Are Projectors Better for Eyes?

The five senses are God’s biggest blessings. Eyesight is the greatest one of all. Frankly, out of all the senses, eyesight is the easiest one to lose. Hearing does get affected with age however to begin losing vision you do not even need to reach a certain age.

For quite some time, there have been more and more cases of kids and teenagers losing vision.

The number of cases reported in hospitals every single day is alarming. A detached retina is one legitimate reason for poor eyesight.

There are several things and habits to blame as well; poor diet and prolonged screen time are the two major reasons.

Poor diet is hardly taken as a legitimate cause of eyesight loss.

Whenever we see our kids rubbing their eyes, complaining about headaches constantly, we try to limit our kid’s screen time. TV, mobiles, tablets, projectors, and laptops are the few inventions that get the blame.

It is generally believed that the brighter the light the greater it affects the vision.

So, all the firm believers of this idea think projectors are more harmful to the eyes than the other options.

It’s because the projectors have the brightest light.

The manufacturers have a different view. They claim that the brightest projector light is not harmful to the eyes.

However, it’s hard to believe. A lot of research has been conducted on this topic and here’s what concluded;

Are Projectors Better for Eyesight?

Yes, all the researchers have agreed that projectors are “actually” better for the eyes. Excess of everything is bad so if you keep ignoring that, projectors can also hurt your eyes. However, a few hours a day would not hurt the eyes.

How are Projectors Better for Eyesight?

Projectors are better for eyesight is not a scam, there is a legitimate reason to support that. It is so because the image or video is projected on a big screen installed far away.

Moreover, the trouble-causing wavelengths of light get filtered, and the filtered UV and IR then have to travel a long way to reach the human eye. So, even the brightest picture could not put a strain on the eyes.

What’s more convincing is that projectors do not emit light like computers, tablets, mobiles, and TV.

Are Projectors Better for Eyes?

They rather reflect the light to project an image. The reflected light does not put extra stress on the optic nerve as the eyes can not capture the same level of light that is captured while watching TV. This makes the projector 100% safe for the eyes.

Laser projectors are the safest options

Gone are the days when projectors were lightened up by the lamps. Now laser technology is also being used to light up and produce an image on the screen.

The laser projectors are not a little less bright than the other two options available in the market. Small projectors like Cookie Decorating are even better.

If your work demands you to use a projector frequently, laser projectors would be a fine idea.

However, if you look through the lens, projectors can be harmful

Projectors are only harmless when looking directly at the projector is avoided like in bedroom or basement projectors. It’s because the light emitted from the projector is brighter so it tends to do more damage.

Since there is no reason to look through the lenses and why would one look anyway? So they are harmless.


So, the light-emitting from the projector is harmful but the light reflecting off the screen is not

From the previous heading, it is pretty much clear that the brightness that projects an image on the screen appears harmless but it’s “actually” not. But Modern Yaber projectors prevent this.

However, the light that the projector emits to reflect and produce an image on the screen can be harmful.

According to the National Library of Medicine, light emitting from the projector is many times stronger and brighter than the light emitted from the TV.

But who looks at the projector when there is such an impressive image is being shown on the screen?

The economy mode makes the projectors even safer

Projectors are designed to produce brighter images even in bright daylight like most business presentations projectors. However, they are not always needed to project images in bright light, sometimes the environment can be dark as well.

To be able to adjust in both environments projectors have modes. There is an option called “economy mode” that can be turned on to reduce the brightness of an image.

The image in economy mode is less bright than the projector usually projects. So, the projector in economy mode gets even safer for the eyes.

If your screen time is less than four hours a day, there is nothing to worry about

Projectors can be addictive as they produce impressive images on the screen. Excessive use can cause mild eye strain.

However, if you can limit your screen time to one or two hours a day. There is nothing to worry about.

If the screen time increases to four or five hours a day, employing some strategies to protect the eyes would be helpful.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do projectors also emit UV light?

Yes, all kinds of projectors whether it’s a lamp, lampless, or the laser projector UV and IR light are emitted.

It is the reason why it is suggested not to look at the projector lens directly. However, when these lights get reflected to produce an image, they get harmless.

Can a projector damage your eyes?

No, projectors are much safer than TV it’s because they do not emit light. The TV emits light so it is more damaging to the eyes than a projector.

Do you need to adopt safety strategies while using a projector?

No, projectors are safe as long as our screen time is limited to one or two hours a day. However, adopting safety strategies would also be great as projectors are not at all completely safe to use.

Is a projector better for the eyes than a TV?

Yes, projectors are without a doubt, better for the eyes than TV. It is believed so because the said electronic device does not emit light but rather produces an image by reflecting the light.

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