LG Projector PF50KA Review in 2024

LG PF50KA has recently been declared the best home theatre projector by Amazon. It must have been declared so for some legitimate reason or maybe reasons. Regular LG users claim that both cheap and expensive LG projectors are bright and the best performers.

Therefore, today’s subject would surely be the brightest and the best performing. However, that’s not enough information to consider this projector suitable for your needs.

We have to figure out what “exactly” makes the LG PF50KA projector the best. Who can be a better guide than someone who has been using the same projector since the release? So, allow me to introduce you to the LG PF50KA’s strengths and weaknesses.

LG Projector PF50KA Review

Here is clean features and a review of the LG Projector PF50KA


Before going into details, we all have a habit of judging things by their appearance. Therefore, the projector must be judged by its appearance first as well.

Just like all LG products, the said projector has a pretty acceptable design.

The white and silver touch gives it a “really” sleek and stylish appearance. If with the amazing specs, you care about the appearance as well, the LG PF50KA is a fine option.

Image quality

As far as the image quality is concerned, the said projector allows you to watch your favorite movies and shows in 1080p high definition, and it’s the best projector for iPad.

Therefore, the image you get would be life-like and the text crystal clear. However, to fetch the results the suggested screen size is 100 inches.

Frankly, having an exceptionally bright projector is more important than a projector with an impressive appearance.

The projectors are often hired to produce an exceptionally clear and bright picture on a bigger screen.

Therefore, if a projector is incapable of doing that, what’s the use? Since this LG projector delivers impressive image quality and performs as the best projector for Netflix.


This LG PF50KA is made to facilitate the users in every way possible. What else would be better proof that it is highly compatible with smartphones, tablets, and laptops? Moreover, it can be connected to speakers and headphones as well via Bluetooth.

LG Projector PF50KA

Input options

The LG PF50KA comes with two HDMI ports. One of these HDMI ports supports ARC.

It can be used to connect Roko or Amazon Fire Stick. Whereas, the other HDMI port can be used with gaming consoles; PS5, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox Series X/S. Isn’t that all you want from your Home theatre projector?

Battery life

Since the LG PF50KA is made portable therefore it comes with a rechargeable battery.

Once the battery is fully recharged you can watch movies and your favorite shows non-stop for a good 2.5 to 3 hours. Whenever I used this projector in economy mode, it didn’t require a recharge for up to 3 hours. However, when the economy mode was not my preference, it kept running up to 2.5 hours max.

Lamp life

The LG PF50KA’s lamp life is not disappointing at all as well. As per the manufacturer, it can work up to 30,000 hours without requiring a lamp replacement.

It’s pretty hard to find a projector with 30,000 hours of lamp life at the same price.


Like all portable home theatre projectors, the LG PF50KA also happens to be the most affordable option.

The company is currently offering the said forgiving home theatre projector at 15% off $596.99.

So, is the LG PF50KA worth it?

Almost everything about the LG PF50KA projector is quite promising. However, the only issue is that it does not support “very” powerful speakers. Other than that, it delivers an impressive image, has 30,000 hours of lamp life, and 2.5 battery life, and is highly compatible with smartphones, laptops, and tablets.

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