The 8 Best Projector For Ambient Light 2024

When delivering in-office presentations or lectures in a school setting, you will need a projector that can combat ambient lighting while projecting a decent image.

Especially during the daylight hours, it is impossible to achieve complete darkness, so, a bright room projector will be the right pick.

Best projectors for ambient light are defined by resolution, color accuracy, brightness, contrast ratio, overall build quality, and user-friendliness.

It can be hard for novices to pick the best projector for ambient light because of the endless options.

After researching thoroughly many individual options, here are some projectors that could fit the bill.

Best Projector For Ambient Light Reviews

  • Best Overall: Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector
  • Runner Up: BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector
  • Affordable: Optoma Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector

From the following options, you can choose the best projector for ambient lighting.

1. Epson Home Cinema 880 3-chip 3LCD 1080p Projector

Epson brand needs no introduction and this quality projector is known for retaining image quality in a partially lit room.

It projects a bright and good-looking picture on the screen or an empty wall making it a great option for a bright room or a backyard movie night.

Get a stunning larger-than-life viewing experience with digital picture processing and smooth tonal transitions.

Resolution – With 1080P resolution, the projector provides stunning, detailed imaged with fast data processing.

The picture quality is better than many expensive DLP Laser projectors.

Brightness – It features 3,300 lumens of color and white brightness to deliver visible images in several lighting conditions.

The advanced 3LCD technology shows 100% of the RPG color signal to provide outstanding color accuracy and excellent color brightness.

Color Modes – It gives you the ability to change how you want the projection content to be displayed by switching between different modes.

It features color modes like Dynamic, Bright Cinema, Cinema, and Natural to optimize quality.

Connectivity – It has different input options to connect a tablet, smartphone, laptop, PC, game console, Amazon Fire Stick, Chromecast, Roku, digital camera, and Apple TV.


  • Screen size from 80″ to 150″ from the projected distance between 2.43m to 3.65m.
  • The integrated picture skew sensor automatically squares the image
  • 16,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Free technical support for the lifetime
  • Color light output IDMS 15.4
  • Picture modes
  • Easy setup with in-built speakers


  • No optical zoom and wireless projecting

2. BenQ TH585 1080p Home Entertainment Projector

This BenQ 1080P projector is sharp and bright in most light conditions.

With high brightness and image quality, the projector renders a better viewing experience even in a well-lit room or during daylight hours.

The easy-to-use, ultra-bright projector offers intense action to enjoy shows, movies, sports events, and party games.

With stunning graphics and better visibility, the projector lets you host the best ever movie and gaming nights.

Resolution – It supports Full HD 1080P for hyper-realistic HDR display on the projected images.

The picture remains sharp and delivers good color reproduction throughout the lifetime.

Low Latency – It can be an excellent console gaming projector with low latency for gaming.

You will get enlarged, mind-blowing gameplay with 16ms low input lag and microsecond DMD fast response.

Brightness – High Resolution combined with 3500 lumens makes it perfect for bright rooms. The lamp-based projector offers intense action in terms of brightness.

Lamp Life – The projector features LampSave mode to save power and extend the useful life of the lamp by 15000 hours.


  • Power consumption Max 340W, Normal 297W, Eco 206W
  • Several picture modes include Cinema, Living Room, and 2 User Modes.
  • Projection size from 80″ to 150″
  • Vivid 95% Rec.709
  • Backed by 3 years warranty
  • 10-watt built-in speaker


  • Low audio output

3. Optoma Short Throw 1080P HDR Professional Projector

This Optoma projector with exceptional brightness is one of the best options for ambient light.

It provides a clear image and stays productive in meeting spaces and learning environments.

The high-resolution and impressive brightness level makes it perfect for daylight projections.

It produces razor-sharp images with outstanding picture quality and vibrant colors.

Resolution – It supports 1080P Full HD resolution with 4K HDR. The projector projects crisp, clear 1080p images, and has sRGB and REC.709 color profiles.

4K HDR ensures vibrant colors, brighter whites, and deeper black levels.

Brightness – With 4,000 lumens brightness, the projector remains productive and delivers a bright image in meeting rooms and classrooms even when the lights are on.

Lamp Life – The lamp life is about 15000 hours, so even if you use it 5 hours a day, it will last for over 8 years.

Speaker – The 10-watt built-in speaker enhances your big-screen experience with exceptional sound quality. It is loud enough for small to medium-sized rooms.


  • 50000:1 contrast ratio
  • 0.5:1 short throw projection lens
  • Color accuracy with sRGB & REC.709 color profile
  • 120″ projected image size
  • 2x HDMI, VGA in and out, audio-in and out, RS232, and USB-A
  • DLP technology


  • A bit heavier
  • No zoom feature

4. BenQ MH760 1080P Business Projector

BenQ MH760 projector is a perfect pick for a bright room and is used widely for daytime usage in the office and educational environment.

If you need a projector for work or other purposes throughout the day, it would be irritating to dim the lights and use the blinds all the time, however, it is not required when using this projector.

Brightness – No matter where it is positioned, the projector has Full HD 1080P resolution and 5000 lumens brightness to make the image visible in ambient light. The high-contrast images can be perfectly displayed in well-lit rooms.

Connectivity – With extensive connectivity, the projector is widely compatible with laptop/PC, game console, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV, Digital Camera, Set-Top-Box, and Blu-ray/DVD players.

Keystone Correction – Vertical Keystone correction aligns the image perfectly without readjusting the projector position.

LampSave Mode – The projector has three modes; normal, Eco, and LampSave. In LampSave Mode, the lamp life is 15000 hours, 8000 hours in Eco Mode, and 4000 in normal.


  • Infographic Mode to display detailed text and graphics
  • 30000:1 contrast ratio
  • The projector is turned on upon HDMI input signal detection
  • Kensington Lock
  • Retractable adjustment foot for enhanced flexibility
  • Projection size up to 150″


  • Colors do not appear authentic

5. ViewSonic True 4K Projector

You will find it a better option in your quest for finding the best projectors for bright rooms.

With ultra HD resolution, a whopping brightness level, and beautiful colors, it provides services round the clock.

The bright 4K UHD projector works all day and night and in bright and dark rooms.

Resolution – The projector supports 4K UHD (3840 x 2160) resolution having true 8.3 million pixels which provide 4x more clarity than the Full HD resolution.

HDR Content Support – It decodes HDR videos signals to project incredibly detailed video playback. The image can be easily seen in daylight hours with bright, vivid colors, and detailed contrast.

Speaker – The powerful 10W speaker provides room-filling, loud sound for a better multimedia experience.

Connectivity – With input options like HDMI1.4 with HDCP 1.4, HDMI 2.0 with HDCP 2.2, USB, and more, it can be connected to gaming consoles, PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.


  • High 3500 lumens brightness
  • Projection screen size up to 300″
  • SuperEco Mode to save power
  • 1.2x optical zoom
  • Dual HDMI cable input ports
  • Remote control included


  • Average 12000:1 contrast ratio
  • Get noisy after minimal use

6. BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector

This 4K UHD projector works perfectly in bright rooms. It creates stellar color and a bright image due to 92% Rec. 709 and HDR10 compatibility.

Enjoy watching sports in a well-lit living room or backyard. It is equipped with sufficient brightness to display clear and vivid pictures in a daylight setting.

It is hard to beat the quality and the services provided by this projector.

4K Projection – The awe-inspiring 4K UHD projection technology displays images with stunning clarity and well-defined details. 8.3 million distinct pixels project a sharp and crispy image.

Brightness – 3000 lumens of brightness combined with 92% Rec. 709 color gamut and 10,000:1 contrast ratio, provide visible images even in the brightest rooms.

DLP – DLP technology provides a more pixelated and clear picture than other technologies. It is responsible for image optimization and better quality.

Picture and Sound Modes – These modes enhance the audiovisual experience and create a smoother and brighter picture with powerful sound.


  • 4k-optimized lens Array
  • Deep resonant bass
  • Better onboard audio
  • 0.47” DMD technology
  • Low-dispersion lens coating
  • Auto Keystone correction


  • 3D projection available from 1080p sources
  • The black frame surrounding the image

7. Optoma UHD51A 4K UHD Smart Home Theater Projector

This ultra-bright projector works with Alexa and Google Voice assistant for a hassle-free smart home experience.

Not many projector models have this feature and that’s what makes it special.

Optoma UHD51A is made with cutting-edge projector technology like yaber projectors, and it is hard to beat this one in terms of quality and features.

The projector works well in moderately-lit spaces but not in the brightest rooms.

4K Ultra UHD – The projector supports 4K UHD (3840×2160) resolution with 8.3 million distinct pixels allowed by the Texas Instruments 4K UHD DLP chipset.

HDR Compatible – With High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility and DCI-P3 wide color gamut, the projected image has a life-like color and contrast.

You will see brighter whites, deeper black levels, and vibrant colors with this feature.

Contrast Ratio – It has the highest 500,000:1 contrast ratio that only a few projectors have.

High contrast ratio along with Dynamic Black technology adds more depth to the image-making bright scenes appear clearer and displaying dark scenes with incredible detail.

Voice Control – With the integration of smart home devices such as Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, a user can power on and off the projector, change video inputs, and adjust the volume, all via voice commands.


  • Blu-ray 3D compatibility
  • Easy 4K HDR video file playback
  • 2400 lumens of brightness
  • 1.21 – 1.59 throw ratio
  • Support screen sizes up to 300″
  • Compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant
  • REC. 2020 colors
  • Ultra-Detail Technology


  • 68 ms high input lag

8. Optoma UHD38 Bright, True 4K UHD Gaming Projector

This projector is optimized for gaming and you can use it for daytime viewing as well. It has high brightness with 4K UHD resolution for incredible details and clarity.

The projector offers vivid colors and excellent input response for unmatched 4K HDR cinematic. It can be used for home entertainment or gaming any time of the day.

Resolution – Experience a high-quality cinematic feel with 4K Ultra HD and 8.3 million on-screen pixels.

It projects a rich, clear image multiple times higher than the 1080P projector.

HDR10 And HLG – The HDR10 and HLG content support provide vivid 4K UHD content.

The HDR tone mapping combined with Dynamic Black technology optimizes images with brighter whites, deeper black levels, and color depth.

Brightness – The projector has 4,000 lumens of brightness to project a clear picture in the home theater room, family room, gaming room, or outdoor in a variety of lighting.

Gaming – The projector is compatible with the latest Microsoft Xbox Series X|S and Sony Playstation 5.

With the activation of Enhanced Gaming Mode, it has an unparalleled 4.2ms response time at 1080p and 16ms at 4K UHD.


  • UHD38’s 8-segment color wheel
  • 15,000 hours of lamp life
  • Compatible with latest gaming consoles, media players, and other HDMI devices
  • Highest 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio
  • Ultra-fast 240 Hz refresh rate
  • ± 40° Vertical Keystone Correction
  • 1.1x zoom option
  • UltraDetail technology for image sharpness


  • No horizontal keystone correction
  • Few screen adjustment options

How to Pick Right Ambient Light Projector?

When shopping for a bright room projector, brightness is king. You can not expect a high-end performance without high lumen ratings. The specifications are different for low-light and ambient light projectors. The following features are the most important to consider when buying the best projector for bright rooms.

Lamp Brightness

This feature can not be overlooked for daytime viewing, check before buying how bright the lamp is.

If the lamp has a low brightness rating, the picture displayed will wash out in the ambient lighting. The recommended light output is over 2500 and 3000 ANSI lumens.

Long Throw Vs Short Throw

Short Throw requires a few inches between the projector and screen whereas Long Throw projectors need to be positioned several feet away for projection.

Short Throw projectors are better for bright rooms because of the minimal space between the light source and screen.

Long Throw only works well when they have high lumens brightness.


Picture quality is determined by pixel resolution, color accuracy, and contrast ratio.

If 4K is not an affordable projector for you, invest in a 720p or 1080p projector for better projection.

Color accuracy and high contrast ratio are important for projecting in bright rooms.

Even if the device has a high amount of light output, it will not work if the contrast and color accuracy are not so efficient.


The newest projector models facilitate flexible installation with different options like zoom function and keystone correction.

The right viewing angle and distance get you the right picture in a bright room.

The horizontal keystone, vertical angle, and brightness adjustment will give you a personalized experience without any difficulty.


As we wrap up the guide for best projectors for ambient light, it is important for you to know that these options can cope well with the ambient light and the direct sunlight without washing out the picture. The projectors listed above have the best price to performance ratio, so, select any within the budget limit.

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