Can A Pregnant Woman Go To Movie Theaters?

Most people like to watch the latest releases in cinema halls for several reasons, for an immersive experience and watching the story unfold on a larger screen, to name a few.

Going to the movies with friends and loved ones is one of the entertainment habits of many individuals.

However, does pregnancy prevent you from enjoying movies in a movie theater? Is it safe for pregnant women to go to movie theaters?

Since pregnant women are concerned about whether they can watch the new releases in the cinemas or not.

This comprehensive guide will help you have more clarity on the subject matter and provide you with useful tips for a safe entertainment experience.

Can A Pregnant Woman Go To The Movie Theater?

Yes, pregnant women can go to the movie theater as it is safe for them to visit cinemas for a dose of entertainment. If you are concerned about the voices being too loud, rest easy as movie theaters do not pose a threat.

Short exposure of two to three hours to the loud voice does not affect fetal hearing. As long as you get a comfortable aisle seat for frequent bathroom trips, it is okay to go to the cinema.

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Concerns For Pregnant Women Going to the Movie Theatre

A mom-to-be can go to the theater to watch movies, however, it can get uncomfortable for her due to the following reasons.

Crowded Hall

A lot of people like to see blockbusters and the latest releases in cinemas. Movie Theatre is often packed with people.

There is a high chance of collision or respiratory infection in such highly crowded places which can negatively impact the development of the fetus.

Loud Sound

Though pregnant women are not particularly sensitive to sound, exposure to loud sounds can cause discomfort.

Horror or thriller films entice viewers causing a certain kind of physiological effect.

Watching two to three hours of movies with loud noises can make a pregnant woman tired and stressed.


Cinema halls do not have bright lighting, only a single central light source that throws light on the projector screen.

A viewer needs to walk carefully to search his seat. Moreover, watching movies in weak light can have an adverse impact on the eyesight of pregnant women, often leading to headaches.

Unhealthy Food

Concession stands or snack bars at the cinemas are not renowned for healthy food options.

They mainly have soft drinks and fast food which is not okay for a would-be mother to eat. However, you can buy popcorns at the theater.

Depriving pregnant women and fetuses of necessary nutrition is definitely not healthy.

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Tips For Safer Movie-Watching Experience

These useful tips will help you have a safe movie-watching experience for the would-be mother.

Right Cinema Mall – Choose an advanced cinema hall that provides special amenities for pregnant women.

Some cinema halls provide soundproof pillows to put on the belly region to lessen the effect of loud sound.

There are restrooms for pregnant ladies to rest with support staff available to assist.

Healthy Food – Do not buy anything from the snack bar, carry healthy food with you to eat throughout the movie.

Go At The Right Time – Go at a time when the cinema is not very crowded to avoid collisions and ensure a peaceful movie-watching experience.

Select The Right Type of Movie – Opt for a light-hearted comedy or a romantic movie instead of any film from the tragedy or horror genre. Avoid anything that entices negative emotions but brightens your mood.


To sum up, though it does not have any adverse effect on the health of pregnant women to visit theaters occasionally, however, follow precautions while visiting cinema halls to be on the safe side and enjoy movies peacefully.


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