Do Projectors Use a Lot of Electricity?

Electricity is expensive whether it’s summer, autumn, winter, or spring. However, it sounds even more expensive when summer goes on a break. The rates remain the same, it’s just that we begin using more electricity on heating, lighting, and cloth drying.

Since we are more concerned about the electricity usage in winter, we look for cost-effective solutions and try to cut down the unnecessary use.

Heaters, washers, dryers, refrigerators, lights, electric ovens, computers, dishwashers, and TV are the few household items that happen to consume a lot of electricity.

As TV is one of few household items that consume a lot of electricity, it sounds impossible for projectors to consume less.

Most of us have grown up considering projectors a luxury.

We take a step back thinking they have a high running cost that we can not afford. Whenever we go on asking someone that question we usually get “yes” as an answer.

However, at the same time, the manufacturers claim that the latest models consume less electricity than a TV.

So, in such situations, it’s fair to wonder who is telling the truth? Is this just a trick the projector manufacturers are using to sell more projectors? Time to find out;

Do Projectors Really Consume a Lot of Electricity?

The appropriate answer to the question is projectors can or can not be energy efficient. The amount of electricity the projector consumes depends on the number of lumens. The more lumens the more electricity the projector consumes.

How Much Electricity Do Projectors Consume?

It must be kept in mind, the brighter the image the more power the projector consumes.

As per research gate, a movie theater projector with impressive picture quality consumes around 150 to 800 watts an hour. Frankly, that’s not a lot of electricity for the kind of reward being presented.

Projectors, in general, do not consume much electricity

Projectors have the reputation of consuming more electricity but the reality is quite the opposite. Modern Yaber Projectors are energy efficient.

Keeping the lumens case aside, to light up a screen projectors just consume as much light as the full-sized lamps do. To get a clearer idea, projectors consume far less electricity than an HDTV.

Factors Determine the Amount of Electricity a Projector Consume

Projectors do not consume the same amount of electricity. How much electricity a projector consumes depend on three factors;

  • Brightness
  • Technology
  • Usage


Brightness impacts electricity consumption is more than anything. As mentioned above, the brighter the screen the more power projector is consuming.


The technology used in the projector can also make it consume more or less power.

The projectors with more advanced features consume more electricity however, some advanced projectors have also been consuming less power; lampless projectors.

Expensive old movie projectors use a lot of electricity as compared to modern projectors. Some projectors come with sound and DVD inserters and their electricity consumption increases.

There are three kinds of projectors; Laser, LED, and Lamp bulb projectors for ambient light.

The laser projectors are much brighter than the LED projectors, they consume more or less around 200 watts an hour.

LED projectors are more energy-efficient, they go up to 30 watts an hour.

The Lamp bulb projectors consume more electricity than any of the above options as they can go up to 500 watts an hour.

So, as you can see the technology greatly impacts the amount of electricity a projector consumes.


It’s pretty obvious that the more you use the more power projector it will consume.

If it keeps running throughout the day, it will consume more power and if it is turned on occasionally, the electricity consumption would be minimal.

Different Projectors Electricity Consumption

The recent lampless models are breathtakingly less power-consuming;
The traditional and even some of the more recent models have lamps to brighten up the screen.

According to recent studies, A revolutionary invention known as the lampless projectors has recently taken the world by storm and is far less power-consuming than the lamp models.

According to current data, The lamp models are also energy-efficient however they can not compete with the lampless models.

The lampless models are energy efficient because they use lasers to brighten up the screen rather than needing a lamp to do the job.

Even if you think projectors are not energy-efficient. The economy mode make them one

Let’s just admit that we all are not familiar with the projector’s “economy mode” feature.

Even if the projector is consuming more power, switching on the economy mode would turn them into an energy-efficient electronic device.

It dims the light and begins consuming 20% less electricity than the projector normally does.

The home theater projectors with advanced feathers consume more electricity than a TV

As per Online Willey Library, The only projectors that are not ideally energy-efficient are home theater projectors. Since such projectors come with advanced feathers; 4K and HDR. So, it makes these projectors less energy-efficient.


Projectors can consume a lot of electricity and they can consume less power as well. The brighter the projector, the more power it consumes. However, in general, projectors do not consume as much power as you think they do.


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