors!

Go through the product title and description and find out if the 3D glasses you are considering are compatible with the Epson projector or not.


The design of 3D glasses also matters a lot. It can make the glasses bulky and uncomfortable. Click and zoom the pictures and try judging whether it’s a fine option.

Contrast ratio

The contrast ratio should also not be ignored. As you have been considering the 3D glasses for your little home theatre, make sure the contrast ratio is at least 1000:1.

Size and weight

The size and weight of the glasses can not be overlooked. If you are looking for a pair of glasses for an adult, they must be of adult size, and in all conditions, the glasses have to be lightweight.


Lastly, you have to judge other choices by their price and make a rational decision. Compare the prices of all the shortlisted and order what’s more budget-friendly.

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