How to Freeze a Projector Screen?

How to freeze the projector screen? Though this is a decade-old question, still, many people are unaware that they can “pause” or “freeze” projector screens.

Projector technology has improved so much in the last 10 years that it seems overwhelming to do even the simplest things.

Often, freezing the frame with a fixed image is as easy as hitting the freeze button. Still, there can be a lot of ways to pause screens from a lot of devices.

Read on to know how to freeze the projector screen with a fixed image.

How To Freeze Projector Screen?

Freezing the projector screen means pausing the movie or slideshow. You can search other images, files, or browse the Internet meanwhile.

The screen will be stuck on the paused image giving you time to do other jobs.

It is convenient as no one would be seeing your computer’s clutter and files that you do not want to share. Here’s how you can freeze the screen

Freeze Screen From Projector Remote

It is one of the easiest solutions to pause the screen using the projector remote control that came along with it.

Most modern Yaber projectors come with this option to freeze the frame.

Upon pressing the button, the screen will be paused like a screensaver and you can make any changes to the laptop or PC.

It comes in handy for lecturers who are constantly trying to access notes, multitask grading, and looking up information online.

Freeze Screen From Laptop

Projectors lacking remote control or the freeze option need to be treated differently.

As some projectors cannot do screen pauses on their own, therefore, freeze the display from the laptop.

It is usually done through the Extended Display Mode which is not technically freezing the screen but extending it so others can not see what you are doing.

The screen is split into two halves, one is projecting the movie or slideshow whereas the other can be used for browsing.

Freeze Screen From Windows

There’s an option to extend your screen for Windows as well, it is a handy workaround allowing you to watch the movie while doing some work.

Besides the extended screen option, there is a native freeze frame option as well to pause the video or slideshow.

Without letting the viewers know what you are doing, you can continue to work and multitask with the Extended Mode.

Press and hold the Windows key and letter P to open the projector menu. From its options, select the Extend Mode.

Freeze Screen For Mac

The freezing screen on the Mac is done through the Extended Display option as well.

To get to the Extended Display Mode, tap on the Apple icon on the top left corner, navigate to System Preferences, click display, then the Arrangement tab.

Now, select the Extended Mode for Secondary Displays box and uncheck the mirror display box.

PC Screen Only Mode

By activating the PC Screen Only Mode, you can disconnect the projector screen from the PC temporarily.

The projector screen will remain black while you search for notes or specific files.

Does Extending The Screen is Similar to Freezing the Frame?

It is technically not freezing the screen the same way it is possible with the remote control. Freezing the screen with the remote is the truest way to do so.

Extending the display allows you to simulate a frozen screen for projectors lacking the screen freeze feature or remote control.


To conclude, if there are no specific controls on the projector for freezing the screen, do it manually. Extending the Display mode is a tad handier letting you improve your multitasking ability and hide what you are doing on the computer screen.

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