The 8 Best Yaber Projector in 2022

Looking for the best YABER Projectors?YABER is one of the promising brands with an extensive range of features, versatile functions, and assured customer service.

YABER projectors are made with an advanced manufacturing process and high-quality imported materials.

This reputable brand is famous for producing budget-friendly projectors for personal and commercial use.

From resolution to projection size, the brand focuses on every aspect individually and properly.

Yaber is one of the leading companies offering quality projectors at competitive and reasonable prices.

If you want to buy a YABER projector, some of the best options are given below along with detailed reviews to give you a fair idea before buying one.

Best Yaber Projector Reviews

This guide will be helpful if it is your first experience with the projectors.

1. YABER Y30 Native 1080P Projector

It would not be wrong to call it one of the best creations of YABER. The 1080p projector is made with a delicate manufacturing process, a German LED light source and high-quality materials.

It is rated 4.4 out of 5 stars and has over 4000 reviews on Amazon. The outstanding color accuracy and picture quality make it ideal for homes and businesses.

Resolution – The native 1080p resolution provides an HD quality image four times higher than the 720p.

The high dynamic contrast ratio 10000:1 provides a sharp and detailed image without downscaling.

Color Matching Algorithm – It adopts the color matching algorithm with wide color gamuts to ensure the production of authentic color on the projection screen.

Careful light source selection and color wheel design have a positive impact on color representation.

Keystone Correction – ±50° Horizontal and Vertical Keystone Correction allows you to adjust the angle using a remote control without having to readjust the projector position.

Zoom Function – No need to adjust projector distance to shrink the image size as the X/Y Zoom function reduces the length and width by up to 50%.


  • 8500 lumens high brightness
  • Semi-hidden lens design with a zoom ring to prevent scratches
  • Dual Stereo 3W speakers with SRS sound system
  • Optical coating technology for maximum light technology
  • Smart temperature control technology to prevent overheating
  • 3-year repair warranty and lifetime technical support
  • Supports projection size from 45″ to 300″
  • Wide connectivity


  • The poor focus ring design
  • The picture can not be seen clearly in a partially lit room.

2. YABER 5G WiFi Bluetooth Projector

Set yourself free from the hassle of cords, adapters, and dongles, enjoy the wireless freedom with the YABER WiFi and Bluetooth projector.

It is reasonably priced without compromising quality and functionality.

The projector is lightweight, portable, and travel-friendly offering great value for money. Have an immersive experience with excellent image viewing in Full HD display.

Resolution – The native resolution 19201080p provides a 4 times higher definition than the 1280800.

The projector chip has tens of thousands of reflective lenses to get astounding image quality.

Contrast Ratio – The image is conspicuous and clearer, the colors are bright and vivid with a high 10000:1 contrast ratio.

The high contrast ratio provides detail, depth, and dimensions to the picture.

Business Presentations – Play presentations using a USB stick and view them on the big screen as it supports Microsoft Office and Adobe PDF files.

Connect it to a laptop or PC to project excel, word, and PDF.

Keystone Correction – It features the upgraded 4-Point Keystone Correction to align vertical and horizontal directions to adjust four corners of the picture separately.


  • 9500L brightness
  • 16:9/4:3 aspect ratio
  • WiFi connection for both iOS and Android system
  • Zoom function to shrink 100% to 50% of the image size
  • 100000 lamp hours
  • 6W dual HiFi Stereo speakers
  • Wide compatibility


  • Long-throw distance
  • Problems with wireless streaming

3. YABER Y61 WiFi Mini Projector

Get its services for business meetings and classrooms for a small reason. Despite being a mini projector, it has all the necessary features for it to be used personally or commercially.

Thankfully, because of the WiFi connectivity, there is no need to carry a laptop and other devices, just connect it with the smartphone and you are ready to go.

It is portable and easier to transport to several locations for different work tasks or entertainment purposes.

Resolution – The native resolution is 1280x720P, however, it also supports 1920x1080P.

The integrated innovative Portrait LCD Display Tech provides image clarity and color accuracy for a better viewing experience.

Sound – The built-in 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system provides better audio quality without needing to plug external speakers.

Lamp Life – The projector adopts the latest SmartEco technology to minimize power consumption and extend the service life of the lamp to 100000 hours.

Zoom Function – Without adjusting the projector position, the image size can be reduced to 25%. The picture can be shrunk from 100% to 75%.


  • ±15° Keystone correction
  • 4:3/16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • 6000L brightness
  • Projection size is between 45″-200″
  • 3 fans run simultaneously for optimum cooling
  • Widely compatible including HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, and Audio


  • Issues with focusing

4. YABER V3 Mini Bluetooth Projector

It may not be the most popular Yaber projector but it has all the potential to make your movie night or office presentation memorable.

It delivers a bright image with fantastic clarity, sharp details, and outstanding color accuracy.

The connection can be wired and wireless whereas a Bluetooth connection can be established for audio.

Many homeowners prefer it for home entertainment and an excellent movie-watching experience with friends and family.

Resolution – With 1280*720p native resolution, the image projected onto the screen is sharp, detailed, in-depth, clear, and crisp.

High resolution and brightness make sure you get better visibility.

Bluetooth Connection – For louder and better sound quality, connect an audio device through the Bluetooth connection.

Bluetooth speakers, earphones, air pods, and earbuds can be connected to the projector wirelessly.

Compatibility – The projector features multiple interfaces for versatile connectivity. It can be connected with iPad, iPhone, laptop, PC, Speaker, DVD, PS4, and USB disk.

Heat Dissipation – The advanced cooling system features three fans for heat dissipation to extend the useful life of the projector and prevent the damage done due to overheating.


  • German LED light source
  • High-quality metal lens
  • Symmetrical stereo HiFi speaker
  • Wired and wireless connection
  • 6000L brightness
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • Up to 200″ projection size


  • Controls on the remote are somewhat complicated
  • Loud and dim

5. YABER Native 1080P Movie Projector

It is equipped with better functions and features to meet your needs and fit multiple situations.

Be it for home entertainment or office presentations, the projector would not disappoint and excel in different tasks.

Thanks to the unique design, it is hangable for convenient use. It has amazing picture quality and you will have supreme enjoyment of watching videos.

Resolution – Powered by the latest technology, the projector supports 1920x1080P resolution. The high resolution, brightness, and contrast deliver a perfect image.

X/Y Zoom – Without changing the projection distance, reduce the size of the projected image by using the X/Y Zoom feature.

6-Layer Lense – The high-refraction 6 layers glass lens provides sharp images and accurate colors. The High-precision grinding lens guarantees stability and limpidness.

Screen – Depending on the projection distance, it supports screen size between 5.6-30.2 ft. 10.5 ft is the recommended distance to get better image quality.


  • 7000:1 contrast ratio
  • 6500 lumens of brightness
  • 5W dual stereo speakers
  • Smart Economy lamp technology saves up to 70% of energy
  • 70000 lamp hours
  • Input options include 2HDMI ports, 2USB ports, VGA port, Video port, Audio-in/out port


  • Noisy fan
  • Only vertical Keystone correction

6. YABER V2 WiFi Mini 7500L Projector

Another projector that deserves your attention is YABER V2 Mini Projector. It is portable, lightweight, and uses wireless mirroring to connect to different devices.

With a WiFi connection for iOS and Android systems, you can play any content from your smartphone without plugging it with a computer or laptop.

It is a small yet powerful projector that has many praise-worthy features.

Resolution – With native 1280x720P, the projector also supports 1920x1080P. The higher the resolution, the more detailed images will appear on the screen.

Wireless Connection – Without the hassle of cords and adapters, it allows WiFi connectivity with iOS and Android systems.

The projector can mirror movies, videos, photos, games from smartphones or other miscast-enabled devices.

Sound – The in-built 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system makes sure the sound is loud and clear without needing any external speakers.

Cooling System – The cooling system is equipped with three fans that dissipate heat quickly and extend the useful life further.


  • 7500 lumens brightness
  • 6000:1 contrast ratio
  • 4:3/16:9 aspect ratio
  • 45-300″ projection size
  • ±15° Keystone Correction
  • 100000 hours lamp life
  • Includes SCT Projector screen
  • Weighs 2.2lb only


  • Not so sensitive remote
  • Does not support most streaming apps

7. YABER YB2 Portable Projector

The next option is one of the most affordable projectors available for about $90. It is compact and portable thanks to the appropriate size and weight.

It can be connected to the smartphone, Fire Stick, TV, PS4, for viewing your favorite content.

Besides all, its claim to fame is its audio quality. The projector is mostly used for home entertainment.

Resolution – With 1280x720p native resolution, it also supports the highest resolution 1920x1080P to project an 80% brighter picture and 2x fine image than 480p projectors.

Sound – The sound quality is better than many high-end projectors as it features a 4Ω/5W high-power integrated sound chamber with the bass diaphragm to experience better sound without additional speakers.

Energy Saving – YB2 projector is manufactured with an LED light source and LCD technology imported from Germany which reduces the power consumption by 70%.

Screen – With the 4.6-16.4 feet projection distance, it can display on a screen size between 50″ to 200”. 4.6 ft being the shortest distance whereas the recommended viewing distance is 6.46ft with 70″.


  • Lamp life 60,000 HRS
  • Advanced cooling system
  • ± 15° trapezoidal correction
  • 4000:1 contrast ratio
  • 6000 Lux brightness
  • Features VGA, 2HDMI, 2USB, AV, Audio out ports
  • Several installation methods


  • Not bright enough
  • The colors are not accurate

8. YABER Y21 Native 1920 x 1080P Projector

If you are looking for the best outdoor projector, this YABER projector will suffice.

Equipped with the latest technology, the projector has good image quality, sound, and brightness.

It is available at a reasonable price as compared to other models having similar features.

It has upgraded options with high contrast, brightness, 4D Keystone correction, and many others.

Resolution – The projector has a higher native resolution of 1920×1080 for displaying a clear image.

It provides a 17 million wide colors gamut with super color technology and exclusive color reproduction feature.

Keystone Correction – It is equipped with the upgraded ± 50° 4D Keystone correction technology to make sure that the image is the standard rectangle.

Adjust the image with this feature using the remote control.

Screen – It can support a giant screen size of 350″. Depending on the distance, the size varies between 45″ to 350″.

Compatibility – It can be conveniently connected with a laptop, Blu-ray Disc player, gaming console, and HDR using HDMI, USB, VGA, AV, 3.5mm. Dual HDMI, and USB ports.


  • Equipped with 3W dual stereo speakers with an SRS sound system
  • Lifetime professional technical support
  • 100000 Hours LED Lamp life
  • Superior quality 6-layer glass lens and optical coating technology
  • Excellent dual-sided cooling system
  • X/Y Zoom feature (-50%)
  • 9000L brightness
  • 8000:1 contrast ratio


  • Basic software

Why You Should Choose YABER Projectors?

It is undoubtedly one of the leading projectors manufacturing brands with thousands of positive reviews.

There are only a handful of brands that people trust in regards to projectors, luckily, YABER is one of them. If you are still confused, here’s why you should choose YABER projectors.


The reliability and reputation of a brand is the primary thing that a buyer considers when buying a product.

Reputable brands offer reliability and user safety, that’s why most buyers are inclined to buy products from YABER.

Check trending products and customer reviews to get insights about the brand and select the appropriate projector for the job.


YABER charges reasonable prices for its projectors. Price influences the purchase decision greatly and it should match with the features of the product.

These gadgets have varied price ranges, so, weigh in all the factors to make sure you are not getting an overpriced projector.


YABER projectors have versatile connectivity and compatibility with different ports and wireless connections.

Along with others, most YABER models have VGA and HDMI ports. Some projectors offer you to connect smartphones and laptops with a wireless connection.


Sound quality is always a problem with most projectors, however, YABER projectors have appropriate built-in speakers with an SRS system to produce decent audio.


Many YABER projectors support 1080p and 720p projectors. Along with the high resolution, these projectors have a high dynamic contrast ratio and color accuracy. These projectors adopt many technologies to represent vibrant colors on the screen.

Other Features

YABER projectors are known for carrying many advanced features like zoom function, super color technology, keystone correction, and energy-saving mode.

They are made with a German LED light source and a high-refraction glass lens for better light penetration.


It gets confusing to shortlist the right projector, so, go through these options one by one and compare attributes with your personal preferences and necessities. YABER projectors are a reasonable choice for most of today’s needs, such as presentations, work, and the office.

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