The Epson 4010 Review in 2022

If you have an affinity for home theater then this 4K-compliant Epson 4010 projector is the right fit for you.

It gives a high level of projection performance on par with quality cinema projectors.

Epson’s near-perfect resolution, contrast, and color accuracy make it a strong contender for home theater.

It is hard to beat the cinematic prowess of this projector with all the functions and modern technologies.

If you are thinking of investing in this projector and want to do a little bit of research, you have landed at the right place.

Epson 4010 Review

Comparing it with its predecessor Epson Home Cinema 4000, it is a step-up model with many key improvements. 4010 marches forward with high brightness and dynamic contrast.

Some of the useful functions of Epson 4000 are carried over including 1080p 3D Blu-rays support, dynamic iris, 2.1x zoom, lens shift, and more.

Here are some of the benefits and drawbacks of using Epson 4010.

Features of Epson 4010

Picture Quality

It does not have a native 4K resolution, however, comes close enough with its dependence on pixel-shifting technology.

Epson 4010 has 1920 x 1080p imaging chips with improved 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shifting to support input signals up to 4096 x 2160.

4K Enhancement Technology using advanced pixel-shifting achieves super-resolution by producing more distinct pixels even if the projector has a Full HD chipset.

It is not pixel-perfect 4K resolution but delivers incredibly clear, detailed, and true-to-life images.


This projector boasts 2400 lumens for both color and white brightness. This lumen rating is sufficient to perform well in dark and dimly-lit spaces.

Its 3-chip display technology mitigates rainbowing or color brightness issues, offering exceptional HDR performance.

In different modes, lumen rating varies depending on the power setting.

  • Dynamic Mode – The brightness was measured at 2621 lumens, 10% greater than the rated lumens due to the high default lamp power mode. For Medium and Eco settings, the ratings were 2088 and 1703 respectively.
  • Bright Cinema – The brightness for high, medium, and ECO power settings is measured at 1704, 1356, and 1108 respectively.
  • Natural – In this mode, it offers a light output of 1787, 1422, and 1162 for High, Medium, and ECO settings.

Dynamic Contrast

With a high dynamic contrast ratio of 200000:1, it keeps the viewer hooked by projecting graphically-detailed images with no apparent deficiencies.

Besides, auto-iris boosts contrast and optimizes dark scenes by improving black levels.

Color Accuracy

It has impressive color performance with 3LCD chip technology and displays full DCI-P3 color space to project images as envisioned by the filmmaker.

Furthermore, full 10-bit HDR3 color processing reproduces HDR content exceptionally and projects accurate colors for each frame.

  • Glass Lens – 15-element glass lens transfers the focal point to the inside of the lens structure for edge-to-edge sharpness, overall brightness, and zero light leakage.


Design-wise, it is professional-looking and rather bland. Manufacturers have not tried to impress anyone with their design.

The projector housing is highlighted by front-facing heat vents and a sliding door lens cover that automatically unfurls into two parts when the projector is turned on.

Motorized Lens

If the projector is placed at an odd angle, it allows easy image adjustment even after installation. 3-Axis motorized lens that shifts the lens up to 47% on the horizontal axis and 96% on the vertical axis.

Digital Image Processing

Realtime 12-bit analog-to-digital video processing offers excellent visual performance with smooth tonal transitions and faithfully reproduces content as intended.


It has multiple ports to facilitate connection with different devices including 1x HDMI (HDCP 2.2), 1x HDMI (HDCP 1.4), USB Type A, RS-232c, and USB for wireless and firmware.

Lamp Life

The 250w UHE lamp runs for 3,500 hours in High power, 4,000 hours in Mid, and 5,000 hrs in ECO settings. It cost approximately $300 to replace this lamp.

Remote Control

With no voice control, it is left to the projector remote to tweak and operate. This full-fledged remote features more than two dozen options to control volume, adjust focus, zoom, shift the lens, and do so much more.


It has a high input lag of 28.4ms which makes it inefficient for players playing high-end games.

Frame Interpolation Mode

Frame interpolation mode makes the motion sequence appear smooth, the more frames it inserts the more fizzing and flashing it gets. Moreover, it only accepts frame interpolation enhancement for 1080p/24 signals.


It weighs more or less 25 pounds, making it difficult to move and install. The massive size and heaviness make it problematic for temporary installations.

Long Throw – This projector is not fit for smaller rooms as it needs to be kept at a 10 ft distance for projecting a 100″ image.

What We Like

  • 4K PRO-UHD pixel-shifting technology
  • Digital Image Processing and HDR
  • 3LCD technology for extreme color gamut with no rainbow artifacts
  • ± 96% horizontal and ± 47% vertical lens shift
  • 2.1x zoom
  • 3D capable
  • Backed by 2-year limited warranty

What We Didn’t Like

  • Lacks wireless control
  • Not ‘true’ 4K projector
  • Audible fan noise in High Power setting
  • Short lamp life

Should You Buy Epson Home Cinema 4010?

There is so much to love about this projector like show-stopping resolution, pixel-shifting, overall color and light brightness, 3LCD design, and high contrast ratio for projecting clear, contrast-y and colossal 4K Ultra HD images.

It does not project content in native 4K but creates a ‘4K enhancement’ look with a pixel-shifting technique. If almost-4K or faux 4K is not the right fit for you then look elsewhere to get a true 4K projector.

The price of a native 4K projector starts as low as $5000, luckily, this projection unit achieves somewhat similar results at just under $2000.

Additionally, its lack of support for 4K/60 Hz HDR and high 28 ms input lag limits its appeal by making it inadequate for hardcore gamers. It may not be fit for gaming purposes but works well for home theater.

Home cinema enthusiasts can use this 4K-capable projector for the best quality movie viewing experience.

In other words, it is a high-end projector in many ways available at an affordable price. As you know a lot about it by now, decide whether you want to go for it.


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