Make Homemade Projector without a Magnifying Glass

Whether it’s home, office, or school, projectors are being used almost everywhere. Probably because of the excessive use and demand, this electronic device has become super expensive. Sadly, we have to save for months to get one for our home sweet homes.

What if we assure you that you do not have to wait or starve for months to get a projector home? Wouldn’t it be amazing? In this brief post, there would be a comprehensive guide on how you can make a homemade projector without a magnifying glass? So, here is how;

Make Homemade Projector without a Magnifying Glass

To make your DIY projector you would need;

  • A bulb
  • Wate
  • Bottlecap
  • An Android phone
  • An Android phone stand
  • Pen
  • Knife
  • A shoebox with cover

We are pretty sure you would not be in the need to get any of anything from the market. So, gather all the supplies and get set on the DIY projector mission. Once you have all gathered all the supplies, here is how you will begin;

  • Place the shoebox in a way that its small side is on the table
  • Take out the bulb and gently remove the end cover as you would only be needing the glass side of the bulb
  • Trace the shape of the bulb in the middle of the side of the box using a pen
  • Cut and make space for the bulb on the shoebox using a knife
  • Position the bulb appropriately in the shoebox, try being gentle
  • Get some fresh water and make sure it has no impurities
  • Carefully start pouring the water into the bulb, try not to get the shoebox wet
  • Stop when the bulb is full of water
  • Seal the bulb’s top with tape or a bottle cap
  • Adjust the bulb back to its place
  • Place the phone stand in the shoebox and adjust your Android phone in a way that it can move easily. If you do not have a phone stand, take a box that has got a similar shape as a stand and place it inside the shoebox. The DIY phone stand is economical however the ready-made stand might be expensive but they are perfect for the job
  • Place the shoebox cover on after making room for the bottle cap on the cover as well. It’s important to cover the shoebox properly so that the light produced by the Android phone does not get dispersed in unwanted directions
  • There, your DIY projector is done. Now you can move your phone in the right direction, play your favourite movie, and enjoy.

Things to Careful While Making Homemade Projector

Whether you are in the process of making a DIY projector or done making the DIY projector, you should keep the kids away.

As you know in the process of crafting a DIY projector, you would be playing with the knife and the glass.

When you are done crafting the projector, you are required to be careful if accidentally the shoebox falls off you would end up with a mess.

Therefore, it would not be safe to do the project with kids. Moreover, it’s important to take the cover off at least once during the movie and double-check that the water is not pouring inside the box.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a projector yourself?

Yes, you can make a DIY projector using your phone, shoebox, and bulb. It can not be used for professional purposes, however, for your little home theatre, the DIY projector would be a fine option.

Can you make a DIY projector with a magnifying glass?

Yes, the DIY projector can also be made with a magnifying glass. The procedure would be the same, it’s just that you would be required to use a magnifying glass instead of a bulb.

How do you make a mirror projector?

Making a mirror projector is super simple. You have to cut the box, cover the inside of the box, make room for the lens, build support, place the lens, cover the lid, give a few finishing touches, place the Android phone, play your favorite movie, sit back and enjoy.

Can you use your phone as a projector?

Yes, you can use your phone as a projector. All you have to do is find and download a relevant app, turn the brightness up, place it in the shoebox, that’s how your phone would start acting as a projector.

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