How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to the Projector?

Most projectors these days come with built-in speakers. However, still, the built-in speakers do not produce a “very” impressive sound.

If a projector has to project into a room, the built-in speakers might work fine. If it has to project in a big hall, Bluetooth speakers are often hired to produce powerful sound.

Therefore at some point, even if the projector has a built-in speaker you may need to connect a wireless speaker to get done with the job.

The wired speakers are easier to connect, all you have to do is connect one end of the wire with the projector and another end with the screen. Your job is done.

The Bluetooth speakers that we usually find in the market these days are connected differently.

How to Connect Bluetooth Speaker to the Projector?

If the projector supports Bluetooth connectivity; To connect a Bluetooth speaker to a projector, the projector should support Bluetooth connectivity.

If the projector supports Bluetooth connectivity, the wireless speaker can be connected the same way as they are connected to phones or any other devices.

Most Bluetooth speakers are connected to the projector in the same way.

If the below-mentioned method does not work for you, we suggest you look for the speaker’s user manual for the best guide. To get powerful sound

  • Turn on the Bluetooth speaker and the projector using the power button
  • Bring the Bluetooth speaker to the pairing mode by holding the button with the Bluetooth symbol for a few seconds
  • By the time you are sure, the pairing mode is on move on to the projector
  • The projector will begin allowing you to go and select from the menu
  • Therefore, go to the setting menu
  • Scroll down to the HDMI Link option and select enter
  • From the further options, select the projector
  • Return to the main settings menu
  • Find the “Bluetooth” option and press enter
  • Now from the recently served options, choose Bluetooth Audio and press enter
  • Select “on” and go back to the main Bluetooth menu
  • Select “Search Bluetooth Devices” and press enter to search
  • From the available devices, find your Bluetooth speaker
  • Select your speaker
  • There your speaker will be connected in a few seconds
  • Sit back and enjoy

If the projector does not support Bluetooth connectivity; Surprisingly, the projector that does not support Bluetooth connectivity can also be connected to wireless speakers via Bluetooth.

The procedure would be more or less the same however you will be required to get an adapter.

Once you have got the adapter, you have to put the transmitter(the adapter) and the speaker in the pairing mode, select the relevant options, and there the job is done.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can all projectors be connected with the Wireless speakers?

Yes, most of the projectors from the projector’s world can be connected to wireless speakers.

The projector does not necessarily have to support Bluetooth connectivity to do the job.

Some adapters can connect a wireless speaker to the projectors with no Bluetooth connectivity.

Is connecting a Bluetooth speaker to the projector worth it?

Yes, it would surely be worth it if you are connecting a powerful speaker to the projector. However, if the speakers are not of good quality, you can end up disappointed. Therefore, to have a lasting experience we suggest you get good quality speakers for the job.

How can you connect a Bluetooth speaker and a projector to produce powerful sound?

If the projector supports Bluetooth connectivity, it is connected the same way as we connect wireless speakers to phones and other devices.

To be more specific, by turning on the Bluetooth on both devices, selecting and allowing them to pair up.

However, if your projector does not support Bluetooth, you would need an adapter and connect the two using the same wonderful invention.


Whether your projector has built-in speakers or not, you have to connect speakers sometimes to get done with the job efficiently.

As the market is now bombarded with Bluetooth speakers, turn on the speaker and the projector and bring the two into pairing mode.

Select the relevant device, connect and sit back and enjoy. If the projector does not support Bluetooth, use an adapter and follow the same procedure.

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