How to Connect 5.1 Speakers To Projector?

Projectors are not known for better sound quality, most of the latest models rely on stereo audio output. It often requires an external amplifier to enhance the sound for providing a better audio-visual experience. Often 5.1 speakers are connected to the projectors for better audibility.

5.1 speakers are commonly used as a proper sound system for projectors with not-so-powerful in-built speakers.

To not ruin your experience of watching movies, playing games, or binging on your favorite TV shows, the user needs to connect 5.1 speakers to the projector.

Not sure how? We got you covered, in this short guide, you will know how to connect 5.1 speakers to the projector.

What is a 5.1 Speaker?

A 5.1 sound technology is the minimum required for speakers to provide true surround-sound effects.

This industry-standard speaker is compatible with DVDs, video games, laptops, projectors, and other media devices. A user will get the best sound effect possible at a cheaper price.

This multichannel audio technology utilizes five full-bandwidth channels operating at a frequency of 3-20,000 hertz aiming at the front left, right, center and right, and left surround.

Additionally, it is designed with one subwoofer channel operating at a low 3-120 hertz frequency.

How to Connect 5.1 Speakers to the Projector?

Each projector model has a different set of inputs and outputs, if the device you are using supports a 5.1 sound system, connect it directly or indirectly.

Linking the 5.1 speakers to projectors is pretty common and it only requires a few accessories to connect.

5.1 speakers are quite powerful to fill a typical living room with enough sound with projectors. Most projectors come with a 3.5mm audio output or an extra HDMI cable.

There are several methods to connect external 5.1 speakers to get the desired auditory experience.

These various ways only require a few steps to set up a connection between 5.1 speakers and projectors.

Connecting 5.1 Speakers Through AV Receiver

You will need an AV receiver when setting up a manual connection between the sound system and the projector.

This electronics component sends video and audio signals from a source to the output device. Follow these easy steps to make it work

  • Power off the projector and the speaker
  • Connect audio cables from the AV receiver to the audio output port of the projector. Moreover, plug other connectors into the auxiliary in port on the AV receiver.
  • Turn on devices, press the source button of the receiver until it makes an alert sound.

These steps also go for other connectors compatible with HDMI and VGA cables.

Connecting Through Stereo Speakers

This is an easier method, all you have to do is distinguish between the audio jack and coaxial cable.

  • Check the audio out port, usually integrated at the back of the projector
  • Connect stereo cables to the port, you will see an indicator light or an alert sound when it is connected.

Connecting Through Bluetooth

Check if the projector features Bluetooth connectivity for wireless connection.

  • Turn on Bluetooth 5.1 speakers and configure Bluetooth settings on the projector.
  • The speakers should appear in the list if they are in close proximity to the projector. Simply select it to have it paired with the device.

5.1 Speakers Not Working?

If these speakers are not working and you still hear the audio produced by built-in speakers, recheck whether manual cables are connected properly or not. Unmute speakers by checking the settings.


Hopefully, you will find an appropriate method for your projector to connect with the speakers. If the projector is compatible with the 5.1 speaker system, it should only require a few minutes to set up the connection and have the speakers up and running in no time.

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