How to Make the Projector Screen Smaller?

Projectors are brought to get clearer and brighter images. If it fails to project better images, what’s the use? Projectors are specifically made to present better images so even the inferior quality projectors hardly project bad images. Yet poor image quality remains the most commonly faced issue.

Have you ever wondered if projectors are rarely at fault for what is causing the issue? Well, it’s 100% true projectors are rarely at fault, they can not be blamed.

The bigger and sometimes way too smaller screen ruin the image quality.

The small screen is not a serious issue but a bigger screen makes everything appear blurred and unreadable.

If the projector’s image quality is being affected, adjusting the size would resolve the issue.

How Can You Make Your Projector’s Screen Smaller?

Reducing the size of your projector’s screen is not a rough and tough job. It would only require a few minutes and you will be done.

Before jumping to the solution, you need to know that the projector’s screen can be fixed two ways;

  • By positioning your projector appropriately
  • By adjusting the Projector’s zoom lens settings

By positioning your projector appropriately

The distance between the screen and the projector determines how a bigger/ smaller and clearer image is going to appear.

If you want your projector to be projecting brighter and readable images, you need to place it at an appropriate place.

The only issue with this method is that resizing a temporarily installed projector is easy but moving a semi-permanent projector would be a nerve-wracking task.

As it is easier to judge if the projector is placed at a far-off place the screen would appear bigger.

It is so because the light is coming from a far-off place. Now when you start moving your projector a little closer, the screen will start shrinking down.

To be honest, you might never get an exact answer to the question of how far the projector should be placed.

So, you have to be willing to find the right spot for your projector.

Move a projector a little closer and see if you are satisfied with the screen size or not? Keep moving closer until you get the desired screen.

Once you have achieved the desired screen, observe closely if the image is still blurry or not? If it is still blurry, you have to modify the projector’s focus to improve the image’s sharpness.

When the image’s sharpness would be adjusted, you can sit back peacefully and enjoy the view.


This method works for mobile projectors and tripod setups only. So if you are using any other projector, try considering the below-mentioned method.

By adjusting the projector’s zoom lens settings

If you are not working with mobile projectors or tripod setups or have your projector semi-permanently installed, there may not be any better option than adjusting the projector’s zoom lens settings.

Almost all recent models allow you to adjust the screen size by altering the zoom lens settings.

Most of these projectors come with a remote and with the help of that remote you can resize the screen(without moving the projector from its place).

  • To resize the recent projector’s screen this way, here is what you have to do;
  • Turn on the projector and wait for it to come to a fully functional state
  • Take the projector’s remote and find the zoom in and zoom out or zoom+ or zoom- buttons
  • Since you to make the screen smaller, you have to press the zoom in or zoom- button until you get the desired result.
  • Once you get the desired result, sit back and enjoy


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