6 Best Projector for Van Life in 2022

The projector is an indispensable investment if you want to up the fun factor for van life. Van dwellers get cinematic experience on the road with these portable and easily rechargeable projectors.

Since it is difficult to fit TVs into RVs or vans, projectors seem like the next best option.

Choosing a projector for a home on wheels is quite difficult, especially with dozens of options available.

We have filtered through the available options and got you the top 5. Get the best projector for van life by simply buying from any of the options given below.

Best Projector for Van Life Reviews

1. Anker NEBULA Capsule Max Projector

Unpacking the first projector on our list, is the best find for camper van life. This portable projector allows you to binge-watch movies and TV series in your motorhome.

Made from high-quality material and advanced technology, it feels quite good on the hand.

Picture Quality – This projector boasts a 720p native display resolution with advanced DLP technology for better projection.

Focus – Horizontal and vertical keystone and autofocus technology make the image rectangular even if the projector is installed at a weird angle.

Controls – The projector remote offers all the basic functions from the menu to volume. It can also be controlled through the “Nebula Connect” app.

Compatibility – It can be connected with HDMI and USB devices and also supports wireless connection via Airplay, Miracast, or Bluetooth.


  • Embedded 8W speaker
  • Projects up to 100 inches
  • Features 1-second autofocus
  • Easy image adjustment


  • Complicated app interface

2. AAXA 1080P Portable DLP Outdoor Movie Projector

This projector offers fantastic flexibility with its massive rechargeable battery. With native 1080p resolution, the projector is under $500, you will surely get a great deal for your van.

This lighter and compact projector fits easily into the backpack to be carried anywhere.

Resolution – It displays pictures and videos at native 1080p and adjustable 1200 LED lumens. The 4K 30FPS Ready projector gives the experience of 4K-like projection.

Portability – The integrated 15000mAh battery lasts about 3 hours, 3x-8x longer than traditional projectors. It weighs just 2.99 lbs for fantastic portability.

Light Source – The projector features 30,000 hours LED light source for long-lasting services.

Focus – It has an automatic +/-40 vertical keystone and an electric focus system that lets you adjust focus and align images through remote control.


  • Supports screen mirroring for USB-C enabled devices
  • 200″ inches projection size
  • Battery-powered
  • Multiple ports


  • No integrated WiFi streaming apps

3. Optoma LV130 Mini Projector

The best thing about this projector is its easy projection inside and outside the van with 4.5 hours of battery on the eco mode.

Picture quality and lumen ratings are pretty decent for the van. The ultra-portable size makes it easy to take anywhere, simply by packing it in the bag.

Resolution – The native 854 x 480 WVGA resolution along with a higher 100000:1 contrast ratio delivers a vividly-detailed image.

Battery Life – The ultra-portable projector has an integrated 6700mAh battery that allows the projector to run continuously for 4.5 hours on one charge.

LED Light Source – It offers long light hours, lasting longer than many other lamps. No frequent replacements as the LED lamp lasts 30000 hours.

Connectivity – It features HDMI input with MHL 2.2 and 1.0-amp USB ports for connecting to multiple devices and charging mobile phones.


  • Acts as a power bank for charging mobile devices
  • Lightweight weighs less than 1 pound
  • Palm-sized, portable design


  • A low brightness of 300 lumens

4. BenQ GS2 Wireless Mini Portable Projector

This adorable-looking projector is a complete package for van life. It may look like an old computer but is compact and easy to use.

Classic design combined with modern features attracts many users and travelers to buy it. Motorhome owners can easily fit it into their homes.

Design – The carefree splash and drop-proof design fit well into all kinds of outdoor environments. It offers drop protection with an adjustable tilt hinge.

Eye Protection – The eye protection sensor is an exclusive feature that shuts off the LED light temporarily when the person is within 30-50 cm from the projector.

Autofocus – It automatically makes the image square when turned on or uses the controller to adjust the image.

Controls – With BenQ Smart Control App, a user can easily modify settings and access the menu from the mobile phone.


  • LumiExpert™ Technology for brightness adjustment
  • Built-in 4W Bluetooth speakers
  • Parental timer for usage time
  • 720 native resolution and supports 1080p content


  • No horizontal keystone

5. XGIMI MoGo Pro Projector

This portable projector is used by many people who live on the go. It never disappoints with its features, portability, and immersive viewing experience.

With amazingly good picture quality and sound, the projector is going to provide the best entertainment in your campervan.

Resolution – The image attributes are enhanced with 1080p resolution, 300 ANSI lumens, and an advanced DLP lamp.

Android TV – Backed by Android OS, the user can download the app from the official Android app store.

Focus – 40° auto keystone correction and autofocus projects a perfectly aligned image free of hassle.

Sound – It boasts dual 3W built-in Harman Kardon speakers for better audio. External audio devices and soundbars can also be connected through Bluetooth.


  • Massive 100″ projection size
  • Powered by Android TV 9.0
  • 30000 hours of lamp life
  • Keystone correction
  • Low latency


  • Does not support Netflix

Features to Look For in a Projector For Van Life

Finding the best projector for a van or RV is quite time-consuming, especially if you do not know where to look and what to consider.


Portability and size matter a lot when it comes to choosing a projector for a van. It should take up less space, easier to store and move. Some palm-sized designs are available in the market offering amazing portability.

When moving from place to place, it is wise to invest in a battery-powered projector that gives you 3-4 hours of uninterrupted runtime.


The higher the resolution, the more high-definition the image would be. However, as you move up the resolution bar, it is going to get pricer.

It should be decided according to the budget, however, better options are 720p and 1080p projectors.

Assess lumen rating and contrast ratio as per the lighting conditions of the area where you intend to install it.

The brightness and contrast ratio should be around 3000 lumens and 6000:1 respectively.

Keystone Correction

Whether buying a projector for home, office, or van use, vertical and horizontal keystone correction always comes in handy.

It is a game-changer, especially when you are installing the projectors in a van or other weird places. It helps in achieving a perfectly square image without moving the projector.


Overlooking sound would be a big mistake as what is the use of good image quality when you can not hear anything.

Nearly all the projectors come equipped with speakers and a port to connect external amplifiers.


Most people want a portable little projector for van life that can work without mounting. It should also be used easily inside and outside the van. Considering the requirements of van people, this list accommodates many useful options.


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