Epson 4050 Vs Epson 6050 in 2022

For little home theatre, a lot of brands have been manufacturing and offering the projectors at economical rates.

Epson is one of them. Almost all Epson projectors deliver uncompromising image quality, brilliant video, and professional-grade reliability. Therefore, they are often considered for little home theatre and some unprofessional purposes.

Since Epson is one reliable brand, we often find ourselves comparing the popular options.

The Epson projectors that get compared a lot are, and 4050, 6050 and 4010, 5050.

So, I decided to compare these options for you. In this brief post, I would like to compare Epson 4050 and 6050 just so you can conclude what’s the better option?

Epson 4050

The Epson projector that we recklessly call Epson 4050 has been introduced as ” Pro Cinema 4050 4K Pro-UHD Projector”.

Epson launched this projector back in September 2018. It has been claimed to offer an immersive 4K viewing experience with extensive colors, high brightness, and incredible details.

Epson 6050

Epson 6050 is brought to us as “Epson Pro Cinema 6050UB 4K PRO-UHD Projector”. The Epson 6050 is believed to be a worthwhile home theatre projector investment.

The said projector ruled our hearts for a long time. It is now discontinued by the manufacturer.

The Epson 6050 can not be bought in new condition, however, a second-hand Epson 6050 projector is still ready to serve.

Like most Epson projectors, the Epson 6050 is fairly bright, supports full 3D HD support, and has high contrast ratio.

Epson 4050 Vs. Epson 6050

The two projectors that are just about to be compared are from the same manufacturer.

The technology used, brightness, contrast ratio, zoom lens ratio, lamp life, etc would not be the same.

However, what’s common in these projectors is that both of them deliver exceptional performance.

Now let’s compare and conclude whether Epson 4050 or Epson 6050 is a superior choice.


Epson won an award for the best printers and projector designs in 2021. Almost all Epson printers and projectors have sleek and stylish designs.

The two projectors Epson 4050 and 6050 do not have mediocre designs as well. However, they appear more or less the same.

If we do not look keenly, it would be hard to judge whether it’s Epson 4050 or 6050.


The brightness of the projector determines how well it would light up the screen.

The Epson 4050 features 2400 lumens whereas, the Epson 6050 has 2600 lumens. As we all know, the high the number of lumens the brighter the picture would be. So, Epson 6050 is brighter than Epson 4050.

Epson 4050 and Epson 6050 are both designed and manufactured to light up the home theatre screen.

For a little home theatre, a 2000 lumens projector is enough to serve the job well. Therefore, even the least bright projector(Epson 4050) from the options is bright enough to work in a not-so-light controlled room.

Contrast Ratio

Brightness alone is not enough to tell how the picture quality would be. The contrast ratio also contributes to project a better image.

The Epson 6050 takes a lead when it comes to contrast ratio, it offers a dynamic contrast ratio up to 1200,000:1 whereas, the other option happens to have a contrast ratio of 200,000:1.

Therefore upon judging the two options by their contrast ratio, it is clear that the Epson 6050 offers a better picture.

Aspect Ratio

The Epson 4050 and 6050 can be judged by the aspect ratio as well. As per the manufacturer, Epson 650 is compatible with 4:3 with Normal, Full or Zoom Modes.

Whereas, the other option supports 16:9 widescreen (4:3 resize, 16:10 resize) and; Compatible with 4:3 with Normal, Full or Zoom Modes.

Lamp Life

The lamp life matters a lot as well. Mostly the average home theatre projectors have a lamp life of 2000 hours.

Only the professional and expensive options happen to have a lamp life up to 30,000 hours. Since both 4050 and 6050 are home theatre projectors, you can not expect them to have an impressive lamp life.

As per the manufacturer, the Epson 4050 and Epson 6050 offer ease of use for up to 3500 hours in high mode, 4000 hours in medium mode, and 5000 hours in eco mode. So, none of the projectors takes a lead as both have the same lamp life.


Fortunately, the Epson 4050 and 6050 both come with 3 years warranty. If anything happens during the said duration, the company would either repair or replace the projector for free.


The Epson 4050 and Epson 6050 are the two projectors of the Epson’s Home theatre projector series.

Both of the projectors are designed and manufactured to serve as home theatre projectors. Therefore, they can only work well for the same purpose.

Other than that, you can use these projectors for unprofessional purposes in a small to medium-sized 100% light-controlled room.


The more lumens and high contrast ratio do not only mean a better picture but a higher price as well.

Since the Epson 6050 has better lumens and a higher contrast ratio, it can not be the cheaper option.

The street price of this versatile Epson projector is $3,999 whereas the Epson 4050’s street price is $ 2,399.

So, Epson 4050 or 6050?

Epson 4050 and Epson 6050 are both worthy of your consideration. Epson 4050 if have to use the projector in a small light-controlled room and are looking for a budget-friendly option.

Epson 6050 if you expect your projector to have better lumens and have no issues with paying $3,999.


In brief, Epson 6050 is a better option. However, if your needs are small and finding an economical option is your concern, the Epson 4050 is an ideal option.

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