4 Best Projector Shelf Design Ideas

So after saving for months you have finally managed to get a projector? Congratulations! To enjoy your favorite movies or play games on the big screen, you just have to take one more step. That’s the projector mounting or installation.

To mount the projector to perfection, you would be required to get a wall mount. Hundreds of wall mounts are available online, however, you have to pick the best one. Since this might be hard for you to pick one from such an overwhelming number of options, I have shortlisted a few worthy options;

Best Projector Shelf Design Ideas

  • Heat-dissipating: 2-Be-Best Heat Dissipating Mini Projector Wall Mount
  • Versatile: Wali Floating Strengthened Entertainment Center Shelf
  • No-drill design: Drsn Small Floating No Drill Projector Mount
  • Durable: Vimqual Wall Mounted Metal Projector Shelf

1. 2-Be-Best Heat Dissipating Mini Projector Wall Mount

Visit the 2-Be-Best is an Amazon seller that deals in projectors, monitors, camera mounts, and other similar accessories.

All of the Visit the 2-Be-Best mounts are economical, durable, and affordable. That’s the major reason why the seller gets hundreds of orders every day and has managed to receive a lot of positive reviews.

Heat dissipating

The most promising thing about this projector deal is that it is made to dissipate heat.

The mount has got a few panels for the air to pass and prevent the overheating issue.

The projector remains cool, giving you more time to watch your favorite movies or play games.


Though, this Wall mount is designed and engineered to serve the projector. However, it is versatile enough to be used for other devices such as Wireless Bluetooth Speakers, Smart Speakers, Game Consoles, TV boxes, Routers, Artwork, and DVDs.

Easy to mount

To mount this projector all you have to do is drill the screws into the wall. It does not require any technical knowledge or skill. Moreover, the projector mount comes with all necessities; screws, screw fillings, cable ties, etc.

A user manual is also included in the list. Just so if you have any difficulty installing the mount you can read the guide and install it perfectly.


  • Specifically made for projectors
  • Versatile enough to be used for other devices as well
  • Affordable, durable, and heat-dissipating

2. Wali Floating Strengthened Entertainment Center Shelf

Wali is a reliable name when it comes to floating shelves. This manufacturer mostly has an entertainment shelf that can be hired not just for projectors but other devices as well.


Since the shelf is designed to give shelter to the projector, DVD player, Blu-Ray player, Satellite/Cable Boxes, Games Consoles, Hi-Fi and Surround Speakers, etc, it is designed and crafted to allow the user to adjust it according to the requirements.

Cable management

This floating shelf is crafted to remove the hassle. With the efficient cable managing back structure, the whole projector mounting and the cable organization issue would be resolved.

Two shelves

These entertainment shelves further have two shelves. One can be used to place the projector and the other can have the remote control or other essentials.


  • Floating
  • Comes from a reliable manufacturer
  • Have more room to carry things
  • Manufactured from superior-grade aluminum and steel


  • Not a specific projector shelf

3. Drsn Small Floating No Drill Projector Mount

While searching for the projector mount for my loyal readers, this Drsn projector mount caught my attention. Want to know what makes it worthy enough to be considered?

Prevent overheating

As you can see the mount is designed for the projectors, it is made to give you relief from the overheating issue. The mount has got panels that allow the air to pass and cool down the projector.


The manufacturer has designed and introduced the mount as a floating projector mount. However, I find it equally suitable to give rest to the DVD player, DV camera, and router, etc as well.

No drill design

The best part of this projector mount deal is that it does not require you to drill. The package includes accessories for three types of installation, you can pick the installation method of your choice and install without any professional aid.


  • Foldable
  • Can be installed in three ways
  • Convenient
  • Manufactured from heavy-duty alloy steel
  • Can be used to store projectors and other devices as well
  • Heat dissipating


  • Least-known brand

4. Vimqual Wall Mounted Metal Projector Shelf

This Vimqual wall mount also happened to be quite worthy of consideration. Durability, suitability, and fair price made me introduce it as the best projector shelf idea to you.

Can be drilled or mounted without drilling

The Vimqual is a forgiving projector mount that can be mounted with or without drilling. If your walls are made of marble, wood, bumpy tiles, smooth metal, or frosted glass, they can be mounted without drilling. However, for cement and plaster walls, drilling is the only option.


The Vimqual projector is manufactured from superior-grade aluminum. The aluminum construction makes the mount breathtakingly oxidation and corrosion resistant.

Frame support

The floating shelf comes with frame support. Therefore, it gives the projector a safe and secure play to rest. Moreover, the edges of this aluminum mount are round, therefore it is child and adult-friendly.


  • Can be used for projector, routers, modem, DVD Player, projector, set-top boxes, cable box, remote control, Smart Speaker
  • Can be installed without drilling on certain walls
  • Convenient, durable, and affordable
  • Does not hurt the body
  • Comes with a frame support


In the end, I would like to mention here that whenever you have to get a projector mount make sure it is easy to install and has enough room to store your projector. If you do not want to face any issues, try finding a mount that is specifically designed for a projector.

Some multipurpose mounts can also be considered. If you do so as well you have to make sure the mount is projector-friendly. Otherwise, you will end up disappointed.

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