Yaber Y31 Projector Review in 2024

Yaber is one reliable brand whether it’s home or business portable options. Yaber does not just design and manufacture high-quality projectors but offers them at reasonable prices as well.

The superior quality and the fair prices brought Yaber to the list of best economical projector brands.

There are hundreds of Yaber products that deserve a detailed review and appreciation for a variety of reasons.

However, Yaber Y21, Yaber Y60, Yaber Y61 WIFI, Yaber V2, Yaber V7, and Yaber Y31 have been listed as the best Yaber inventions.

Though all of the above-listed projectors are good for the job, however, Y31 got the limelight like no other Yaber product.

Therefore, we decided to try it and write a detailed review whether this Yaber product is worth it or not? Time to find out;

Yaber Y31 Projector Review

Like most of the Yaber models, the Yaber Y31 offers a better battery life, high brightness level, satisfactory resolution, and contrast.

As per the existing users, Yaber Y31 has proven to be the best projector model so far for gaming, movies, and other typical projector uses.

In short, Yaber Y31 has got all the qualities to deserve to be reviewed in detail. However, the few noteworthy features of this invention are given below.

Features of Yaber Y31

Yaber Y31 has all the advanced features projector users usually look for. Here’s what we specifically make the Yaber 31 the company’s best invention;

The features that deserve to be discussed in detail would be listed down in detail. Have a look at the top features that make the Yaber Y31 worth considering.

  • Aspect ratio: 4:3/16:9
  • Display; 30″ to 50″
  • Projection distance; 5 to 25 ft
  • Digital zoom range; -25%
  • Power consumption; 120W


As per the manufacturers, the Yaber Y31 features 1920 x 1080 pixels. If we ask experts, 1920 x 1080 is a standard resolution, most projector users are happily considering it for a variety of purposes.

If we try to judge the projector resolution more keenly, the Yaber Y31 produces satisfactorily sharp images in dark or semi-dark rooms.

What’s worth convincing is that Yaber Y31 supports 4K UHD. The 4K UHD is a term used for a resolution four times that of the Full HD TV; that’s normally 1080p.

Therefore, Yaber Y31 is quite cheap for the picture quality it delivers for our little home theatres.

The above-mentioned paragraph summarises that Yaber Y31 displays an acceptable image on a standard to a large-sized screen.

The content Yaber Y31 displays on the screen are not going to wow the viewers, however, it is not going to be disappointing as well.

Therefore, if you are trying to find a projector with a reasonable resolution and price, Yaber Y31 is a perfectly fine option.


If you are not new to the projector’s world, chances are that you already know the higher the lumens the better the image.

Generally, 2500+ lumen projectors are considered perfect for most projection requirements.

Fortunately, the Yaber Y31 features 8000 LED lumens. The said Yaber projector is bright enough to produce a brighter picture in a not-so-favorable or semi-dark room.

The 8000 lumens project enough bright pictures for a home theatre, office, school, and all other small to medium-term needs.

However, for a movie theatre or any other bigger needs, this Yaber’s invention is a bit unsuitable.


The Yaber Y31 offers a 10,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio. It is believed that for a projector to produce an acceptable image, the projector needs to come with at least a 1000:1 contrast ratio.

The previous information tells how better the contrast the Yaber Y31 is offering.

Therefore, the aspiring projector owner can expect more clarity and sharper details.

The said contrast ratio focuses on deep black levels and brighter whites, considering it for your little home theatre would not be disappointing at all.


This Yaber Y31 projector is rewarding in all senses. It might not come with impressive connectivity ports however, it has all the relevant ports to connect speakers and other devices.

To be more specific, the Yaber Y31 features 2× HDMI ports, 2x USB ports, AV/VGA port, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Most economical projectors come with a vertical keystone adjustment alone. You would hardly find an economical option with both vertical and horizontal adjustment.

Fortunately, the Yaber Y31 is one of the few affordable projectors that come with both verticle and horizontal adjustment.

That’s not all, the automatic verticle correction makes it the best projector to invest in for the best viewing experience.


The vertical and horizontal adjustment is not the only bonus feature, the Yaber Y31 projector comes with 3-watt built-in speakers as well.

The 3-watt speakers are acceptable for a little home theatre as they put out decent audio quality.

If you have bigger needs, the Yaber Y31 supports HDMI. Therefore, you can connect to the external speakers and get entertained readily.

Lamp Type

The most convincing thing about this Yaber Y31 projector is that it features an LED lamp; the latest technology.

The LCD lamps require constant maintenance and deliver less contrast. Moreover, LCD lamps have a shorter lifespan as compared to LED lamp projectors.

Therefore, the said Yaber’s invention is far superior to most of the projectors available on the market.

The LED lamps do not just promise a better life span but deliver better colours and generate less heat as well.

Projectors get overheated and give birth to several issues, if a projector promises to deliver a brighter picture and generate less heat to get overheated, isn’t it a win-win?

It’s no longer a secret that LED lamps have a better lifespan as compared to LCD lamp projectors.

Most LCD lamps usually serve up to expectations for about 20,000 hours whereas the LED projectors can offer up to 100,000 hours of ease of use.

This Yaber’s LED lamp projector promises to produce supernatural results for up to 90,000 hours. For such an affordable option, 90,000 hours is such a reward.

Pros and Cons of Yaber Y31 Projector


Affordable – The best part of this Yaber’s deal is that a fair price is being charged. It does not make you starve for months.

Bright – The Yaber Y31 features 8000 LED lumens. This Yaber’s projector is not only economical but breathtakingly bright enough for a home theatre, classroom, and office.

Easy to install – The Yaber Y31 is made to facilitate the users in every way possible. It’s a simple plug and play device that even a naive can install and use.

Compact size – The compact size makes the Yaber Y31 is even more desirable. The compact size makes the projector
easier to install, use, store, and transport.

Built-in speakers – The Yaber Y31 comes with 3-watt built-in speakers. The 3-watt speakers are acceptable to produce sufficient sound for a small to medium-sized room. Therefore, for your small to medium-sized needs, you would not need an external speaker to get a lasting experience.

Supports HDMI – The most promising part of the deal is that the Yaber Y31 projector supports HDMI. You would not require any adapters or connectors to connect external devices.

Horizontal and verticle correction – The Yaber Y31 is one of the few economical options that come with both horizontal and verticle corrections. Therefore the Yaber Y31 is no less than a blessing for aspiring projector owners who are tight on budget.

Easy to restore, Easy to bright – This forgiving invention features one-click restore and bright. Isn’t it amazing enough?

Does not get overheated much – The Yaber Y31 has multiple fans to prevent overheating. Therefore if you install the projector in a well-ventilated place, the projector would rarely get overheated.


Limited connectivity – The Yaber Y31 projector does not come with impressive connectivity options. It only comes with 2× HDMI ports, 2x USB ports, AV/VGA port, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

Limited shelf life – As mentioned above, the Yaber Y31 can work up to the user’s expectations for about 90,000 hours. Therefore, if excessively used you would need a replacement in one or two years.


Yaber Y31 gets a “yay” for several small and medium projection needs and get a “nay” for bigger needs. For small to medium projections needs, it is cheap and highly suitable.

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