How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling?

Though we try not to drill unnecessary holes in the wall, still whenever we have to mount or secure something to the wall, drilling is required.

The projector screen is one of the few necessities that works best when mounted on a wall.

Therefore, you would need to drill if you are planning to install the projector screen permanently.

However, if the need is not permanent, there are a million ways to avoid drilling.

Fortunately, there are several ways to mount a projector screen without drilling. Here’s how you can mount a projector screen without drilling a few common ways;

The projector screen can be mounted without drilling with the help of the following forgiving inventions;

How to Mount a Projector Screen without Drilling?

  • Projector screen stands
  • Hanging strips
  • Brick clamps
  • Cork wall
  • Floor standing(legs or easel)

Projector screen stand

The safest way to mount a projector screen is by using a ready-made projector stand.

These stands are specifically made to mount a projector screen without drilling. Therefore, no other mounting idea can be more convincing than this one.

Mount a Projector Screen Using a Projector Stand

Well, projectors screen stands are available in a variety of styles. However, almost all projector screen stands do not need drilling or any technical know-how.

Since all projector screen stands require you to mount a project differently, therefore read the user manual and install the projector accordingly.

Hanging strips

Hanging strips is one forgiving and the cheapest invention that can be used to hang or mount several things to the wall.

Though the hanging strips work best in hanging pictures, paintings, and mirrors on the wall, they can be an economical temporary solution for the projector screens as well.

Mount the Projector Screen Using a Hanging Strip

To hang the projector screen using hanging strips, you need to find an area that is not treated with any household cleaner.

Clean the area with rubbing alcohol, unpack and separate the strips, attach one to the wall, press for about 30 seconds, wait for an hour, and mount.

Brick clamps

Brick clamps work best for walls with exposed brick. Therefore if the projector screen is required to be mounted to a brick exposed wall, this might be the only option.

The brick clamp is just as economical, fast, and effective a way of mounting a projector screen as any other way.

Mount the Projector Screen Using Brick Clamps

To mount the projector using brick clamps, you are supposed to measure the depth of mortar and brick clamps that can go well with the plan.

Carefully hang the brick clamps by following the manual that comes with them. Not all brick clamps are the same, therefore, a specific procedure can not be suggested.

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Cork Wall

Cork Wall is a little more expensive than most ideas listed here. However, it is rewarding in all senses.

The Cork wall would not only give your projector screen a safe and secure place to rest but add warmth and style to the living room as well.

Mount a Projector Screen on a Cork Wall

To be able to mount a projector screen this way, you first have to install the cork wall using adhesive liquid.

Take your projector’s measurements, mark points on the cork accordingly, install the screws and nails, and mount your projector screen carefully.

Floor standing(legs or easel)

If you do not have any technical knowledge or the equipment to hang the projector screen, you have to invest in a floor-standing; it can be legs or an easel both options are fine.

The only issue with using this method is that it requires a little more space than any other above-mentioned idea. However, on the other hand, floor-standing is safe and convenient to move, this one is best for DIY projectors.

Mount a Projector Screen Using Floor Standing

If you are considering legs, you simply have to adjust the bolt to mount the projector screen to a place.

If you plan to go for an easel(which is equally good), you will be required to adjust the frame to give the projector screen a safe place to reside.


In brief, there a million ways to mount a projector screen without drilling. Most projector users prefer using projector screen stands, hanging strips, brick clamps, cork walls, or floor standing (legs or easel) to avoid drilling holes in the wall.

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