The 7 Best Star Projectors For Adults in 2022

Adults like night skies, stars, and nebula lighting the same way as kids. Well, there is an option to bring the starry galaxy to your room with the star projector. These projectors decorate walls and ceilings with stars and constellations to spark the imagination.

When shopping for the best star projectors, there are plenty of options available in different shapes, sizes, features to suit a wide range of budgets.

Some of the top picks for home planetarium projectors are reviewed below to help you get the right projector.

Best Star Projectors For Adults

1. BlissLights Sky Lite – LED Laser Star Projector

Create a relaxing, starry atmosphere in your with the aurora effect produced by the Sky Lite projector. Without moving an inch, transport yourself to the galaxy of drifting stars and soothing nebula clouds.

Getting the perfect lighting effect is as simple as turning on the Bliss Lights Star Projector.

It is one of the favorite star projectors of many homeowners as this product has over 50000 reviews on Amazon.

Stars and Clouds – It displays a field of moving blue stars over nebula clouds as a background. This attractive lighting effect is patented, so, it is hard to find anywhere else.

Aurora Effect – The mesmerizing night light aura with the soothing aroura effect that changes the environment and ambiance of any room in seconds.

Advanced Technologies – It is equipped with a direct diode Laser, precision glass optics, and holographic technologies to bring an otherworldly light show to life.

Controls – All the simple control buttons are available on the projector. Go through light effects, adjust brightness, or start/stop the rotating motion with these controls.


  • Round and compact design
  • Rotating stars and nebula clouds
  • Easy installation with a 45-degree tilt for wall projection and a 90-degree angle for ceiling projection
  • Adjustable brightness
  • 6 hours timer


  • One-color lighting only
  • No remote control

2. Encalife Atmosphere Star Light Galaxy Projector

There is so much to love about this projector from Encalife. It features 16.7 million nebula colors to choose from and the game-changer is its ability to be controlled with Alexa or Google Assistant.

The compact projector with four angles adjustment allows it to be placed pretty much anywhere.

It produces a soothing night light to help adults and kids relax and get restful sleep.

Stars Filled Galaxy – With 16.7 million nebula colors, you have plenty of galaxies to explore with this portable planetarium. Change the color of the clouds behind the green stars as per the mood.

Sleep Shutdown Timer – Set the timer for the projector to turn on and off automatically within the scheduled time. The mobile app for this projector lets you control and adjust settings from anywhere.

Helps With The Sleep – The soothing atmosphere and light created in the room calm your senses helping you sleep immediately. It is also perfect for kids who have trouble sleeping because of imaginary monsters.

Alexa & Google Assistant Compatible – The galaxy projector easily syncs up for seamless voice commands. Control the projector through voice commands with Google and Alexa for a hands-free experience.


  • Schedule modes and shut down timer
  • 4 positions base for stable positioning 
  • Adjust the brightness for stars and clouds
  • Alexa & Google Assistant-enabled
  • The smart app works well
  • 16.7 million nebula hues


  • No projector remote
  • Projection is condensed to the center area

3. JUZIHAO Galaxy Night Light Star Projector

It is Amazon’s Choice for Star Projector Led Night Light. Have a starry colorful night inside to get better sleep at night.

With multiple lighting modes and a built-in music player, you can party all night by creating the perfect atmosphere.

It can also be a perfect addition to the Christmas decorations filling the areas with stars. It suits any room, be it a bedroom, family party, disco, game room, or home theater.

Stars with Ocean Wave – Decorate your space with fading in and out stars and rotational ocean waves.

A user can choose to project stars and nebula effects together or separately. Choose them to be static, moving, fast or slow, flashing or solid, however, you want.

Auto-Off Timer – It incorporates a 45 and 90 minutes auto-off timer to shut off automatically after the scheduled time.

The timer can be canceled by long-pressing the timer indicator light to keep it working all night.

In-Built Speaker – Besides connecting to Bluetooth, insert TF card or USB flash disk, you can connect it to iPod, MP3, laptop, cellphone through 3.5mm audio cable to play music.

Remote – The remote allows you to adjust different light settings like lighting mode, brightness adjustment, speed control, freely turn on/off the lamp, shutdown timer, play/pause, colors switching, etc.


  • Easy to use remote for galaxy customization
  • 8 colorful light modes
  • 4 adjustable speeds
  • 5 adjustable brightness settings
  • Timer
  • Perfect for party, birthday, or room decor


  • No power button on the projector, works only with remote

4. YSD Night Lighting Lamp

This projector by YSD incorporates bright colors and stars across the room service. It is one of the best night lights by YSD and even Amazon approves.

The stylish projector lets you adjust colors at ease or switch between different ones. It comes with easier controls on the projector itself and the remote control.

Night Light – This night light projector projects high-resolution stars and the moon onto the ceiling with a silent 360-degree rotation design and multiple lighting effects.

It projects colorful stars thanks to the projection mode and colorful night light mode in White, Red, Green, Blue, and up to 8 combined colors.

Timer – The remote control features a 5-995 minutes timer switch and other scheduling options.

Either add 5 more minutes with each press or set the timer for 5 hours, 3 hours, or 1 hour.

Battery – It is powered by a powerful, USB rechargeable 1200 mAh battery which does not drain quickly and has a playing time of 13 to 14 hours after fully charged.

Remote Control – Without leaving your bed, it can be controlled from a distance of up to 32 feet.

The remote has an on/off option, several timer buttons, a change color, l rotating, and a warm light option.


  • Timer auto shut-off settings
  • Comes with remote control and charging cord
  • LED display on the front
  • Colorful stars projection
  • Adds a nice touch to the Christmas decorations


  • Noisy

5. LITENERGY LED Sky Projector Light

This projector offers multiple functions in one by projecting moonlight, stars, clouds, 7 colors, and 9 modes.

The three-in-one function brings the moon, stars, and clouds to be hung on your ceiling or wall. Adjust brightness and lighting effects as per the need.

Multi-Functional – The sky projector projects nebula, stars, and a full moon to the ceiling.

Either project them all together or independently. Select the brightness and different lighting effects of the projection via remote control.

Battery – Powered by a rechargeable 2000mAh battery, this projector works continuously for 3 hours when fully charged. It is portable and fit for outdoor use.

Night Light – It features 7 night light colors and 9 lighting modes. The 7 different night light colors include red, green, blue, yellow, cyan, purple, and other colors combined plus 9 lighting modes.

Easy to Use – Control the projector from anywhere in the room, conveniently change settings and modes. Switch between moon, starry, or nebula with just a click of a button.


  • Safelight does not hurt the eyes, letting you sleep calmly.
  • Adjust color brightness
  • Round base saves a lot of space
  • Includes a USB cord and a remote control
  • Control buttons on the projector
  • Premium ABS material


  • No timer option

6. YUNSOVA Star Projector

The projector offers different colors and patterns to pick. Calm yourself after a hard day at work with colorful lights and relaxing patterns.

Place it anywhere and turn that area into a home planetarium or dream space. Built-in speakers allow you to play soothing music as you sleep.

The star projector with a remote can be a perfect gift for friends and family.

Galaxy – Create a single or mixed galaxy show in your room with colorful, drifting stars.

Customize galaxies with blue, red, green, and white, three speeds, and three concentrations for the waves. Freeze your favorite colors for a colorful atmosphere.

Speakers – The projectors come with an incorporated speaker and a USB slot to play music or simply connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and play your favorite track while gazing at the stars.

Remote Control – The remote lets you adjust brightness, speed of the ocean wave, green star breathing, and timer.

It also includes buttons for red, blue, green, and white lights, Bicolor cycle, cancel timing, Monochromatic cycle, volume, and more.

Timer – Set the timer for 0.5-hour, 1-hour, 1.5-hour, and 2-hour or cancel the Timing Function using the remote.


  • Choose from 10 colors
  • 3 brightness adjustment levels (30%, 60%, or 100%)
  • 3 rotating speed levels
  • Auto turn-off timer
  • Allows Bluetooth transmission


  • Not so impressive syn-to-music feature

7. Merece LED Star Projector

This Merece star projector is a Best Seller in Decorative Outdoor Lighting Projectors. Besides projecting a starry sky, it has several in-built soothing noises to improve the quality of sleep. Besides all, it also features a water wave projection effect and music flash design.

Projector Modes – The projector has 10 colors composed of 4 Quad-Pixel i.e, red, green, white, and blue.

Choose to display single or multiple colors with 3 lighting patterns shown together or separately. Change the light status as per the occasion.

White Noises – It has built-in five white noises such as cricket, running water, ocean wave, thunderstorm, and fan sound. Get into sweet dreams with soothing sounds, breathtaking stars, and glowing nebulae.

Bluetooth Connection – The music flash design changes colors with every beat of the music. Connect speakers with Bluetooth to play songs or lullabies.

Remote – The 22-key remote controller allows you to choose your favorite lights, modes, adjust brightness levels, turn the device on/off, and change rotating speed and volume.


  • Four auto-timer options; 0.5-hour, 1-hour, 1.5-hour, and 2-hour
  • 360° rotational dynamic projection with the shooting stars
  • 10 nebula colors
  • Adjustable volume, brightness, and rotate speed
  • 5 touch keys for easy operations


  • Noisy motor

Things to Consider When Buying Star Projectors

No matter how much knowledge you have about these star projectors, still, you would have a hard time finding the right one as newer models are different from the older ones because of the advanced technology.

You have to get the right device to get the best projection of aurora lights and night skies.

Anyone can easily get confused with hundreds of options available, so, here’s what you should look for when buying one.


Check before buying the number of LEDs a projector has, and how many colors it can project.

The projector may have several lighting effects with a single color. If you want multiple colors star projector, make sure the projector has 3 to 4 LED lights in the projector to throw different colors.

Lighting Modes or Effects

Besides light colors, pay attention to the lighting effects and modes a projector can show.

Most projectors feature 10-15 lighting effects for different occasions. Keeping in mind the purpose, select the projector with the relevant modes.

For instance, to get the party jumping, you will need a projector with a flash effect that changes the light with every rhythm of the music.


One interesting feature that most modern projectors have is the Timer function. Some projectors come with an auto shut-off that automatically turns off the projector after the scheduled time.

These two features come in handy when using the projector during sleep time. Timer and Auto shut-off function preserves the battery as well as extends the lifespan of LED light bulbs.

Power Source

Most star projectors are battery-powered or come with an AC wall adapter for the power supply.

Corded projectors are good to place near the wall where the socket is nearby. If you want to keep the projector in the center of the room, go for battery-powered options.

Light Bulb Type

With star projectors, you have to decide between two light long-age bulb choices, incandescent or LED bulbs.

If you want to save a few bucks, go for the cheaper incandescent bulb, however, durability and longevity are not guaranteed.

LEDs are expensive, brighter, and long-lasting, better suited for rooms with ambient lighting. When using cheaper bulbs, the projector will only be capable of projecting well in a completely dark room.

Some brands claim to have incorporated laser technology or laser light in the star projector which is pricier, coherent, concentrated, and powerful than LEDs.

Though most star projectors do not have laser light, still, you have to be careful, and protect your eyes from any damage.


Most galaxy projectors have small sizes with smaller buttons. Depending on the area where it would be installed or placed, select the size accordingly.

Many star projectors have round, compact, sleek, and space-saving designs, you will get plenty of options and sizes to choose from.

Static Vs Rotating Display

You will encounter many new terms like still and rotating display when searching about night light projectors.

If you want drifting stars and clouds, choose the projector with rotating mode or both. Still display shows a static image in one specific corner of the room.

Remote Control

If you do not want to leave the comfy bed, get the projector with a remote to change the settings from anywhere.

A remote-controlled projector gives you the freedom to adjust settings, brightness, colors, and have access to all the features while sitting at the opposite end of the room.


So, There you have it! You have gotten the list of the best star projector along with the buyer’s guide. Now, list down your personal preferences and buy from the aforementioned projectors and stay cozy beneath the cosmos.

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