6 Best Mini Projector for Netflix You Can Get Right Now!

Ever since Netflix is introduced, it has become the most preferred way to watch movies and TV shows.

We no longer need to go to the cinema to get recharged. It’s more fun watching Netflix on a big screen than going to a cinema.

All you have to do is get a mini projector and stream Netflix on a big screen to have a lasting experience.

To enjoy Netflix on the big screen you have to invest in a good mini projector. The mini projectors are not that expensive, however, they can be suitable or unsuitable for the job.

Therefore, the projector should be chosen carefully. If you have been looking for a mini projector for the same purpose, here are some of our suggestions.

Best Mini Projector For Netflix Reviews

  • Best Overall: ViewSonic Mini Ultra-portable LED Projector
  • Versatile: Miroir Smart WIFI Rechargeable Bluetooth LED Projector
  • Affordable: Projector 4500 Lumens Mini Portable Projector
  • Brightest: Poner Saund 1080P LED Movie Projector
  • Ultra-small: Lenovo Pico Smart Portable Bluetooth projector
  • Plug and play design: LG Rechargeable Portable Projector

Here’s a quick rundown on the features of the listed mini projectors for convenience-

FeaturesViewSonic Mini Ultra-portable LED ProjectorMiroir Smart WIFI Rechargeable Bluetooth LED ProjectorProjector 4500 Lumens Mini Portable ProjectorPoner Saund 1080P LED Movie ProjectorLenovo Pico Smart Portable Bluetooth projectorLG Rechargeable Portable Projector
Display Resolution480P480P720P 720P 480P720P
Brightness120 LED Lumens200 LED Lumens4500 Lumens5500 Lumens200 ANSI Lumens250 ANSI Lumens
Max. Screen Size100″80″210″110″100″
Speaker2W single speakerDual 3W speakersSingle speakerSingle speakerSingle speaker1W single speaker
Lamp Lifeup to 30,000 hoursup to 20,000 hoursup to 30,000 hours

1. ViewSonic Mini Ultra-portable LED Projector

ViewSonic is working tirelessly to show the world the difference between ordinary and extraordinary picture quality.

All ViewSonic visual solutions are innovative however, this mini ultra-portable LED projector won our hearts. Want to know why?

Quick and easy to set up

This ViewSonic mini projector is made to remove the hassle. It is simply not just easy to carry around but quick and easy to set up as well.

You would only require a few seconds to watch your favorite Netflix show and movies on the big screen.

Features a built-in speaker

As mentioned above to remove the hassle, the projector comes with a powerful built-in speaker.

The built-in speaker is loud and clear enough to eliminate the need to connect to an external speaker.

Designed and made for entertainment on the go

This ViewSonic speaker is carefully designed and crafted. So, the user can carry it around in his/her pocket and watch Netflix anytime and anywhere.


  • Does not deliver crooked and distorted images
  • Can be used to stream Netflix and Disney+
  • Comes with a smart stand
  • Remote controlled


  • Causes issues with screen sharing

2. Miroir Smart WIFI Rechargeable Bluetooth LED Projector

Miroir is a USA-based company that specializes in designing and manufacturing quality mini projectors.

Like other Miroir inventions, this projector is supernaturally versatile, durable, and breathtakingly affordable. Moreover, it has all the right features to be considered and chosen.

Delivers crisp and vivid video

The projector’s job is not just to deliver a bigger picture. The picture has to be crisp and vivid as well. Understanding the need, the projector produces a satisfactorily crisp and vivid image.

Supports wireless connectivity

Like most of the mini projectors, this Miroir’s worth considering projector supports wireless connection.

You will not be required to keep an HDMI, VGA, or any other such cable to watch your favorite Netflix shows uninterrupted.

Impressive lamp life and powerful battery

As per the manufacturer’s claim, the projector’s lamp does not require replacement for a good 20,000 hours.

Impressive lamp life is not all that makes the projector worthy, it has got a powerful battery as well.

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  • Small enough to fit into a pocket, purse, and backpack
  • Highly compatible with phones, laptops, tablets, and game consoles
  • 20,000 hours of lamp life
  • Can be used to stream Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube and more


  • Does not have that impressive sound

3. Projector 4500 Lumens Mini Portable Projector

This mini projector also comes from a reliable Amazon Seller. Therefore, the product can be trusted and considered.

Exceptionally bright

This least-known projector’s mini portable projector is 4500 lumens. Therefore, it is bright enough not to require a certain environment to project up to the user’s expectations.


What’s more promising about this deal is that you can control it through a remote. There is no need to leave the bed or couch just to set the projector according to your requirements.

Works for other streaming apps as well

Fortunately, the said projector is versatile enough to stream several apps. To be more specific, it works best with Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and Amazon Prime Video.


  • Highly compatible with HDMI, VGA, TF, AV, USB, PS4, and TV stick
  • Supports wired mirroring
  • Supports front ceiling, front, rear, and rear ceiling projections
  • 50,000 hours of lamp life


  • Works best in a 100% light-controlled room

4. Poner Saund 1080P LED Movie Projector

Poner Saund is not any less behind in designing, manufacturing, and offering quality projectors.

Because of the quality products and affordable prices, this brand is usually spotted on the list of finest electronic brands. Like the other Poner Saund inventions, this projector is equally worthy. Here’s why?


This Poner Saund is one forgiving invention. Besides using it to stream Netflix, it can be considered for gaming, business, and some outdoor purposes as well.

Lamp Type

The Poner Saund projector uses an LED lamp to light up the screen. The LED lamps deliver a better picture, consume less power, and require less maintenance as compared to the other type(LCDs).


The said projector features 7500 lux. Therefore, it is bright enough to light up the screen in both favorable and unfavorable conditions.

Brightness is the one reason why the Poner Saund 1080P LED is equally suitable for professional purposes.


  • Bright, clear, and crisp
  • Can be connected with smartphone and tablet using a connector
  • Can be used for professional and non-professional purposes
  • Supports AV, HDMI, USB, VGA, SD, and USB connection
  • Does not require lamp replacement for up to 30,000 hours


  • Manual keystone

5. Lenovo Pico Smart Portable Bluetooth projector

Lenovo is one of the few such companies that does not need any introduction. It has won our hearts with ultra-versatile, durable, and advanced tablets, PCs, phones, projectors, servers, storage, and other smart devices.

Therefore, there are some remote chances that the said projector would be a disappointment. Let’s have a look at the said projector’s worth-mentioning qualities;

Smallest, easier to carry

This Lenovo Pico projector is the smallest of all the above-mentioned options. It is even smaller than a size of an average iPhone. The small size makes it easier to store and carry.

Clear and bright

Fortunately, this projector does not require you to choose between size and picture quality.

This small-sized projector is delivered as clear and bright pictures as the bigger models do. Isn’t it promising enough?

Impressive battery life

The Lenovo’s Pico projector comes with a 7000 mAh rechargeable battery. The 7000 mAh battery can keep the screen alive for up to 3 hours without requiring a recharge.


  • Highly suitable for long-time streaming
  • Comes with a built-in speaker
  • Palm-sized
  • Lightweight
  • Listed with all necessary details


  • Does not support Chromecast

6. LG Rechargeable Portable Projector

While LG has made excellent products throughout the years, their projectors did not take off the shelf that well. However, this mini projector is very good with vivid display, great compatibility and much more.

Specifically built for entertainment purposes

The LG rechargeable portable projector is categorized as a “home theatre” projector.

It is specifically built to stream movies and shows. Therefore, it is also worthy of your consideration.


The said projector is claimed to be highly compatible with all smartphones and tablets. You can use a connector to connect the devices and use it for such purposes. You can also use great Bluetooth speakers for projectors with an AUX cable easily!

Plug and play

This LG projector is easy to use. All you have to do is plug and play your favorite movies, share pictures, and deliver winning PowerPoint, Word, and Excel presentations.

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  • Battery-powered
  • Impressive battery and lamp life
  • Decently bright, clear, and crisp
  • Can be considered for both professional and unprofessional purposes

How to Pick the Right Mini Projector to Stream Netflix?

Even if you just have to stream Netflix, the projector is supposed to be chosen carefully as a projector for any other purpose. You have to pay attention to the

  • Lumens
  • Size
  • Compatibility
  • Lamp type
  • Price


Lumens determine how bright the projector would be. So, lumens should be the first thing catching your attention.

If not more, make sure the projector you consider is at least 2000 lumens. However, if you have to use it in a not-so-light controlled room, you have to consider 3000+ lumens projectors.


Since your concern is to find a mini projector, try finding one that is small enough to transport and store. It should be small enough to fit in a pocket, purse, or backpack.


Compatibility should also be tested. Make sure the projector is compatible with phones, tablets, and laptops.

Lamp type

The projector can either use LED or LCD to light up the screen. LCD and LED projectors are both good for the job. However, if you want to pick the best one, LED is your way to go.


Price should also be your concern. Make sure the projector is not overpriced. Shortlist all the options, compare the features and prices and try to make a rational decision.


Since you look forward to our recommendation, in the end, we have found the Lenovo Pico Smart Portable Bluetooth projector highly suitable for the job. It deserves to be chosen for a hundred right reasons.


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